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BookkeeperZoo opens five offices in NYC

A company called BookkeeperZoo, which provides cloud-based accounting technology services, has opened five new offices in New York City as it aims to significantly up its profile in north-easterly regions of the United States.

Already with 20 offices in its home state of California, the firm now has operating bases in Madison Park, Grand Central, the Rockefeller Center, Lower Manhattan and near Penn Station.

“We couldn’t think of a better place to expand than New York,” explained BookkeeperZoo’s vice president of business development Charlie Klingensmith.

The company offers a cloud-based technology platform designed to give customers easy, instant and transparent access to their own accounting and financial information primarily for the purposes of keeping tax affairs in order. Klingensmith pointed out that around 80 percent of Bookkeeper Zoo’s clients deal with the company in an entirely virtual environment but some prefer to have face-to-face contact, which is why the new office spaces have been opened.

“We are very excited about this market,” he said. “It was an easy question to answer, when I was asked to move to New York and lead our expansion into the north-east.”

Bookkeeper Zoo noted that New York City is now widely regarded as the second most prominent hub for technology-based business in the US behind only the Silicon Valley region of California. The company’s 20 West Coast offices are in various parts of San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The likes of Twitter, Facebook and Google, as well as dozens of other technology or media-based companies now have significant office space presences in parts of central New York City in addition to their bases over in California. There has been a coordinated effort from local planners and civic authorities in recent years to make New York an attractive city for tech and media businesses from other parts of the US and around the world.

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