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Flexible Office and Workspace Provider Profile – Breather

Breather Flexible Offices and Workspace

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Breather Temporary Workspace

What type of temporary workspace does Breather provide?

Breather provides on-demand meeting rooms, hourly and daily workspaces and a monthly office membership program known as ‘Breather Passport’, as well as other forms of temporary workspace.

The furnished and equipped workspaces that they provide are often used for meetings, offsites, pitches, launches, training and courses, creative and project work, event space, collaborative space, and as regional satellite offices.

We have the pleasure of providing access to these temporary workspaces in all locations that Breather operates in.

Who are Breather?

Breather was founded in 2012 by Caterina Rizzi and Julien Smith. It was founded as a solution to help people find a quiet space to work within busy business districts.

Breather provides unique meeting rooms, hourly offices, monthly offices and temporary workspaces in London and internationally.

The spaces that are provided by Breather are equipped with furniture, whiteboards, flat-screen TVs, wireless presentation technology, Apple TVs, a range of connectivity options, tea-making facilities and other amenities.

High-profile companies that are users of Breather workspaces include Airbnb, Blue Apron, Google, Spotify and Uber.

Facts about Breather 

Breather operate more than 500 private workspaces.

Breather provide workspaces in 10 major cities.

Breather workspaces are used by several household brand names.

Why choose Breather temporary workspace?

Businesses choose to use Breather workspaces for the fact that the spaces are distraction-free and private.

The temporary workspaces are fully equipped with whiteboards, chargers, Wi-Fi, HDTVs and other equipment.

There are no long-term commitments or hidden fees with Breather workspaces – businesses only pay for the space they need for the amount of time that they need it.

The flexible floorplans with Breather spaces can be changed to suit a business’s needs.

Businesses have a dedicated account manager and a local customer care team that is available 24/7.

Businesses choose to use Breather for the global availability of the spaces provided.