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Temporary Office Space

Are you looking for Temporary Office Space?

Offices and workspaces are available on a temporary basis in all locations, without the need to sign long leases. Temporary office space is convenient for freelancers, startup companies, those involved in short-term projects, or any business that requires a high-level of flexibility built into their real estate strategy.

Temporary office space is particularly useful at times when access to a business’s usual workplace is restricted.

We provide access to temporary office space options in all locations globally. The majority of the office and workspace providers provide easy in and easy out agreements allowing occupiers to take space at short notice, and to vacate the premises at short notice, also.

Our temporary office space search and find services are FREE, always.

We work with you to understand your temporary workspace requirement and provide the perfect solution. We have many clients that search for short-term office space in London simply because they are working on a creative project that may take an estimated 3 months, we have public authority clients that take temporary space for the administration of a council vote, we have corporate recovery accountant clients that frequently require temporary office space in Manchester, Leeds, Bristol and most other UK cities that will be working with a company for as long as is neccessary and therefore cannot predict how long their requirement is, and we have many other clients who wish to take temporary space in a location or building simply to test out the building, market and location.

Benefits of temporary office space:

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We are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) so we are independent and impartial, and property professionalism is at our core. Our office space tenant representation and occupier advisory services are FREE, always.

The Office Providers are Regulated by the RICS

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