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Managed Office Space

What are Managed Offices?

With a fast-growing number of managed office space options available throughout the UK and globally, The Office Providers now provide access to professionally managed office space solutions to businesses and institutions in over 900 towns and cities in 120 countries.

Managed office space is a blend of traditional office space with the flexible occupational benefits of serviced workspace, and allows occupiers to tailor the services within their workspace package.

The option affords occupiers the flexibility to secure space from 6 months to 5 years, for any size workforce from 10 to 200+, without the onerous obligations of a traditional lease.

Managed office space provides the best of both traditional and modern office space models, and allows occupiers, managed office providers and landlords to work together to create a truly bespoke flexible workplace solution.

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Why Choose Managed Office Space?

Flexible workspace options have increased in popularity with occupiers of all sizes over recent years. Historically, flexible office space tended to be popular with entrepreneurs, startups and small companies, however, SMEs, large companies, corporations and other large organisations are now seeking flexibility within their commercial real estate models.

This is for various reasons, one being for creating resilience against changing business conditions, through agility, and another being the fact that new international financial reporting standards were introduced in January 2019.

IFRS 16 states that liabilities of a term of more than one year, with a net present value (NPV) above a certain value, will be required to feature on the balance sheet. Before this introduction, real estate leases were often reported under operating expenses, however, IFRS 16 requires these to be reported as amortisation and interest.

This may not be a favourable position for companies of certain sizes and at certain stages of development – occupiers may now seek more flexible or shorter office space lease terms to control the impact on their balance sheets and their management accounting ratios.

For this reason, larger companies may seek to re-gear their leases to shorter terms, seek out shorter terms, or seek out other flexible workspace options.

Serviced workspaces are not always suitable for companies that are above a certain size, for various reasons, and this is where managed office space provides an elegant workplace solution.

Features of Managed Workspaces:

The Items That Can Be Managed Can Include the Following:

Managed office space provides a business with the security provided by leasehold offices, together with the flexibility and all-inclusive features associated with serviced workspaces, with the added benefit of bespoke occupier branding and fit-out options.

We provide access to managed office space in all locations globally – popular recent searches have been in the following locations: Managed Offices in London , Managed Office Space in MayfairManaged Workspaces in Birmingham and Managed Offices In Dubai.

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The Office Providers are Regulated by the RICS

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