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Who are The Office Providers and What Do They Do?

The Office Providers facilitate access to All flexible workspace options from All office space providers in All locations.

The Office Providers is a free-to-use online flexible office space and workspace search platform that is backed with offline expert commercial property advice.

The office space search, comparison and acquisition services offered by The Office Providers are FREE, always.

The Office Providers was the first free and independent serviced office search service to be regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Offering FREE impartial professional advice and helping businesses find the perfect office space solution.

With a growing array of available flexible workspace options, it is important that businesses are able to speedily search the office space market, compare all office space options and efficiently acquire the best workspace option that meets its unique requirements, at the very best price.

The Office Providers facilitate access to flexible office space options from all office providers, office space landlords and flexible workspace operators in all locations globally.

The mission of The Office Providers is to find businesses – of all sizes from freelancers to multinational corporations – the perfect office space solution that is tailored to a business’ bespoke needs.

To find out more about us, please visit the Why Use Us? page.

How Can The Office Providers Help Us?

The Office Providers take care of the entire office and workspace space search process for you from your initial search to the signing of your agreement. As part of our FREE professional service, we will:

We will NEVER charge you a fee, as we are paid a fee by the office providers, operators or landlords.

Is the Service Really Free?

Yes, our services are completely free, always.

We act as an aggregator of office space that is backed by a team of expert commercial property advisors. We can be described as an office space search engine, office space comparison site, flexible office space brokerage, free office space finding service, a flexible office agency or other variants.

Whatever term is used, we provide impartial and independent access to all flexible workspace options from all providers.

And, as we are paid a fee by the office providers, coworking providers, workspace operators or flexible office space landlords then we never charge a fee to the occupier.

We are essentially a free office tenant representation service and we are renumerated by the office provider that is chosen by the occupier.

And, as we are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), we must remain independent and impartial at all times.

What Kinds of Office Space Do You Advertise?

Our tagline is Flexible Workspace from All the Office Providers™ because we facilitate access to All flexible workspace options from All office providers in All locations.

These are the workspace options from all office providers, flexible workspace operators, flexible office landlords, managed office suite providers and coworking space providers.

The office space options include private serviced offices, managed office suites, coworking space membership arrangements, on-demand offices, drop-in workspaces, monthly rental offices, non-leased offices and all other forms of office space on flexible contracts.

The space we advertise is often used to formulate a business’ hybrid workplace model and we also provide FREE assistance helping businesses form operations models that create the perfect blend of in-office and remote working.

We have extensive coverage of the office space markets in 900 towns and cities in 120 countries.

What’s Included in Serviced Offices Prices?

Serviced offices are a form of flexible workspace available on shorter and more flexible contract terms than a conventionally leased office space.

A characteristic of a serviced office is that the monthly fee is all-inclusive and covers items such as utilities, service charge, buildings insurance, IT and telephony, enhanced cleaning services, furniture and other items, and these included items vary from property to property.

These are ready-to-go office spaces that are plug-and-play meaning that they have little to no upfront costs and are often instantly available.

The furnished office suites are pre-wired and cabled and the business centres that they are within often offer business support services such as professional receptionist services and business administration services.

As serviced offices are usually held by way of a licence, the contractual obligations are less onerous than a lease and the occupier often has the option to exit the agreement with less notice than that required with rented office space.

Oftentimes, a serviced office agreement will also allow an occupier to upsize or downsize their office space ‘footprint’ in line with changing business needs, by moving into a larger or smaller private office suite.

Serviced office properties are often equipped with shared kitchens, WCs and breakout spaces, and meeting rooms and event spaces are often available on a hireable basis as and when they are required.

To discover serviced office space options and prices in any location, please contact us.

I Need an Office Tomorrow! Can You Source Us Space That Fast?

Yes, absolutely.

Post-pandemic, there is a rapidly growing range of on-demand office spaces, pay-as-you-go workspaces, drop-in offices, offsite collaborative hubs, temporary office spaces for remote workers, coworking desk spaces and other forms of instant workspace solution in most locations.

Whether you are looking for a day office rental, office space for 2 or 3 days, an office suite for a week or a month, there are several highly equipped professional working spaces that are available instantly.

And, if you are seeking a flexible office space solution on a longer-term basis – maybe a non-leased office on a flexible contract with monthly payment terms then these, too, can be sourced far quicker than their leasehold counterparts.

We specialise in creating hybrid workplace models – ‘hybrid working’ as a term has picked up a lot of traction since the Covid pandemic due to many businesses looking to incorporate remote working into their operations and create a blend of in-office working and remote working practices.

These models often include rapidly available workspace as well as other forms of office space.

We have actually been providing access to these instant workspaces for over a decade by working with office providers that have been creating this kind of workplace solution for over three decades.

If you would like to find out more about the vast range of options available in the fast growing flexible workspace market, please contact us.