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Leased Offices

We work with office providers and landlords in every location worldwide. Our office space database provides access to flexible offices in every popular location globally. However, if you require leased office space, we can also help – our consultants have collective professional experience of several decades, and we are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) ensuring commercial property professionalism at all times.

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Summary of Leased Offices , Leasehold Offices , Office Space For Rent

Leased offices are also referred to as ‘leasehold offices’, ‘rented offices’ or ‘office spaces for rent’.

Office space for rent is usually best suited to medium-to-large businesses that can predict their company size in the mid-to-long term and so are confident in signing a lease for a fixed amount of space and for a fixed amount of time.

Leases are generally for a fixed period of anywhere between 5 and 20 years in length, but office leases often include options to break which act as opportunities to vacate the property at pre-determined dates.

The procedure for exercising a break option is defined within the lease.

A leased office can provide greater security over tenure and a higher level of autonomy for the occupier.

The lease will also include, amongst other items, details of various obligations of both the tenant and the landlord, and also states any increases in rent over the term of the lease, how the increases will be calculated and at what points.

The ‘rent review’ process is defined within the lease and, in most cases, triggers a renegotiation process between the landlord and the tenant, or their respective representatives.

Office space for rent is usually preferred by businesses that choose greater autonomy over fit-out, branding, IT infrastructure and other elements.

A business that occupies leasehold offices pays the landlord rent, service charge – a building management fee for cleaning of common areas, waste disposal, lift maintenance, security, landscaping as well as other items – and a proportion of the building’s insurance based on square footage rented.

The occupier is responsible for their own utility contracts, cleaning of the space they occupy, staffing of its reception (if required), fit-out costs at the beginning and dilapidation costs at the end of the term.

The majority of rented offices are held by way of a full repairing and insuring (FRI) lease meaning that the tenant is responsible for the upkeep and insuring of the demised office space.

The demised space is the footprint occupied by the tenant as defined by the lease plan.

So, whether you are just embarking on your search for leased offices or are considering which form of office space is right for your business model, we can help.

If you would like to discuss your business’s office space needs, please contact us for a free and completely impartial discussion.

We are regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) so commercial property professionalism is at our core. Our office space tenant representation and occupier advisory services are FREE, always.

We provide free advice on matters such as lease negotiation, incentives, lease obligations and property management matters.

We also provide FREE services that allow businesses to compare leased office spaces with flexible workspace options.

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