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Flexible Office Space and Workspace

Flexibility is one the main differentiating factors between conventional and serviced office space and has become increasingly desired by many businesses. In the last decade, businesses of all sizes in all sectors have increasingly acknowledged the importance of flexibility in their workspace strategies – it allows a business to weather uncertain micro and macro business conditions, and also allows for growth when required.

A flexible workspace is necessary if a business does not wish to commit, on a long-term basis, to a particular term of occupation, square footage, and format of a workspace. The business may wish to remain fluid in the level of service pack used, the building and local amenities required, the geographical location, transportation links and local market.

Many businesses, such as tech start-ups, are fast-growing and may also wish to pivot at some point in their journey and therefore will require flexibility in the size, layout and function of the space it occupies.

There are many locations that have traditionally only provided conventional leasehold space, however, the office and workspace market has evolved in the last three decades and you will find flexible offices in the Mayfair District of London as well as many other well-established and traditional office space markets.

The Office Providers work with 99% of the flexible office and workspace providers in all locations, working with a full portfolio of serviced offices, managed office spaces, co-working spaces, private offices and leasehold office space options. We work to find the perfect level of flexibility for all workspace requirements.

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