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Flexible Offices and Workspace Provider Profile – Bruntwood

Bruntwood Flexible Offices and Workspace

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What type of workspace does Bruntwood provide?

Bruntwood provides office space in the forms of flexible leased offices as well as fully serviced offices.

The property company also provides coworking spaces through different 3 packages: ‘Membership’, ‘Shared Desk’ and ‘Dedicated Desk’ packages.

Bruntwood provides meeting and conference room hire with facilities ranging from one-to-one meeting rooms to 200-strong conferencing facilities.

The company provides a full suite of virtual office packages.

Bruntwood also provides R&D facilities and Lab Space.


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We have the pleasure of providing access to these products in all locations that Bruntwood operate in.

Who are Bruntwood?

Bruntwood was founded by Michael Oglesby in 1975.

Today, the family-owned company’s portfolio consists of over 60 properties worth over £1bn.

Their commercial property portfolio consists of over 6m square feet of floor space across various towns and cities in Manchester, the North West of England and Birmingham.

Bruntwood provides leased office space as well as workspaces including co-working spaces and meeting rooms. They also provide fully serviced offices, corporate headquarters offices as well as innovation and science facilities.

In March 2023, Bruntwood announced that it would be upgrading its flagship property and headquarter offices – City Tower in Manchester. The works would be focussed on increasing fresh air ventilation throughout the 351-foot tower and would involve installing louvres. The motivation behind the enhancement was to reduce future risks caused by air-borne pandemics and to improve occupier well-being.

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Facts about Bruntwood

Bruntwood was founded in 1975

Bruntwood own and manage over 60 properties

Bruntwood operate over 6m square feet of floor space in the UK

Why choose Bruntwood?

The family-owned commercial property company places a strong emphasis on tenant satisfaction and was one of the first real estate companies to refer to its tenants as ‘Customers’.

Bruntwood has over 40 years’ worth of experience in the commercial real estate industry.

Bruntwood provides products for each stage of a business’s journey, from virtual offices up to whole office buildings.

The company invests heavily in the cities in which they operate citing that their driving force isn’t making a profit but to act as a catalyst for incredible growth in the locations in which they operate.

Bruntwood becomes fully immersed in a city’s ecosystem both economically and culturally. Their activities in the locations in which they own properties fall under their four ‘pillars’ that they aim to contribute to:

Bruntwood believes that investing in these pillars is what contributes to making a city great.

This philosophy is embedded in the workplaces created by Bruntwood.