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Flexible Workspace Provider Profile – ClockWork

ClockWork Flexible Shared Workspace

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ClockWork Coworking Space

What type of flexible workspace does ClockWork provide?

ClockWork provides coworking space in the form of a large sitting room-type space, meeting room hire and event venue hire.

The coworking spaces are pay-per-minute and refreshments and Wi-Fi is free.

There is a 4-hour day cap where guests are welcome to stay as long as they like but only pay for 4 hours. Monthly coworking memberships are also available with ClockWork.

We have the pleasure of providing access to these products in all locations that ClockWork operate in.

Who are ClockWork?

ClockWork (formerly Ziferblat) is a pioneering pay-per-minute coworking and events space operator.

Ziferblat was founded in 2015 and rebranded to ClockWork in 2020.

ClockWork provides a unique kind of social work space, not dissimilar to a large sitting room, where guests are charged a fee by the minute (in 2020 this was 8p per minute). All other items including refreshments and Wi-Fi are free.

ClockWork has 14 locations globally. ClockWork has 3 branches in the UK, these are all in Manchester – Edge Street, Oxford Street and Oxford Court.

Contact ClockWork

ClockWork can be reached via the following social media profiles:

Contact details for ClockWork coming very soon!

Facts about ClockWork

ClockWork was formerly Ziferblat and rebranded in 2020.

There are 14 ClockWork locations globally with 3 in the UK (Manchester).

ClockWork have one of the best selections of free brownies, cakes, biscuits, breads, jams and cereals seen in the industry!

Why choose ClockWork flexible coworking space?

ClockWork provides coworking space in a social and relaxed setting – they describe their open plan workspaces as large sitting room.

Their first workspace was known as the “tree house” which was set up by a community of poets aspiring to progress their work. This DNA is evident in the relaxed yet productive atmosphere of the spaces that they operate today.

Whilst there are monthly memberships available, the space is available by the minute (8 pence per minute) with refreshments including coffee, tea, cakes, biscuits, fruits, cereals, breads and snacks included.

There is a 4 hour daily cap per day so if you wish to work all day, you will only be charged for 4 hours.

The Wi-Fi is 100mb and there is a piano, board games, newspapers, magazines and books available for inspiration breaks.