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Shared Office Provider Profile – Coworkinn

Coworkinn Flexible Shared Office Space in South Dublin

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Coworkinn Workspace Company

What types of flexible workspace products do Coworkinn provide?

Based in Ireland, Coworkinn boasts shared and flexible coworking office spaces in South Dublin.

At Coworkinn, members can benefit from two distinct options, designed to cater to the needs of the modern-day solopreneur.

The first membership is Dedicated, meaning users can enjoy their very own desk, as well as storage.

Meanwhile, a Drop-in membership is available for those looking for a more casual solution. With a Drop-in membership, members can use a desk for as many as 15 days per month. This membership works much like hot-desking, picking any desk which may be free on the day.

For those hoping to try out the space on an even more light-touch basis, Coworkinn offers the option to drop in once, with a one-time charge associated.


Coworkinn Location in Dublin

Co-working desk spaces at Coworkinn Sandyford Business Park in Dublin

The Cubes Offices, Beacon South Quarter, Sandyford Business Park, Dublin 18


We have the pleasure of providing access to Coworkinn flexible workspace in Dublin.

Who are Coworkinn?

Living by the motto “come for the work, stay for the people”, Coworkinn are providers of flexible workspaces in Dublin, Ireland. The team at Coworkinn believes that working for yourself, shouldn’t always mean working alone. Coworkinn’s flexible workspace was created in order to provide a space beyond just the coffee shop, so people who work alone can enjoy a sense of community on their own terms.

Facts about Coworkinn 

Why choose Coworkinn flexible office space?

Coworkinn provides the ideal solution for those looking to make use of a comfortable and curated environment, without the need for a fully-fledged permanent office site.

Members at Coworkinn enjoy many benefits, whether being part of the Dedicated or Drop-in membership style.

Everything on-site is communal, from the tea and coffee to the printing facilities, so the space is ideal for those hoping to work amongst a sense of community.

Membership at Coworkinn is fully flexible, so you can sign up or cancel at any time, without being tied into confusing contracts.

Finally, the location of Coworkinn’s office space is ideal, being nearby to bustling Dublin city.