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Exeter Street Address Guide

We work with the majority of serviced office space providers and coworking space operators in Exeter and Devon ensuring that we can find you the perfect workspace for your business.

So, whether you are searching for serviced offices in Exeter city centre, flexible workspace in Exeter Business Park, or offices for rent anywhere else in and around Exeter then we can help you find the perfect space whatever you geographical, technical or rental budget requirements.

Showing business space in Exeter Devon

Office Space in Exeter

We are proud to be regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) ensuring the highest standards in commercial property advice and service at all times.

Our business space search, tenant advisory and acquisition services are FREE, always.

You can view and compare examples of available office spaces for rent in Exeter here

If you would like us to help you find the perfect office space in Exeter for you then please do Get in Touch and we will be happy to assist.

Cityscape of Exeter

Exeter for Business

Below is a list of the streets in Exeter that we cover in our office space searches for our clients:


Abbeville Close

Abbey Road

Abbots Road


Acland Road

Acland Terrace

Addison Close

Albert Street

Alberta Crescent

Albion Place

Albion Street

Aldens Green

Aldens Road

Aldrin Road

Alexander Walk

Alexandra Terrace

Alford Close

Alford Crescent

Alice Templer Close

Aller Grove

Aller Vale Close

Allhallows Court

Allington Mead

Alpha Street

Alphinbrook Road

Alphington Road

Alphington Street


Amity Place

Anne Close

Anthony Road

Antonine Crescent

Apple Farm Grange


Archibald Road

Arena Park

Argyll Mews

Argyll Road

Armstrong Avenue

Arundel Close

Ash Farm Close

Ash Leigh

Ashclyst View

Ashford Road

Ashleigh Close

Ashleigh Mount Road

Ashton Road

Ashwood Road

Aspen Close

Athelstan Road

Atkinson Close

Attwills Almshouses

Attwyll Avenue

Austen Close

Avalon Close

Avondale Road


Babblebrook Mews

Badger Close

Badon Close

Bagshot Avenue

Baker Street

Bakers Hill

Balls Farm Road

Balmoral Gardens

Bampfylde Close

Bampfylde Street

Barbican Court

Baring Crescent

Baring Terrace

Barley Farm Road

Barley Lane

Barley Mount

Barley Walk

Barnardo Road


Barnfield Hill

Barnfield Road

Barns Close

Barnstone Court

Barrack Road

Bartholomew Street East

Bartholomew Street West

Bartholomew Terrace

Barton Close

Barton Road

Bavant Close

Baxter Close

Bay Trees

Bazley Square

Beacon Avenue

Beacon Heath

Beacon Hill

Beacon Lane

Beacon Road

Beare Square

Beaufort Road

Beaworthy Close

Bedford Street

Beech Avenue

Beech Close

Beeches Close

Beers Terrace

Bell Court

Belle Isle Drive

Belle View

Belle Vue Close

Belle Vue Road

Belle Vue Terrace

Belmont Road

Belvedere Close

Belvidere Road

Bennett Close

Bennett Square

Berkshire Drive

Bernadette Close

Berrybrook Meadow

Betony Rise


Beverley Close

Bickleigh Close

Bicton Place

Bidwell Lane

Bindon Road

Binford Close

Birch End

Birchy Barton Hill

Birkett Close

Bishop Westall Road

Bishops Close

Bishops Court Road

Bittern Road

Black Hat Lane

Blackall Road

Blackboy Road

Blackheath Court

Blackhorse Lane

Blackmore Mews

Blackthorn Crescent

Blenheim Road

Bodley Close

Bonds Lane

Bonhay Close

Bonhay Road

Bonnington Grove

Bonville Close

Bourn Rise

Bovemoors Lane

Bowhay Lane

Bowley Meadows

Bowring Close

Bradfield Road

Bradman Way

Bramble Mead

Bramley Avenue

Bramley Close

Bramley Gardens

Branscombe Close

Brent Close

Brentor Close

Bretteville Close

Briar Crescent

Brickyard Lane

Bridespring Road

Bridespring Walk

Bridford Road

Bridge Hill

Bridge Road

Bridge View

Bridgehill Garth

Britten Drive

Broadfields Road



Broadleaf Close


Broadmeadow Avenue


Broadparks Avenue

Broadparks Close



Broadway Hill

Brodick Close

Brook Close

Brook Green Terrace

Brooke Avenue

Brookfield Gardens

Brookleigh Avenue


Brookside Crescent


Broom Close

Browning Close

Brownings Mead


Brunel Close

Brunel Road

Brunswick Street

Buckerell Avenue

Bucknill Close

Buddle Lane

Budlake Road

Bullen Close

Bullen Street

Buller Road

Burnet Close

Burns Avenue

Burnt Meadows

Burnthouse Lane

Burrator Drive

Butts Close

Butts Lane

Butts Road

Byron Road

Bystock Close

Bystock Terrace


California Close

Calthorpe Road

Cambridge Street

Cambridge Terrace

Camelot Close

Campion Gardens

Canal Banks

Canberra Close

Canon Way

Canterbury Road

Carlile Road

Carlton Road

Carlyon Close

Carlyon Gardens

Carpenter Close

Castle Gate

Castle Mount

Castle Street

Cathedral Close

Cathedral Yard

Causey Gardens

Causey Lane

Cavendish Road

Cecil Road

Cedars Road

Celia Crescent

Central Avenue

Chamberlain Road

Chancel Court

Chancel Lane

Chancellors Way

Chandlers Walk

Chanter Court

Chantry Meadow

Chapel Hill

Chapel Place

Chapel Road

Chapple Close

Chard Avenue

Chard Road

Chards Orchard

Chardstock Close

Charnley Avenue

Charwell Meadow

Chaucer Avenue

Cheeke Street

Chelmsford Road

Cheltenham Close

Chepstow Close

Cherry Gardens

Cherry Tree Close

Chester Close

Chestnut Avenue

Chestnut Close

Chestnut Court

Chestnut Crescent

Cheyne Rise

Cheynegate Lane

Chichester Mews

Chudleigh Road

Church Hill

Church Lane

Church Path

Church Path Lane

Church Path Road

Church Road

Church Side

Church Steps

Church Stile

Church Street

Church Terrace

Church View

Churchill Close

Churchill Road

Chute Street

City Arcade

Clapper Brook Lane

Clara Place

Claremont Grove

Clarence Place

Clarence Road

Clarke Mead

Clayton Road

Cleave Close

Cleaves Close

Cleve Road

Clevedon Close

Cleveland Street

Cliff Bastin Close

Clifford Close

Clifford Road

Clifton Hill

Clifton Road

Clifton Street

Clinton Avenue

Clinton Street

Cloister Garth

Cluden Close

Clydesdale Road

Clyst Avenue

Clyst Halt Avenue

Clyst Heath

Clyst Road

Clyst Valley Road


Coach Road

Coates Road

Codrington Street

Cofton Close

Cofton Hill

Cofton Road

Colands Court

Coleridge Road

College Avenue

College Lane

College Road

Colleton Crescent

Colleton Hill

Colleton Mews

Colleton Row

Collins Road

Commercial Road

Commins Road

Commons Hill

Conifer Mews

Conrad Avenue

Conybeare Close

Cooksons Road

Coombe Street

Copplestone Drive

Copydown Lane

Cordery Road

Cornflower Hill

Cornmill Crescent

Cornwall Street

Coronation Road

Coronation Terrace

Cotfield Street

Cottey Crescent

Cottles Lane

Cottrell Road

Countess Wear Road

Counties Crescent

Couper Meadows

Court Orchard

Courtenay Close

Courtenay Gardens

Courtenay Road

Courtenay Terrace

Coventry Road

Coverdale Road

Cowick Hill

Cowick Lane

Cowick Road

Cowick Street

Cowley Bridge Road

Cowley View

Cowper Avenue

Coysh Square

Crabb Lane

Cranbrook Road

Cranishaies Lane

Crawford Gardens

Crediton Road

Creely Close


Crockwells Close

Crockwells Road

Croft Chase

Cromwell Terrace

Cross Park

Cross View

Cross View Terrace


Cullompton Hill


Culver Close

Culverland Close

Culverland Road

Culvert Road

Curlew Way

Cutteridge Lane

Cypress Drive


Daisy Links

Daleside Road

Danes Road


Dark Lane

Davies Close

Dawlish Road

Dawn Close

Days-pottles Lane

De La Rue Way

Deacon Close

Dean Street

Deepdene Park

Deepway Gardens

Deepway Lane

Delia Gardens

Delius Crescent

Denbury Court

Denise Close

Denmark Road

Denver Close

Denver Road

Devon Road

Devonshire Place

Diamond Road

Dick Pym Close

Dickens Drive

Dince Hill Close

Dinham Crescent

Dinham Mews

Dinham Road

Dinneford Street

Dinnis Close

Dix’s Field

Dog Village

Doriam Close

Dorset Avenue

Dotton Close

Dove Way

Drake Avenue

Drakes Farm

Drakes Road

Draycott Close

Drews Close

Dry Lane

Dryden Road


Ducks Orchard

Duckworth Road

Dukes Orchard

Dunrich Close

Dunsford Gardens

Dunsford Road

Dunvegan Close

Durham Close

Duryard Halls

Dutch Court


Eager Way

Eagle Way

Eagles Nest

Earl Richards Road North

Earl Richards Road South

East Avenue

East Grove Road

East John Walk

East Terrace

East Town Lane

East Wonford Hill


Eastern Avenue

Eaton Drive

Ebford Lane

Ebrington Road

Edgbaston Mead

Edgerton Park Road

Edinburgh Drive

Edmonton Close

Edwin Road

Egham Avenue

Elaine Close

Elbury Close

Eldertree Gardens

Elgar Close

Elizabeth Avenue

Elizabeth Close

Ellards Close


Elliott Close

Elm Close

Elm Court

Elm Grove Avenue

Elm Grove Gardens

Elm Grove Road

Elmbridge Gardens

Elmdon Close


Elmside Close

Elton Road

Ely Close

Emmanuel Close

Emmanuel Road

Endfield Close


Endsleigh Crescent

Ennerdale Way

Essex Close

Etonhurst Close

Excalibur Close

Exe Street

Exe Vale Road

Exe View

Exe View Cottages

Exeter Road

Exhibition Way

Exminster Hill

Exmouth Road

Exwick Court

Exwick Hill

Exwick Lane

Exwick Road


Fair Oak Close

Fairfax Gardens

Fairfield Avenue

Fairfield Road

Fairfield Terrace

Fairhazel Drive

Fairlands Avenue

Fairmead Court

Fairpark Close

Fairpark Road

Fairview Avenue

Fairview Terrace

Falcon Road

Falkland Close

Farm Close

Farm Hill

Farm House Rise

Farmhouse Avenue

Farringdon Court

Feltrim Avenue

Ferndale Gardens

Ferndale Road

Fernpark Close

Ferry Road

Fingle Close

First Avenue

Fishers Square

Five Mile Hill

Flayes Almshouses

Florida Drive

Flower Lane

Flower Street

Flowerpot Lane

Follett Road

Ford Farm Court

Fords Road

Fore Street

Fortescue Road

Four Oaks Road

Fouracre Close

Fowey Close

Fowler Close

Fox Road

Foxglove Rise

Foxhayes Road

Foxhole Hill

Foxtor Road

Francis Close

Franklin Street

Franklyn Close

Franklyn Drive

French Close

Friars Gate

Friars Green

Friars Walk

Friernhay Street

Frog Lane

Fulford Close

Fulford Road

Fulford Way

Furze Road


Galahad Close

Galmpton Rise

Gandy Street

Garden Close

Gardiners Close

Gareth Crescent

Garland Close

Generals Close

Generals Lane

Geneva Close

George Street

Georges Close

Gervase Avenue

Gilbert Avenue

Gipsy Hill Lane

Gipsy Lane


Gissons Lane

Gittisham Close

Glade Walk

Gladstone Road

Glanville Close

Glasshouse Lane

Glastonbury Close

Glave Saunders Avenue

Glebe Close


Glen Close

Glen Walk

Glenmore Road

Glenthorne Road

Glenwood Rise

Globe Hill

Globe Lane


Gloucester Road

Godolphin Close

Goldsmith Street

Good Shepherd Drive

Gordon Road

Gordon’s Place

Grace Road Central

Grace Road South

Grace Road West

Grainger Close

Grandisson Court

Grasslands Drive

Great Hill View

Great Mead

Greatwood Terrace

Grecian Way

Green Lane


Greenpark Avenue


Grendon Buildings

Grendon Road

Grenville Avenue

Grindle Way

Grosvenor Place

Grove Hill

Grove Road

Guildford Close

Guildhall Shopping Centre

Guinea Street

Guinevere Way

Guinness Lane

Guys Road


Haccombe Close

Hadrian Drive

Haldon Close

Haldon Drive

Haldon Hill

Haldon Road

Haldon View Terrace

Halscombe Lane

Halses Close

Halsfordwood Lane


Hambeer Lane

Hamilton Avenue

Hamilton Grove

Hamilton Road

Hamlin Gardens

Hamlin Lane

Hammond Croft Way

Hampden Place

Hampshire Close

Hanover Close

Hanover Road

Hardy Road

Harebell Copse

Harefield Close

Harrier Way

Harringcourt Road

Harrington Drive

Harrington Gardens

Harrington Lane

Harts Close

Harts Lane

Hatchland Road

Hatherleigh Road

Haven Close

Haven Road

Hawthorn Road

Hawthorn Way

Hayes Barton Court

Hayne Close

Haytor Drive

Hazel Grove

Hazel Road

Hazelmead Road

Headingley Close

Headland Close

Headland Crescent

Headon Gardens

Heath Cross

Heath Lane

Heath Road

Heather Close


Heavitree Park

Heavitree Road

Hederman Close

Heggadon Close

Hele Road

Hele Square

Hellings Gardens

Hen Street

Hennock Road East

Hennock Road North

Henry Lewis Close

Hensleigh Drive

Herbert Road

Hereford Road

Heron Road

Herschell Road

Hescane Park

Hexworthy Avenue

Heywood Drive

High Bullen

High Croft

High Meadows

High Street

Highcross Road

Higher Aboveway

Higher Barley Mount

Higher Duryard

Higher Hoopern Lane

Higher Kings Avenue

Higher Marsh Row

Higher Shapter Close

Higher Shapter Street

Higher Summerlands

Higher Wear Road


Hill Barton Close

Hill Barton Lane

Hill Barton Road

Hill Close

Hill Crest

Hill Lane

Hill Rise

Hillcrest Park

Hillcrest Road


Hillsborough Avenue

Hillside Avenue

Hillyfield Road

Hoker Road

Holcombe Burnell

Holland Copse

Holland Road

Holley Close

Hollow Lane

Holloway Street

Hollowpits Court

Holly Close

Holly Road

Holman Way

Holne Court

Holne Rise

Homefield Road

Honey Lane

Honeylands Drive

Honeylands Way

Honeysuckle Court

Honiton Road

Hoopern Avenue

Hoopern Lane

Hoopern Street

Hope Place

Hope Road

Hospital Lane

Howard Close

Howell Road

Hummingbird Close

Hungry Fox Estate

Hurst Avenue

Hutchings Mead

Hylton Gardens


Iddesleigh Road

Iddesleigh Terrace

Ide Lane

Ilex Close

Imperial Street

Inner Broomfield

Iolanthe Drive

Iris Avenue

Iron Bridge

Isambard Parade

Isca Road

Isleworth Road

Ivy Close



Jennifer Close

Jericho Street

Jesmond Road

John Levers Way

John Street

Jubilee Close

Jubilee Road

Jubilee Square

Juniper Close

Jupes Close


Kalendarhay Lane

Kenbury Crescent

Kenbury Drive

Kendall Close

Kenn Lane

Kennerley Avenue

Kennford Road

Kensham Close

Kent Close

Kenton Mews

Kerswill Road

Kestor Drive

Kilbarran Rise

Kimberley Road

King Arthurs Road

King Edward Street

King Henrys Road

King Stephen Close

King Street

King William Street

Kingdom Mews

Kingfisher Avenue

Kingfisher Drive

Kings Dwellings

Kings Road


Kingsley Avenue


Kingswood Close

Kinnerton Way

Kipling Drive

Knightley Road

Knights Crescent

Knowle Drive

Knowle Lane


Laburnum Road

Lackaborough Court

Ladysmith Road

Lakelands Drive

Lakeside Avenue

Lamacraft Drive

Lancaster Close

Lancelot Road

Landhayes Road

Lands Road

Landscore Road

Langaton Gardens

Langaton Lane


Lansdowne Terrace

Larch Road

Lark Close

Larkbeare Road

Latimer Road

Laurel Road

Lawrence Avenue

Laxton Avenue

Layne Close

Layne Fields

Lease Hill


Lebanon Close

Lees Meadow

Legion Way

Leicester Mead

Leighdene Close

Leighton Terrace

Lethbridge Road

Lewis Crescent

Leypark Close

Leypark Crescent

Leypark Road

Lichfield Road

Lichgate Road

Lilac Road

Lily Mount

Lime Close

Lime Grove

Lime Kiln Lane

Lime Tree Close

Limegrove Road

Lincoln Road

Linda Close

Linden Vale

Linfield Gardens

Linnet Close

Lisa Close

Little Johns Cross Hill

Little Silver

Little Silver Lane


Liverpool Hill

Livingshayes Road

Lloyds Court

Lloyds Crescent

Locarno Road

Lockfield Court

Locksley Close

Lodge Hill

Long Acres

Long Meadow

Long Park

Longbrook Street

Longbrook Terrace


Longfield Road


Lonsdale Road

Looe Road

Loram Way

Lords Way

Lovelace Gardens


Lower Argyll Road

Lower Avenue

Lower Coombe Street

Lower Harrington Lane

Lower Hill Barton Road

Lower Kings Avenue

Lower Lane

Lower Marsh Row

Lower North Street

Lower Shapter Street

Lower Shillingford

Lower Summerlands

Lower Wear Road

Lucas Avenue

Lucky Lane

Ludwell Lane

Lumley Close

Lustleigh Close

Lymeborne Avenue

Lyncombe Close

Lyndhurst Road

Lynwood Avenue


Madison Avenue

Madison Close

Magdalen Gardens

Magdalen Road

Magdalen Street

Magnolia Avenue

Magpie Crescent

Main Road

Majorfield Road

Mallison Close

Malvern Gardens

Mamhead Road

Manaton Close

Mandrake Close

Mandrake Road

Manley Close

Manor Gardens

Manor Park

Manor Road

Mansfield Road

Manston Road

Manston Terrace

Maple Road

Margaret Road

Maritime Court

Market Street

Marlborough Drive

Marlborough Road

Marsh Barton Road

Marsh Green Road North

Marsh Green Road West

Marsh Lane

Marwood Road

Mary Arches Street

Maryfield Avenue

Marypole Road

Marypole Walk

Masefield Road

Matford Avenue

Matford Lane

Matford Mews

Matford Road

Matthews Court

May Street

Mayfield Road

Mayflower Avenue

Meadow Close

Meadow Lea

Meadow Way

Meadowbrook Close


Melbourne Place

Melbourne Street

Membury Close

Mercer Court

Merlin Crescent

Merrivale Road


Michigan Way


Midway Close

Midway Terrace

Milbury Close

Milbury Lane

Mildmay Close

Mile Gardens

Mile Lane

Milford Lane

Mill Drive

Mill Lane

Mill Road

Mill Yard

Millbrook Lane

Miller Close

Miller Way

Millers Way

Milletts Close


Millway Gardens

Milton Road

Mincinglake Road

Minster Road

Modred Close

Monitor Close

Monkerton Drive

Monks Road

Monkswell Road

Monmouth Avenue

Monmouth Hill

Monmouth Street

Mont Le Grand

Mont Le Grand Road

Montague Rise

Monterey Gardens

Montgomery Road

Moon Ridge

Moonhill Close

Moor Lane

Moorland Way

Moorview Close

Moreton Terrace

Morley Road

Mortimer Court

Mount Dinham

Mount Howe

Mount Pleasant Road

Mount Radford Crescent

Mount Radford Square

Mount Wear Square

Mowbray Avenue

Mulberry Close

Musgrave Row

Myrtle Close

Myrtle Road


Nadder Park Road

Napier Terrace

Nelson Close

Nelson Road

Nelson Way

New Bridge Street

New Buildings

New Estate

New North Road

New Park Estate

New Road

New Way

Newcombe Street

Newcombe Street Gardens

Newcombe Terrace

Newcourt Road

Newfoundland Close


Newhayes Close

Newlands Close

Newman Court

Newman Road

Newport Road

Newtown Close

Nicholas Road

Nightingale Walk

Normandy Road

North Avenue

North Bridge Place

North Lawn Court

North Street

Northernhay Gate

Northernhay Place

Northernhay Square

Northernhay Street

Northpark Road

Norwich Road

Norwood Avenue

Nurseries Close


Oak Close

Oak Ridge

Oak Road

Oak Tree Close

Oakfield Road

Oakfield Street

Oakley Close

Oakley Walk


Oaktree Place

Odhams Wharf

Off Chestnut Avenue

Oil Mill Lane

Okehampton Place

Okehampton Road

Okehampton Street

Old Bakery Close

Old Barn Close

Old Butterleigh Road

Old Coach Road

Old Ebford Lane

Old Ide Lane

Old Market Close

Old Matford Lane

Old Mill Close

Old Mill Industrial Estate

Old Park Road

Old Pavilion Close

Old Pinn Lane

Old Rydon Close

Old Rydon Lane

Old Tiverton Road

Old Vicarage Close

Old Vicarage Road

Oldridge View

Orchard Close

Orchard Court

Orchard Gardens

Orchard Hill

Orchard Lane

Orchard View

Orchard Way

Oriole Drive

Orwell Garth

Oval Green


Oxford Road

Oxford Street


Palace Gate

Palmerston Drive

Pamela Road

Paris Street Arcade

Park Close

Park Lane

Park Place

Park Road

Park View

Parkers Cross Lane

Parkers Road

Parkfield Road

Parkfield Way


Parkhouse Road

Parkland Drive

Parkside Crescent

Parkside Road


Parliament Street

Parr Close

Parr Street

Parsonage Lane

Parsonage Street

Passmore Road

Patricia Close

Paul Street

Pavilion Place

Paynes Court

Pear Tree Close

Peel Close

Peel Row

Pellinore Road

Pendragon Road

Penhayes Close

Penhayes Road

Penleonard Close

Pennsylvania Close

Pennsylvania Crescent

Pennsylvania Park

Pennsylvania Road

Penny Close

Perceval Road

Percy Road

Perridge Close

Perridge Lane

Perth Close

Peryam Crescent

Peter Street

Peterborough Road

Philip Road

Piazza Terracina

Pilton Lane

Pinbrook Road Industrial Units

Pinces Gardens

Pinces Road

Pine Avenue

Pineridge Close

Pinhoe Road

Pinn Court Lane

Pinn Hill

Pinn Lane

Pinn Valley Road

Pinnbridge Court

Pinwood Lane

Pinwood Meadow Drive

Pippin Close

Pitt Hill

Plassey Close

Playmoor Drive

Plumtree Drive

Pocombe Bridge

Pole House Lane

Polsloe Road

Poplar Close

Poplars Walk

Poppy Close

Port Road

Portland Street

Pottles Close

Pound Close

Pound Lane


Powderham Close

Powderham Crescent

Powderham Park

Powderham Road

Premier Place

Prescot Road

Preston Street

Pretoria Road

Pridhams Way

Priestley Avenue

Primrose Lawn

Prince Charles Road

Prince Of Wales Road

Princes Square

Princes Street East

Princes Street North

Princes Street South


Priory Gardens

Priory Road

Prispen View

Prospect Gardens

Prospect Park

Prospect Place

Puckridge Road

Puffin Way

Pulling Road

Pulpit Walk

Purcell Close

Pye Corner

Pyne Gardens

Pynes Hill

Pytte Gardens


Quarry Lane

Quarry Park Road

Queen Street

Queens Crescent

Queens Drive

Queens Road

Queens Square

Queens Terrace

Queensland Drive

Quintet Close


Rack Street

Radford Road

Radnor Place


Railway Goods Yard

Raleigh Road

Raven Close


Rectory Close

Rectory Drive

Red Cow Village

Red Lion Lane

Reddaway Drive


Redhills Close

Redlands Close

Redside Terrace

Redvers Road

Regent Square

Regent Street

Regents Park

Residential Village

Retreat Road

Rewe Court

Rews Meadow

Rews Park Drive

Rexona Close

Reynolds Close

Ribston Avenue

Rices Mews

Richmond Road


Rifford Road

Ringswell Avenue

Ripon Close

River Close

Rivermead Road

Rivers Walk

Riverside Road


Riverview Drive

Riverview Terrace

Riviera Terrace

Roberts Road

Roche Garden

Rockbeare Hill

Rollestone Crescent

Romsey Drive

Rookswood Lane

Rosebank Crescent

Rosebarn Avenue

Rosebarn Lane

Rosebery Road

Roseland Avenue

Roseland Crescent

Roseland Drive

Rosemary Street

Rosewood Crescent

Rosewood Terrace

Ross Close

Rougemont Court

Round Table Meet

Roundhill Close

Rowan Way

Rowhorne Road

Royal Close

Royal Way

Rugby Road

Rushforth Place

Russell Terrace

Russet Avenue

Rutherford Street

Rydon Lane

Rydon Park


Saddlers Close

Sages Lea

Salem Place

Salisbury Road

Salmon Pool Lane

Salters Court

Salters Road

Salutary Mount

Sampsons Lane

Sanders Close

Sanders Road

Sandford Walk


Sandpiper Green

Sandy Lane


Sanson Close

Sargent Close

Savile Road

Savoy Hill

Saxon Avenue

Saxon Road

Scattor View

School Hill

School Lane

School Road


Scott Avenue

Seabrook Avenue

Second Avenue

Sedgeclaire Close

Sentrys Orchard

Sercombes Gardens

Shaftesbury Road

Shakespeare Road

Sheldon Lane

Shelley Close

Shelton Place

Sheppard Road

Shercroft Close

Sheridan Road

Sherwood Close

Shillingford Road

Ship Lane

Shooting Marsh Stile

Shuttern Close

Sidmouth Road

Sidwell Street

Silver Birch Close

Silver Lane

Silver Street

Silver Terrace



Simey Close

Sir Alex Walk

Sivell Mews

Sivell Place

Six Acre

Sleepy Hollow

Slewton Crescent

Smith Field Road

Smithay Meadows

Smiths Court

Smythen Street

Snowdrop Mews

Solar Crescent

Somerset Avenue

South Avenue

South Lawn Terrace

South Street

South Town

South View Terrace


Southbrook Lane

Southbrook Road

Southernhay East

Southernhay West


Southport Avenue


Sowton Village

Spenser Avenue

Spicer Road

Spinney Close

Spinning Path

Springfield Road

Spruce Close

St Albans Close

St Andrews Road

St Annes

St Annes Chapel

St Annes Road

St Bernards Close

St Davids Hill

St Davids Place

St Davids Terrace

St Georges Terrace

St Germans Road

St Hill Close

St Idas Close

St James Close

St James Place

St James Road

St James Terrace

St Johns Road

St Katherines Road

St Lawrence Crescent

St Leonards Avenue

St Leonards Place

St Leonards Road

St Loyes Road

St Loyes Terrace

St Margarets Terrace

St Marks Avenue

St Mary Steps Terrace

St Marys Close

St Marys View

St Matthews Close

St Michaels Close

St Michaels Hill

St Peters Mount

St Petrocks Close

St Sidwells Avenue

St Thomas Centre

Staddon Close

Staffick Close

Stafford Road

Stanford Road

Stanley Square


Staplake Lane

Staplake Rise

Staplake Road

Station Road

Steeple Drive

Stepcote Hill

Steps Close

Stoke Hill

Stoke Hill Crescent

Stoke Meadow Close

Stoke Valley Road

Stokes Mead


Stony Lane

Stookes Close

Strand Court

Strand View

Stratford Avenue

Strathculm Road

Strawberry Avenue

Stream Court

Streatham Drive

Streatham Rise

Stuart Road

Sullivan Road

Summer Close

Summer Lane



Sunhill Avenue

Sunhill Lane



Sunnymoor Close

Surbiton Crescent

Sussex Close

Sutherlake Gardens

Swains Court

Swallow Drive

Swallowfield Road

Swan Maisonettes

Swan Road

Sweetbrier Lane


Sycamore Close

Sydney Place

Sydney Road

Sylvan Avenue

Sylvan Road

Sylvania Drive


Taddiforde Road

Taddyforde Court

Taddyforde Estate


Tamarisk Close

Tappers Close

Tarbet Avenue

Taunton Close

Tavistock Road

Tedburn Road

Teign Terrace

Teign Valley Road

Telford Road

Temple Road

Tennyson Avenue

Thackeray Road

Thatchers Hill

The Avenue

The Bury

The Cloisters

The Close

The College

The Copse

The Crescent

The Fairway

The Farm

The Firs

The Glebe

The Green

The Hams

The Imperial

The Mede

The Mint

The Orchard

The Panney

The Poplars

The Quadrant

The Quay

The Retreat Drive

The Ridings

The Shrubbery

The Silvers

The Square

The Strand

The Triangle

The Village

The Walled Garden

The Willows

Third Avenue

Thomas’s Lane

Thompson Road

Thorn Close

Thornberry Avenue

Thornes Meadow

Thornpark Rise

Thornton Hill

Three Corner Place

Three Horse Shoes

Thurlow Road

Tintagel Close

Tithe Barn Lane

Tithebarn Copse

Tiverton Road

Tollards Road

Topsham Road

Tor Close

Toronto Road

Torrington Place

Tottons Court

Tower View

Tower Walk

Town Lane



Trafalgar Place

Trafford Mews

Tremletts Close

Trentbridge Square

Tresillian Gardens


Trews Weir Court

Trews Weir Reach

Trillow Hill

Tristan Close

Trood Lane

Truro Drive

Tuckfield Close

Tudor Street

Tugela Terrace

Tuns Lane

Two Acre Court

Tytheing Close



Underhill Terrace

Union Road

Union Street

Uplands Drive

Upper Paul Street


Valley Park Close

Valley Road

Varco Square

Vaughan Rise

Vaughan Road

Veitch Gardens

Velwell Road


Verney Street

Vestry Drive

Vicarage Gardens

Vicarage Lane

Vicarage Road

Victor Close

Victor Street

Victoria Close

Victoria Park Road

Victoria Road

Victoria Street

Victoria Terrace

Village Road

Vine Close

Vinnicombes Road

Vuefield Hill

Vyvyan Court


Wallace Avenue

Walnut Close

Walnut Road

Walpole Close

Walton Road

Warboro Terrace

Wardrew Road

Warren Road

Warwick Avenue

Warwick Road

Warwick Way

Water Lane

Waterbeer Street


Waterloo Road


Watery Lane

Waverley Avenue

Waybrook Crescent

Wayland Avenue

Wayside Crescent

Wear Barton Road

Wear Close

Webbers Close

Webley Road

Weirfield Path

Weirfield Road

Welcome Street

Well Oak Park

Well Street

Wellington Close

Wellington Road

Wellpark Close

Wellswood Gardens

Wendover Way

Wentworth Gardens

Wesley Close

Wesley Way

Wessex Close

Wessex Estate

West Avenue

West Clyst

West End Road

West Garth Road

West Grove Road

West Street

West Terrace

West View Close

West View Terrace

West Woods

Westbrook Close


Western Avenue

Western Drive

Western Road

Western Way



Westminster Road


Westwood Hill

Wet Lane

Weycroft Close

Wheatley Close

Wheatsheaf Way

Whiddon Lane

Whipton Barton Road

Whipton Lane

Whipton Road

Whipton Village Road

Whitchurch Avenue

White Street

Whitebeam Close

Whiteside Close

Whitethorn Park

Whiteway Close

Whiteway Drive

Whitlow Copse

Whitycombe Way

Widecombe Way

Widgery Road

Wilcocks Road

Wilford Road

Willeys Avenue

Willeys Court

Williams Avenue

Willow Close

Willow Gardens

Willow Walk

Willsdown Road

Willsland Close

Wilton Way

Wiltshier Close

Wiltshire Close

Winchester Avenue

Windermere Close

Windsor Close

Windsor Terrace

Winkleigh Close

Winslade Park Avenue

Withen Lane

Wonford Road

Wonford Street

Wood Close

Woodah Road

Woodbine Terrace

Woodbury Road

Woodbury View

Woodland Mews

Woodland Road


Woodlands Park

Woodlands Way

Woodleigh Close

Woodmans Orchard


Woodpecker Way

Woodstock Road

Woodville Road

Woodwater Lane

Woolaway Avenue

Woolsery Avenue

Woolsery Close

Woolsery Grove

Worcester Mews

Wrefords Close

Wrefords Drive

Wrefords Lane

Wrefords Link

Wrentham Estate

Wykes Road


Wyndham Avenue

Wyndham Road

Wynford Road


Yew Tree Close

York Road

York Terrace

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