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New York City Flexible Offices and Workspace Providers Directory

Flexible Office Space and Workspace Companies in New York City

Our guides to flexible office and workspace providers in New York City (NYC)

How do you Easily Compare the New York City Office Space Market?

Flexible Office Spaces in New York City

At The Office Providers, we present flexible office and workspace options from a wide range of providers, operators and landlords allowing you to search and compare workspaces that work best for your requirements.

Find out more about New York City flexible space companies by reading our guides.

Below, you can access guides to flexible office and workspace companies that operate in various districts throughout NYC.

Office providers and workspace providers are the operators and facility managers of business centers or flex space centers or shared office centers that provide flexible workspace options.

Many office space landlords that traditionally provide leased office space for rent now provide non-leased workspace options so, in these cases, are also classed as office providers.

Flexible workspace or flex space is an umbrella term that covers private offices, executive suites, full-service workspace, serviced office suites, managed office space options, shared workspace, flexible corporate office space solutions, coworking spaces and other forms of flexibly occupied business space.

The commonalities between various flexible workspace options are the all-inclusive nature in that commercial property overheads such as utilities, broadband, furnishings, receptionist services, cleaning and other items are included in the monthly fee.

This makes these options ready-to-go, plug-and-play, turnkey offices which makes them highly efficient and convenient options.

The agreements that flexible office and workspace are held on are flexible contracts that are ‘easy-in and easy-out’, and allow businesses to rapidly resize their workspace footprint at short notice in line with their changing business needs – this helps businesses stay agile and futureproof.

We are an aggregator of office space providing access to all office and workspace options in all USA markets. We listen to your requirements and then we filter and condense the market so that you only receive details of options that perfectly match your brief.

As we are globally regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), we are independent and impartial, and, as we are paid by the office providers (only when an occupier finds their perfect space), our services are completely FREE, always.


Example Office Spaces in NYC


Our guides to flexible office and workspace providers in New York City can be found below.

Many operators provide flexible workplace options in one or multiple locations within NYC’s 5 Boroughs:


The BronxBrooklynManhattanQueensStaten Island


Many landlords that would traditionally provide leasehold or leased office spaces to rent in New York City are now also offering non-leased workspace options.

Tenants looking to sublet some of their excess office space can often provide short-term office space rental options.

We provide access to these flexible leasing options, too.


Why it Pays to Compare the Whole New York City Flexible Office Space Market?

New York City, New York, the Big Apple. Empire City, Gotham, NYC, The Five Boroughs – there are not many cities in the world that have so many names.

They say the city was named twice but, in reality, it owns many more than two.

Yet, it doesn’t matter which name is used, we all know the special and loved city that is being referred to.

Flexible workspace companies have a similar issue.

Whether we would call it an identity crisis or something else, the two have a ‘multiple label’ issue going on.

To define flexible office space or workspace would be to say that it is a form of business space that is not classed as traditionally leased office space for rent.

With conventionally leased office space, a tenant enters into a leasehold agreement for a fixed amount of time and pays a monthly or quarterly rent and the two parties act in accordance with the clauses within the office lease.

This form of office space rental has been the norm for centuries, however, businesses of all sizes from freelancers to blue-chip organizations have been increasingly demanding flexibility in their commercial real estate strategies for several decades, and the New York City office market has responded.

A wide range of NYC office space companies now provide alternative forms of business space.

These office spaces are typically held on short term contacts and give the occupier (tenant) the ability to enter and exit the agreement with relative ease and at short notice.

They also allow the occupying company to upsize or downsize into a smaller or larger office suite at short notice.

This makes the space ideal for companies seeking start-up office space or scale-up space providing them with space that grows with them.

It also provides an agile office space solution for companies that are trialling flexible working and hybrid working models whereby they utilize a mix of in-office working and a remote workforce.

Many of these options provide coworking options for when members of the distributed teams come into the physical office space from time to time.

Because of the wide range of physical formats and types of agreements such as office timeshares, day office rentals, hourly offices and so on, it has been difficult to provide one label for this type of workspace.

This form of space is referred to as shared workspaces, coworking office space, managed offices, temporary workspace, executive suites, collaborative space, coworking membership space and many others.

To add some confusion, there are many business centers that provide a mix of some or all of these above types of space.

This is why the industry has chosen the umbrella terms of flexible workspace, flex space or flexible office space.

To add a little more confusion, the office space companies that create these flexible workplace options are identified by different titles – shared office providers, coworking space providers, flexible office operators, executive suites providers, or simply ‘office providers’.

This is how we help – we cut through the noise and we bring together all flexible office space options in New York City under one ‘roof’ – this is why we are called The Office Providers.

We facilitate the searching, comparing and the acquisition of flexible working space options from ALL of the office providers.

We do the ‘heavy lifting’ for you and make the office search process as simple and efficient as possible.

Whether you would like to call us your office agent, office broker, office finder, or free office space search service, we find you the perfect space for your business, and we don’t charge a fee.

We understand your unique workspace requirements, so we filter and condense the whole New York City office space market so that you are presented only with options that perfectly match your workspace search brief.

We can arrange viewings – both virtually and in person, if you wish, and we can also help you negotiate the very best deal for your business.

We are globally regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) so we are independent and impartial, and our tenant representation services are completely FREE, always.

So, just get in touch and let us know how we can help you find the best office space in New York City for you and your team.


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