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Flexible Office and Workspace Provider Profile – HQ

HQ Flexible Offices and Workspace

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HQ Flexible Office Space

What types of flexible workspace products do HQ provide?

HQ provides several types of flexible workspace options, including office space, co-working, business lounge, virtual office, and meeting rooms. Additionally, HQ offers the option of memberships so that members can work freely and easily move between different locations. Packages can be selected based on the business’s needs.

At HQ, businesses are able to choose between three distinct membership packages. These include the option to have your own private office, pay a monthly membership fee, or simply to pay as you go.

Each membership offers its own benefits: your own dedicated office space whenever you need it, flexible and affordable monthly plans, and on-demand services, respectively.

We have the pleasure of providing access to HQ flexible workspace products in all locations that they operate in.

Who are HQ?

HQ is a global brand that provides flexible office spaces and co-working facilities across the globe. HQ is part of the International Workplace Group umbrella, which parents other world-renowned office space providers such as Regus and Spaces.

Contact HQ

HQ can be reached via the following social media profiles:

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Facts about HQ 

Why choose HQ flexible office space?

The ability to choose between three different membership styles, and a variety of flexible office spaces, means HQ is a great fit for individuals or businesses at different stages of their business journey.

Each HQ flexible workspace is based in a desirable city-centre location close to local amenities and public transport for maximum commuting convenience.

All workspaces by HQ include the necessities to work successfully and securely, such as 24-hour CCTV monitoring, so you know your business is in safe hands.

Members of HQ flexible offices in select locations can benefit from the use of meeting rooms, business lounges, showers, parking, bike storage, and outdoor seating areas.

All locations are accessible and equipped with disabled facilities.

Working with a global brand like HQ means members can feel fully supported and looked after. HQ prides itself on the smooth running of its office spaces: no IT issues, no holdups, and no hassle.

Members of HQ flexible workspaces can make use of an app that controls every aspect of their space at the mere touch of a button. Booking meeting rooms, reserving spaces, and accessing accounts have never been easier.