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Manchester Street Address Guide – C

Because we work with 99% of the flexible office providers in Manchester, we provide access to serviced offices, managed offices, coworking spaces, hot desks, private offices, flexible offices and all forms of flexible workspace across all locations across the city.

Whether you are searching for serviced offices near Cross Street, office space in Castlefield, or coworking space close to the Co-Operative headquarters, we can provide the latest pricing and availability information as well as arrange viewings and more.

We only display samples of properties on our website as availability changes rapidly. View some of the Office Spaces available in Manchester here.

Contact Us to let us know your bespoke requirements and we will search the Manchester office space market for you, for FREE and send you the latest pricing and availability information in minutes.

Below is a list of the streets on which the office space and flexible workspace providers that we work with, have office space on or close to:

Manchester Street Address Guide – C

Cablestead Walk

Caddington Road

Cadleigh Walk

Cadmium Walk

Cadnam Drive

Cadogan Street

Cadum Walk

Caen Avenue

Caernarvon Way

Cairn Walk

Caister Avenue

Caister Close

Caistor Close

Caithness Close

Calbourne Crescent

Calcot Walk

Caldbeck Drive

Caldecott Road

Calder Avenue

Calder Court

Calder Crescent

Calder Drive

Calder Walk

Calder Way

Calderbank Avenue

Calderbrook Walk

Caldervale Avenue

Caldon Close

Caldwell Avenue

Caldwell Close

Caleb Close

Caledon Avenue

Caledonia Street

Caledonian Drive

Calf Hey Close

Calgarth Drive

Calgary Street

Callingdon Road

Callum Walk

Calluna Mews

Calne Walk

Calthorpe Avenue

Calve Croft Road

Calver Avenue

Calver Close

Calver Walk

Calverley Avenue

Calverton Drive

Calvine Walk

Cambeck Close

Cambeck Walk

Cambell Road

Cambert Lane

Camborne Street

Cambrai Crescent

Cambrian Street

Cambridge Avenue

Cambridge Drive

Cambridge Grove

Cambridge Road

Cambridge Street

Camdale Walk

Camden Avenue

Camelford Close

Camelia Road

Camley Walk

Camomile Walk

Campbell Road

Campfield Avenue Arcade

Campion Walk

Campion Way

Camrose Walk

Cams Acre Close

Canada Street

Canal Bank

Canal Cottages Yard

Canal Street

Canberra Street

Candleford Road

Cannel Court

Cannon Street

Cannon Walk

Canons Grove


Canterbury Close

Canterbury Crescent

Canterbury Drive

Canterbury Park

Canterbury Road

Canterfield Close

Canute Court

Canute Road

Cape Street

Capenhurst Close

Capesthorne Walk

Capital Road

Capstan Street

Captain Fold Road

Car Bank Avenue

Car Bank Crescent

Car Bank Square

Car Bank Street

Caradoc Avenue

Carberry Road

Carbis Walk

Cardale Walk

Carden Avenue

Carder Close

Cardew Avenue

Cardiff Walk

Cardigan Terrace

Cardinal Mews

Cardinal Street

Cardroom Road

Cardus Street

Cardwell Road

Carey Walk

Carfax Street

Cargate Walk

Carib Street

Carill Avenue

Carill Drive

Carisbrook Avenue

Carisbrook Drive

Carisbrook Street

Carley Grove

Carlford Grove

Carling Drive

Carlisle Close

Carlisle Drive

Carlisle Street

Carlisle Way

Carloon Road

Carlton Avenue

Carlton Close

Carlton Crescent

Carlton Drive

Carlton Range

Carlton Road

Carlton Street

Carlyle Close

Carmel Court

Carmichael Close

Carmine Fold

Carmona Drive

Carmoor Road

Carnaby Street

Carnarvon Street

Carnegie Avenue

Carnforth Street

Carnoustie Close

Carnwood Close

Caroline Drive

Caroline Street

Carpenters Lane

Carpenters Walk

Carr Avenue

Carr Bank Avenue

Carr Road

Carr Street

Carradale Walk

Carrbrook Drive

Carrbrook Terrace

Carrfield Avenue

Carrfield Close

Carrfield Grove

Carrgate Road

Carrgreen Close

Carriage Drive

Carrick Gardens


Carrill Grove

Carrill Grove East

Carrington Lane

Carrington Road

Carrington Street

Carrington Terrace

Carrock Walk

Carron Avenue

Carrslea Close

Carrsvale Avenue

Carrswood Road

Carsdale Road

Carslake Road

Carson Road

Carstairs Close

Carswell Close

Carter Close

Cartleach Grove

Cartleach Lane

Cartmel Grove

Cartmel Walk

Cartridge Close

Cartwright Road

Cartwright Street

Carver Avenue

Carver Close

Carver Street

Carver Walk

Carville Road

Cashmoor Walk

Cassidy Gardens

Casson Street

Casterton Way

Castle Avenue

Castle Close

Castle Hill Road

Castle Quay

Castle Street

Castleford Walk

Castlemere Road

Castlerea Close

Castlerigg Drive

Castleton Avenue

Castleton Court

Castleton Walk

Castleton Way


Catchdale Close

Cateaton Street

Caterham Street

Catesby Road

Catfield Walk

Cathedral Street

Cathedral Yard

Catherine Road

Catherine Street

Catherston Road

Cathrine Street East

Cathrine Street West

Catskowl Close

Catterick Avenue

Catterick Road

Causey Drive

Cavanagh Close

Cavendish Avenue

Cavendish Court

Cavendish Gardens

Cavendish Grove

Cavendish Place

Cavendish Road

Cavendish Street

Cavenham Walk

Caversham Drive

Cawdor Road

Cawdor Street

Cawley Avenue

Cawley Terrace

Cawston Walk

Cawthorne Court

Caxton Road

Caythorpe Street

Cecil Drive

Cecil Grove

Cecil Road

Cecil Street

Cedar Avenue

Cedar Drive

Cedar Grove

Cedar Road

Cedars Road

Cedric Road

Celia Street

Cemetery Road

Cemetery Road North

Cemetery Road South

Centaur Close

Centaur Way

Central Avenue

Central Drive

Central Park Estate

Central Road

Central Street

Ceylon Street

Chaddesley Walk

Chaddock Lane

Chadwick Close

Chadwick Road

Chadwick Walk

Chaffinch Close

Chain Road

Chain Walk

Chainhurst Walk

Chalcombe Grange

Chale Close

Chale Drive

Chalfont Avenue

Chalfont Drive

Chalford Road

Challenor Square

Champneys Walk

Chancel Place

Chancery Close

Chandlers Row

Chandos Road

Chandos Road South

Chanters Avenue

Chantry Walk

Chapel Gardens

Chapel Green

Chapel Grove

Chapel Lane

Chapel Meadow

Chapel Place

Chapel Road

Chapel Street

Chapel Terrace

Chapel Walk

Chapel Walks


Chapelfield Drive

Chapelfield Road

Chapelhill Drive

Chapeltown Road

Chapman Street

Chappell Road

Chard Drive

Chariot Street

Charlbury Avenue

Charles Avenue

Charles Morris Close

Charles Street

Charles Walk

Charleston Square

Charlestown Road

Charlesworth Avenue

Charlesworth Street

Charlock Walk

Charlotte Street

Charlton Avenue

Charlton Drive

Charlton Place

Charlton Road

Charminster Drive

Charminster Mews

Charmouth Walk

Charnley Close

Charnley Street

Charnwood Avenue

Charnwood Close

Charnwood Road

Charter Avenue

Chartwell Drive

Chase Street

Chasetown Close


Chassen Avenue

Chassen Court

Chassen Road

Chataway Road

Chatburn Road

Chatcombe Road

Chatfield Road

Chatham Court

Chatham Grove

Chatham Road

Chatley Road

Chatley Street

Chatsworth Avenue

Chatsworth Close

Chatsworth Crescent

Chatsworth Grove

Chatsworth Road

Chatterton Close

Chattock Close

Chatwood Road

Chaucer Avenue

Chaucer Grove

Chaucer Road

Chaucer Walk

Chauncy Road

Chaytor Avenue

Cheadle Street


Cheddar Street

Chedworth Crescent

Chedworth Drive

Cheeryble Street

Cheesden Walk

Cheetham Avenue

Cheetham Hill Road

Cheetham Parade

Cheetham Road

Cheldon Walk

Chelford Close

Chelford Drive

Chelford Road

Chelmsford Avenue

Chelmsford Walk

Chelsea Avenue

Chelsea Road

Chelsfield Grove

Chelston Avenue

Chelt Walk

Cheltenham Green

Cheltenham Road

Chelwood Drive

Chendre Close

Chendre Road

Cheney Close

Chepstow Road

Chepstow Street

Chequers Road

Cherington Close

Cherington Drive

Cheriton Road

Cherry Drive

Cherry Tree Court

Cherry Tree Grove

Cherry Tree Road

Cherry Tree Walk

Cherry Walk

Cherry Wood Close

Cherryton Walk

Chertsey Close

Chervil Close

Cherwell Close

Chesham Avenue

Cheshire Close

Cheshire Road

Chesshyre Avenue

Chessington Rise

Chester Avenue

Chester Close

Chester Road

Chester Street

Chesterfield Way

Chesterton Grove

Chesterton Road

Chestnut Avenue

Chestnut Fold

Chestnut Gardens

Chestnut Grove

Chestnut Road

Chestnut Walk

Chetwynd Avenue

Chevassut Street

Chevington Drive

Cheviot Close

Cheviot Street

Chichester Avenue

Chichester Road

Chichester Road South

Chichester Way

Chidlow Avenue

Chidwall Road

Chigwell Close

Chilcombe Walk

Chilham Road

Chillington Walk

Chilmark Drive

Chiltern Avenue

Chiltern Close

Chiltern Drive

Chiltern Way

Chilton Drive

Chilworth Street

Chime Bank

China Lane

Chingford Walk

Chinley Avenue

Chinwell View

Chippenham Court

Chippenham Road

Chipping Square

Chipstead Avenue

Chirton Walk

Chiseldon Avenue

Chiselhurst Street

Chisholm Court

Chisholm Street

Chislehurst Avenue

Chiswick Drive

Chiswick Road

Chisworth Walk

Chorley Road

Chorley Wood Avenue

Chorlton Fold

Chorlton Green

Chorlton Road

Chorlton Street

Chowbent Close

Chretien Road

Christopher Street

Chudleigh Road

Church Avenue

Church Close

Church Drive

Church Green

Church Lane

Church Mews

Church Road

Church Street

Church Street East

Church Street West

Church View

Church Walk

Churchdale Road

Churchfield Close

Churchfield Walk



Churchill Avenue

Churchside Close

Churchstoke Walk

Churchwood Road

Churnet Street

Churning Terrace

Churston Avenue

Churton Avenue

Churton Road

Cicero Street

Cinnabar Drive

Circle South

Circular Road

Cirencester Close

Ciss Lane

City Avenue

City Gardens

City Road

City Road East

Clacton Walk

Clague Street

Claife Avenue

Clandon Avenue

Clapham Street

Clare Road

Clare Street

Claremont Avenue

Claremont Drive

Claremont Grove

Claremont Range

Claremont Road

Claremont Street

Clarence Avenue

Clarence Road

Clarence Street

Clarendon Crescent

Clarendon Road

Clarendon Road West

Clarendon Street

Claribel Street

Claridge Road

Clark Avenue

Clarke Brow

Clarke Crescent

Clarkes Hill

Clarks Hill

Clarkson Close

Clatford Walk

Claude Avenue

Claude Road

Claude Street

Claughton Avenue

Claverham Walk

Claxton Avenue

Clay Bank

Clay Lane

Claybrook Walk

Clayburn Road

Claycourt Avenue

Claydon Drive

Claygate Drive

Clayhill Walk

Claymore Street

Claythorpe Walk

Clayton Avenue

Clayton Hall Road

Clayton Lane

Clayton Street

Claytonbrook Road

Cleabarrow Drive

Cleadon Avenue

Cleavley Street

Clee Avenue

Cleethorpes Avenue

Cleeve Road

Clegg Street

Cleggs Lane

Clematis Walk

Clement Stott Close

Clements Avenue

Clevedon Avenue

Clevedon Street

Cleveland Avenue

Cleveland Close

Cleveland Road

Cleveleys Avenue

Cleworth Close

Cleworth Road

Cleworth Walk

Clibran Street

Cliffdale Drive

Clifford Avenue

Clifford Street

Clifton Avenue

Clifton Drive

Clifton Grove

Clifton House Road

Clifton Place

Clifton Road

Clifton Street

Clifton View

Clifton Villas

Clifton Walk

Cliftonville Drive

Clinton Avenue

Clinton Gardens

Clitheroe Road

Clito Street

Clive Avenue

Clive Road

Cliveley Walk

Clively Avenue

Clivewood Walk

Clock Tower Close

Clockhouse Avenue

Clockhouse Mews

Cloister Street

Clondberry Close

Clothorn Road

Cloudberry Walk

Cloudstock Grove

Clough Bank

Clough Court

Clough Drive

Clough Fold

Clough Grove

Clough Meadow Road

Clough Road

Clough Street

Clough Top Road


Cloughton Walk

Clovelly Road

Clovelly Street

Clover Bank Avenue

Cloverfield Walk

Clowes Street

Clumber Road

Clyde Avenue

Clyde Road

Clyde Terrace

Clydesdale Gardens

Clyne Street

Co-operation Street

Co-operative Street

Coach Road

Coach Street

Coal Pit Lane

Coalbrook Walk

Coalburn Street

Coatbridge Street

Cobb Close

Cobble Bank

Cobden Street

Coberley Avenue

Cobham Avenue

Cobourg Street

Cochrane Avenue

Cock Clod Street

Cocker Street

Cockroft Street

Coddington Avenue

Coghlan Close

Colborne Avenue

Colbourne Avenue

Colby Walk

Colchester Avenue

Colchester Close

Colclough Close

Coldalhurst Lane

Coldstream Avenue

Cole Street

Colebrook Drive

Coleby Avenue

Coledale Drive

Colemore Avenue

Coleridge Avenue

Coleridge Road

Coleridge Street

Colesbourne Close

Colesmere Walk

Colgate Crescent

Colgrove Avenue

Colin Murphy Road

Colindale Avenue

Coll Drive

Collard Street

College Avenue

College Croft

College Drive

College Road

Colley Street

Collier Street

Colliery Lane

Colliery Street

Collin Avenue

Colling Close

Collinge Avenue

Collingham Street

Collington Close

Collingwood Avenue

Collingwood Drive

Collingwood Road

Collyhurst Avenue

Collyhurst Road

Collyhurst Street

Colmore Drive

Colshaw Close East

Colshaw Close South

Colshaw Road

Colson Drive

Coltness Walk

Columbia Avenue

Columbine Street

Columbine Walk

Colwell Avenue

Colwell Walk

Colwood Walk

Colwyn Avenue

Colwyn Grove

Colwyn Road

Colyton Walk

Combe Close

Combermere Avenue

Common Lane

Commonside Road

Como Walk

Compass Street

Compstall Avenue

Compstall Grove

Compton Close

Compton Drive

Compton Way

Comrie Walk

Condor Close

Condor Walk

Conewood Walk

Coney Green

Coney Grove

Congleton Avenue

Conifer Walk

Coningsby Drive

Conisborough Place

Coniston Avenue

Coniston Close

Coniston Drive

Coniston Grove

Coniston Road

Coniston Street

Conmere Square

Connaught Avenue

Connell Road

Connie Street

Connington Avenue

Conquest Close

Consett Avenue

Constable Street

Constable Walk

Constance Road

Constance Street

Consul Street

Conway Avenue

Conway Close

Conway Road

Conyngham Road

Cook Street

Cooke Street

Coomassie Street

Coombe Close

Cooper Fold

Cooper Lane

Cooper Street

Cooperative Street

Cope Close

Copeland Avenue

Copeland Close

Copeman Close

Copgrove Road

Copgrove Walk

Copley Road

Copper Beech Close

Copper Lane

Copperas Lane

Copperas Street

Coppice Drive

Coppice Walk

Coppleridge Drive

Copse Avenue

Copson Street

Copthall Lane

Copthorne Crescent

Coram Street

Corbridge Walk

Corby Street

Corda Avenue

Corday Lane

Cordingley Avenue

Cordova Avenue

Corfe Close

Corhampton Crescent

Corinth Walk

Corkland Road

Corless Fold

Cormallen Grove

Cormorant Walk

Corn Close

Corn Exchange Buildings

Corn Exchange Hall

Corn Hill Lane

Cornbrook Arches

Cornbrook Court

Cornbrook Grove

Cornbrook Park Road

Cornbrook Road

Cornbrook Street

Cornbrook Way

Cornell Street

Cornfield Drive

Cornford Avenue

Cornhill Avenue

Cornhill Road

Cornish Close


Cornishway Industrial Estate

Cornlea Drive

Cornwall Avenue

Cornwall Road

Cornwall Street Industrial Estate

Cornwood Close

Coronation Avenue

Coronation Gardens

Coronation Road

Coronation Street

Coronation Walk

Corporation Road

Corporation Street

Corran Close

Corrie Close

Corrie Road

Corrie Street

Corrigan Street

Corringham Road

Corris Avenue

Corston Walk

Cosgrove Crescent

Cosgrove Road

Cosham Road

Costabeck Walk

Cotall Walk

Cotefield Road

Cotswold Avenue

Cotswold Close

Cottage Walk

Cottam Grove

Cotter Street

Cotterdale Close

Cottesmore Drive

Cottingham Road

Cotton Hill

Cotton Lane

Cotton Street

Cottonfield Road

Coulsden Drive

Countess Lane

Countess Road

Counthill Drive

Coupland Street

Courier Street

Court Drive

Courtfield Avenue

Courtyard Drive

Covall Walk

Coventry Road

Coverdale Crescent

Covert Road

Cowburn Street

Cowesby Street

Cowper Avenue

Cowper Street

Cowper Walk

Cox Way

Coxton Road

Crab Brow

Crab Lane

Crab Tree Lane

Crabtree Lane

Cradley Avenue

Craig Avenue

Craig Road

Craighall Avenue

Craiglands Avenue

Craigmore Avenue

Craignair Court

Craigweil Avenue

Craigwell Road

Craigwell Walk

Crammond Close

Crampton Lane

Cranage Road

Cranberry Road

Cranbourne Road

Cranbrook Drive

Cranbrook Road

Cranbrook Street

Crandon Drive

Crane Street

Cranesbill Close

Cranfield Close

Cranford Avenue

Cranford Close

Cranford Drive

Cranford Gardens

Cranford Road

Cranham Close

Cranham Road

Cranleigh Drive

Cranlington Drive

Cranmer Road

Cranmere Avenue

Cranston Drive

Cranswick Street

Crantock Street

Cranwell Drive

Cranworth Avenue

Craston Road

Craven Place

Craven Street

Cravenhurst Avenue

Cravenwood Road

Crawford Avenue

Crawford Street

Crawley Avenue

Crawley Close

Cray Walk

Craydon Street

Crayfield Road

Crayford Road

Creaton Way

Creden Avenue

Crediton Close

Creel Close

Crescent Avenue

Crescent Drive

Crescent Grove

Crescent Range

Crescent Road

Cressfield Way

Cressingham Road

Cresswell Grove

Crest Street


Crestwood Walk

Criccieth Street

Criccieth Way

Cricket Street

Cricketfield Lane

Cricklewood Road

Crimsworth Avenue

Crinan Walk

Cringle Hall Road

Cringle Road

Cringlebarrow Close

Cringleford Close

Crippen Street

Crispin Road

Croal Walk

Crocker Walk

Croft Avenue

Croft Grove

Croft Hill Road

Croft Place

Croft Street

Crofters Brook

Crofters Hall Walk

Croftgates Road

Croftlands Road

Croftleigh Close

Crofton Street

Crofts Bank Road

Croftside Avenue

Croftside Close

Croftside Grove

Cromarty Walk

Crombie Avenue

Crombouke Fold

Cromer Avenue

Cromer Drive

Cromford Avenue

Crompton Close

Crompton Place

Crompton Road

Crompton Street

Cromwell Avenue

Cromwell Court

Cromwell Grove

Cromwell Range

Cromwell Road

Crondale Walk

Crondall Street

Cronshaw Street

Crookhill Drive

Croom Walk

Crosby Avenue

Crosby Grove

Crosby Road

Crosby Street

Crosfield Grove

Cross Avenue

Cross Field Drive

Cross Keys Street

Cross Knowle View

Cross Lane

Cross Lane East

Cross Lane West

Cross Road

Cross Street

Crossacres Road

Crossbank Close

Crossbank Way

Crossby Close

Crosscliffe Street

Crossdale Road

Crossfell Avenue

Crossfield Close

Crossfield Drive

Crossfield Road

Crossford Street

Crossgate Avenue


Crosshill Street

Crossland Road


Crosslands Road

Crossley Park

Crossley Road

Crossley Street


Croston Walk

Croughton Close

Crow Hill North

Crow Hill South

Crow Oak

Crowbank Walk

Crowborough Walk

Crowcroft Road

Crowden Road

Crowhurst Walk

Crowland Road

Crowley Road

Crown Lane

Crown Point Avenue

Crown Square

Crown Street

Crownhill Court

Crownhill Drive

Crowther Street

Crowthorn Drive

Croxdale Walk

Croyde Close

Croydon Drive

Crummock Drive

Crumpsall Lane

Cryer Street

Cuckoo Lane

Cuckoo Nest

Cuddington Avenue

Cudworth Road

Cuerdon Walk

Culbert Avenue

Culcheth Lane

Culcombe Walk

Culford Close

Culgaith Walk

Cullen Grove

Cullercoats Walk

Culmere Road

Culmington Close

Culross Avenue

Culvercliff Walk

Cumberland Avenue

Cumberland Road

Cumbermere Lane

Cumbrae Road

Cumbrian Close

Cunard Close

Cundall Walk

Cundiff Road

Cunningham Drive

Curlew Drive

Curlew Walk

Curtels Close

Curtis Street

Curzon Avenue

Curzon Road

Cutgate Close

Cuthbert Avenue

Cuthill Walk

Cutland Street

Cutler Hill Road

Cutnook Lane

Cyclone Street

Cypress Grove

Cypress Road

Cypress Street

Cyprus Street

Cyril Street

Please see our Manchester Street Address Guide – A-B here

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The Office Providers is Regulated by the RICS