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Manchester Street Address Guide – P – R

We provide a platform upon which you can view space from all flexible office and workspace providers, in one place. Whether you are looking for offerings from Regus in Manchester, WeWork in Manchester, Citibase in Manchester, Servcorp in Manchester or from any other provider, we can acquire the latest pricing and availability information and help arrange viewings.

We only display samples of properties on our website as availability changes rapidly. Examples of space from office providers in Manchester here

Contact Us to let us know your requirements and we will search the Manchester office space market for you, for FREE and send you a report with the latest pricing and availability information in minutes.

Below is a list of the streets on which the flexible office providers that we work with, have office space on or close to:

Manchester Street Address Guide – P-R

Padbury Walk

Paddington Avenue

Paddison Street

Paddock Close

Paddock Lane

Paddock Street

Padstow Street

Padworth Walk

Paignton Avenue

Pailin Drive

Painswick Road

Palatine Avenue

Palatine Close

Palatine Crescent

Palatine Mews

Palatine Road

Palatine Street

Palfrey Place

Palgrave Avenue

Pall Mall

Palm Street

Palmer Close

Palmerston Avenue

Palmerston Close

Palmerston Road

Palmerston Street

Pandora Street

Panfield Road

Pangbourne Avenue

Pankhurst Walk

Paradise Street

Parbold Avenue

Parbrook Close

Parham Walk

Park Avenue

Park Bank

Park Brow Close

Park Close

Park Crescent

Park Drive

Park Gate Avenue

Park Grove

Park Hill

Park Hill Drive

Park Lane

Park Lane Court

Park Lane West

Park Mews

Park Place

Park Range

Park Road

Park Road North

Park Road South

Park Square

Park Street

Park Terrace

Park View

Park View Court

Park View Road

Parkbridge Walk

Parkbrook Road


Parkdale Avenue

Parkend Road


Parkfield Avenue

Parkfield Close

Parkfield Drive

Parkfield Road North

Parkfield Road South

Parkfield Street

Parkgate Drive

Parkhill Avenue

Parkhouse Street

Parkhurst Avenue

Parkin Street


Parklands Road

Parkleigh Drive

Parkmount Road


Parkside Avenue

Parkside Close

Parkside Road

Parkside Street

Parkstead Drive

Parkstone Avenue

Parkstone Drive

Parkstone Lane

Parkstone Road


Parkville Road


Parkway Grove

Parkwood Road

Parnell Avenue

Parnell Close

Parnham Close

Parr Fold

Parr Fold Avenue

Parr Street

Parrbrook Close

Parrbrook Walk

Parrenthorn Road

Parrfield Road

Parrin Lane

Parrott Street

Parrs Wood Avenue

Parrs Wood Lane

Parrs Wood Road

Parry Road

Parslow Avenue

Parsonage Drive

Parsonage Road

Parsonage Street

Parsons Drive

Partington Lane

Partington Street

Partridge Avenue

Partridge Close

Partridge Rise

Partridge Road

Partridge Street

Parvet Avenue

Pascal Street

Paston Road

Pasture Field Road

Pasturegreen Way

Patch Croft Road

Patchett Street

Patey Street

Pathfield Walk

Paton Street

Patricia Drive

Patten Street

Patterdale Avenue

Patterdale Drive

Patterdale Road

Patterson Avenue

Patterson Street

Patting Close

Pattishall Close

Paulden Avenue

Paulden Drive

Paulhan Road

Pavilion Walk

Peace Street

Peacehaven Avenue

Peaceville Road

Peach Bank

Peacock Close

Peacock Grove

Peak Avenue

Peakdale Avenue

Peakdale Road

Peaknaze Close

Pear Close

Pear Tree Grove

Pearl Street

Pearn Avenue

Pearn Road

Peart Street

Peartree Walk

Peary Street

Peatfield Avenue

Peatfield Walk

Pebworth Close

Peckford Drive

Pedley Walk

Peebles Drive

Peel Avenue

Peel Close

Peel Drive

Peel Green Road

Peel Grove

Peel Hall Road

Peel Lane

Peel Park Crescent

Peel Square

Peel Street

Peelwood Avenue

Peelwood Grove

Peers Close

Pelham Place

Pelton Avenue

Pelton Walk

Pemberton Street

Pembridge Fold

Pembridge Road

Pembroke Avenue

Pembroke Close

Pembroke Court

Pembroke Grove

Pembroke Way

Pembury Close

Penarth Road

Pencarrow Close

Pencombe Close

Pendeen Close

Pendennis Close

Pendle Road

Pendlebury Close

Pendlebury Road

Pendlecroft Avenue

Pendlegreen Close


Pendragon Place

Pendrell Walk

Penerley Drive

Penfair Close

Penfield Close

Penfold Walk

Pengham Walk

Penhall Walk

Penistone Avenue

Penketh Avenue

Penn Street

Pennant Drive

Pennell Street

Pennine Close

Pennine View

Pennington Close

Pennington Street

Pennistone Close

Penrhyn Avenue

Penrhyn Drive

Penrhyn Grove

Penrice Close

Penrice Fold

Penrith Avenue

Penrith Close

Penrose Gardens

Penrose Walk

Penroy Avenue

Penroyson Close

Penruddock Walk

Penry Avenue

Pensarn Avenue

Pensby Close

Pensby Walk

Pensford Road

Penshurst Walk

Pentland Avenue

Pentwyn Grove

Penzance Street

Pepler Avenue

Peploe Walk

Pepperhill Road

Perch Walk

Percival Close

Percy Road

Peregrine Crescent

Peregrine Drive

Peregrine Street

Peregrine View

Periton Walk

Perrygate Avenue


Pershore Road

Perth Street

Peter Moss Way

Peter Street

Peterborough Street

Peterchurch Walk

Peterloo Terrace

Petersfield Drive

Peterswood Close

Petheridge Drive

Petrel Close

Petrock Walk

Petunia Walk

Petworth Close

Pevensey Court

Peveril Close

Peveril Crescent

Pewsey Road

Pheasant Close

Pheasant Drive

Philip Avenue

Philip Street

Philips Drive

Philips Park

Philips Park Road East

Philips Park Road West

Phillips Place

Phoenix Industrial Estate

Phyllis Street


Piccadilly Plaza

Piccadilly South

Piccadilly Trading Estate

Piccard Close

Pickering Close

Pickmere Avenue

Pickmere Close

Picton Walk

Piercy Street

Pike Avenue

Pike Fold Lane

Pilgrim Drive

Pilkington Drive

Pilkington Road

Pilkington Street

Pilling Street

Pimblett Street

Pimlott Grove

Pin Mill Brow

Pincher Walk

Pinder Walk

Pine Avenue

Pine Close

Pine Grove

Pine Meadows

Pine Road

Pine Street

Pine Walk

Pinehurst Road

Pinetop Close

Pinetree Street

Pinewood Road

Pinfold Avenue

Pinfold Court

Pinfold Lane

Pinfold Road

Pingot Avenue

Pink Bank Lane

Pinner Place

Pinnington Lane

Pinnington Road

Pioneer Street

Piper Hill Avenue

Pipers Court

Pipewell Avenue

Pipit Close

Pirie Walk

Pitchcombe Road

Pitfield Gardens

Pitman Close

Pitmore Walk

Pitsford Road

Pitt Street

Plane Road

Planet Way

Planetree Road

Planetree Walk

Plant Hill Road

Plant Terrace

Plantaganet Walk

Plantation Avenue

Plantation Street

Platt Lane

Platt Walk

Plattbrook Close

Platts Drive

Plattwood Walk

Playfair Street

Pleasant Road

Pleasant View

Plough Close

Ploughbank Drive


Plover Drive

Plover Terrace

Plowden Road

Plowley Close

Plumbley Drive

Plummer Avenue

Plumpton Walk

Plymouth Grove

Plymouth Grove West

Plymtree Close

Pocklington Drive

Podsmead Road

Poland Street

Polden Walk

Pole Lane

Polebrook Avenue

Polefield Approach

Polefield Circle

Polefield Gardens

Polefield Grange

Polefield Grove

Polefield Hall Road

Polefield Road

Polesworth Close

Police Street

Pollard Square

Pollard Street

Pollitt Close

Pollitt Street

Pollitts Close

Polruan Road

Polworth Road

Polygon Avenue

Polygon Road

Polygon Street

Pomfret Street

Ponds Close

Pondwater Close

Pondwood Walk

Ponsford Avenue

Ponsonby Road

Pontefract Close

Pool Bank Street

Pool Field Close

Pooley Close


Poolton Road

Pope Way

Poplar Avenue

Poplar Court

Poplar Drive

Poplar Grove

Poplar Road

Poplar Street

Poplar Walk

Poppy Close

Poppythorn Lane

Porchester Drive

Porchfield Square

Porlock Avenue

Porlock Road

Port Street

Portal Grove

Portal Walk

Portfield Walk

Porthleven Crescent

Porthleven Drive

Portland Crescent

Portland Road

Portland Street

Portman Road

Porton Walk

Portree Close

Portrush Road

Portside Close

Portslade Walk

Portsmouth Street

Portstone Close

Portugal Road

Portville Road


Portwood Walk

Postbridge Close

Potato Wharf

Pott Street

Potters Lane

Pottery Lane

Poulton Street

Poundswick Lane

Powell Street

Powis Road

Pownall Avenue

Powys Street

Poynings Drive

Poynt Chase

Poynter Street

Poynton Street

Praed Road

Pratt Walk

Premier Street

Prentice Walk

Prenton Street

Prescot Road

Prescott Avenue

Prescott Street

Prescott Walk

Prestage Street

Prestbury Avenue

Prestfield Road

Prestolee Road

Preston Avenue

Preston Close

Preston Road

Prestwich Hills

Prestwich Park Road South

Prestwich Street

Prestwick Walk

Pridmouth Road

Priestley Road

Primary Close

Primley Walk

Primrose Avenue

Primrose Bank

Primrose Drive

Primrose Street North

Primrose Street South

Prince Albert Avenue

Prince Edward Avenue

Princedom Street

Princes Avenue

Princes Court

Princess Avenue

Princess Drive

Princess Parade

Princess Road

Princess Street

Prinknash Road

Printer Street

Printon Avenue

Printwork Lane

Priory Avenue

Priory Road

Pritchard Street

Proctor Way

Progress Avenue

Propps Hall Drive

Prospect Avenue

Prospect Drive

Prospect Place

Prospect Road

Prospect Street

Prospect View


Prosser Avenue

Protector Way

Prout Street

Providence Street

Provident Avenue

Provis Road

Prubella Avenue

Pugin Walk

Pulford Avenue

Pullman Close

Pullman Drive

Pump Street

Purbeck Close

Purbeck Way

Purcell Street

Puritan Walk

Purley Avenue

Purley Drive

Purslow Close

Purton Walk

Pym Street

Pyrus Close

Pytha Fold Road


Quantock Street

Quarmby Road

Quarry Pond Road

Quarry Street

Quarry Walk

Quay Street

Quayside Close

Quebec Street

Queen Anne Drive

Queen Street

Queen Victoria Street

Queenhill Road

Queens Avenue

Queens Close

Queens Drive

Queens Grove

Queens Road

Queens Walk

Queensbury Parade


Queensferry Street

Queenston Road


Quenby Street

Quill Court

Quilter Grove

Quinney Crescent

Quinton Walk


Raby Street

Racecourse Walk

Rachel Rosing Walk

Rackhouse Road

Radbourne Close

Radcliffe Moor Road

Radcliffe New Road

Radclyffe Street

Radelan Grove

Radford Drive

Radium Street

Radlett Walk

Radley Walk

Radnor Avenue

Radnor Street

Radstock Close

Radstock Road


Raglan Avenue

Raglan Road

Raglan Walk

Railton Avenue

Railton Terrace

Railway Road

Railway Street

Railway Terrace

Rainbow Close

Rainbow Drive

Raincliff Avenue

Rainford Avenue

Rainforth Street

Rainham Drive

Rainhill Walk

Rainow Avenue

Rainsough Avenue

Rainsough Brow

Rainsough Close

Rainsough Hill

Rainton Walk

Raja Close

Rake Lane

Rakehead Walk

Raleigh Close

Raleigh Street

Ralph Street

Ramage Walk

Ramsbottom Row

Ramsbury Drive

Ramsden Fold

Ramsey Avenue

Ramsey Close

Ramsey Street

Ramsgate Road

Ramsgill Close

Ranby Avenue

Randall Walk

Randlesham Street

Randolph Street

Rands Clough Drive

Ranelagh Road

Ranelagh Street

Ranford Road

Range Road

Range Street

Rangemore Avenue

Ranmore Avenue

Ransfield Road

Raspberry Lane

Rastell Walk

Ratcliffe Avenue

Ratcliffe Street

Rath Walk

Rathan Road

Rathbourne Avenue

Rathen Road

Rathmell Road

Rathmore Avenue

Rathvale Drive

Raveley Avenue

Ravelston Drive

Raven Close

Raven Drive

Ravenhead Close

Ravenna Avenue

Ravenoak Avenue

Ravenoak Drive

Ravens Close

Ravens Place

Ravensbury Street

Ravenscar Crescent

Ravensdale Gardens

Ravensdale Street


Ravenswood Road

Ravenwood Drive

Ravine Avenue

Rawcliffe Street

Rawdon Close

Rawpool Gardens

Rawsthorne Street

Raycroft Avenue

Raydon Avenue

Rayleigh Avenue

Raymond Road

Raymond Street

Raynham Avenue

Raysonhill Drive

Reabrook Avenue

Reade Avenue

Reading Close

Reading Walk

Readitt Walk

Reaney Walk

Reather Walk

Rebecca Street

Recreation Road

Recreation Street

Rectory Avenue

Rectory Close

Rectory Gardens

Rectory Green

Rectory Grove

Rectory Lane

Rectory Road

Rectory Street

Red Bank

Red Bank Road

Red Lion Street

Red Rose Crescent

Red Rose Gardens

Redacre Road

Redbourne Drive

Redbridge Grove

Redbrook Avenue

Redbrook Road

Redburn Road

Redcar Avenue

Redcar Road

Redclyffe Avenue

Redclyffe Road

Redcot Court

Redcote Street

Redcourt Avenue

Redcroft Gardens

Reddish Lane

Redesmere Close

Redesmere Park

Redfield Close

Redford Road

Redgates Walk

Redgrave Walk

Redhill Street

Redington Close

Redland Crescent

Redlynch Walk

Redmere Grove

Redmond Close

Redmoor Square

Redpoll Close

Redruth Street

Redscar Walk

Redshaw Close

Redstart Grove

Redstone Road

Redthorn Avenue

Redvers Street

Redwater Close

Redwood Drive

Reed Street


Reedham Walk

Reedley Drive

Reedmace Close

Reedshaw Road

Reeves Road

Reform Walk

Regal Close

Regal Walk

Regan Avenue

Regency Close

Regency Lodge

Regent Avenue

Regent Crescent

Regent Drive

Regent Street

Reginald Street

Reid Close

Reigate Road

Reilly Street

Reliance Enterprise Park

Reliance Trading Estate

Rendel Close

Rennie Close

Renshaw Avenue

Renshaw Street

Renton Road

Repton Avenue

Reynard Road

Reynell Road

Reynolds Drive

Reynolds Road

Rhine Drive

Rhodes Green

Rhos Avenue

Rial Place

Ribble Drive

Ribble Walk

Ribblesdale Drive

Ribston Street

Rice Street

Richardson Close

Richardson Road

Richbell Close

Richmond Avenue

Richmond Close

Richmond Drive

Richmond Grove

Richmond Grove East

Richmond Road

Richmond Street

Richmond Walk

Ridding Avenue

Ridge Crescent

Ridge Grove

Ridge Walk

Ridgefield Street



Ridgewood Avenue

Ridgmont Drive

Ridgmont Walk

Ridgway Street

Riding Close

Riding Fold

Ridingfold Lane

Ridley Walk

Ridsdale Avenue

Ridyard Street

Riga Road

Rigby Avenue

Rigby Grove

Rigel Street

Rigton Close

Riley Street

Rimington Fold

Rimmer Close

Rimmington Close

Rimworth Drive

Rindle Road

Ringcroft Gardens

Ringfield Close

Ringford Walk

Ringley Chase

Ringley Close

Ringley Drive

Ringley Hey

Ringley Meadows

Ringley Mews

Ringley Old Brow

Ringley Park

Ringley Road

Ringley Road West

Ringley Street

Ringlow Avenue

Ringlow Park Road

Ringmer Drive

Rings Close

Ringstead Drive

Ringstone Close

Ringway Road

Ringway Trading Estate

Ringwood Avenue

Ripley Close

Ripley Crescent

Ripley Way

Ripon Avenue

Ripon Close

Ripon Crescent

Ripon Road

Rippingham Road

Rippleton Road

Ripponden Avenue

Ripton Walk

Risbury Walk

Rishworth Drive

Risley Avenue

Rissington Avenue

Rita Avenue

Ritson Close

Riva Road

River Lane

River Street

River View Close


Riverbank Walk

Riverdale Road

Rivermead Close

Rivermead Road

Rivermead Way

Riverside Avenue

Riverside Close

Riverside Drive

Riverside Road

Riverstone Drive

Riverton Road

Rivington Avenue

Rivington Court

Rivington Crescent

Rivington Grove

Rivington Street

Rivington Walk

Rixton Drive

Robe Walk

Robert Malcolm Close

Robert Owen Gardens

Robert Owen Street

Robert Street

Roberts Avenue

Roberts Street

Robertscroft Close

Robertshaw Avenue

Robertson Street

Robin Drive

Robinia Close

Robins Close

Robinsbay Road

Robinson Street

Robinswood Road

Robson Avenue

Roby Road

Roby Street

Roch Close

Roch Crescent

Roch Walk

Roch Way

Rochdale Road

Rochester Avenue

Rochester Road

Rochford Avenue

Rochford Close

Rochford Road

Rock Road

Rock Street

Rockall Walk

Rockdove Avenue

Rockfield Drive

Rockhampton Street

Rockhouse Close

Rockingham Close

Rockland Walk

Rocklyn Avenue

Rockmead Drive

Rocky Lane

Roda Street

Rodborough Road

Rodenhurst Drive

Rodney Court

Rodney Street

Roe Green

Roe Green Avenue

Roeburn Walk

Roedean Gardens

Rogate Drive

Roger Byrne Close

Roger Street

Rokeby Avenue

Roker Avenue

Roker Park Avenue

Rolleston Avenue

Rolls Crescent

Rollswood Drive

Roman Road

Rome Road

Romer Avenue

Romford Avenue

Romford Walk

Romley Road

Romney Street

Romsey Avenue

Romsey Gardens

Romsley Close

Rona Close

Ronald Street

Ronton Walk

Rook Street

Rooke Street

Rookery Avenue

Rookley Walk


Rookwood Avenue

Ropley Walk

Roscoe Road

Rose Acre

Rose Avenue

Rose Bank Road

Rose Crescent

Rose Hill

Rose Hill Avenue

Rose Walk

Rosebank Road

Rosebery Street

Rosedale Avenue

Rosedale Court

Rosedale Road

Rosegarth Avenue

Rosehay Avenue

Rosehay Lane

Rosehill Mews

Rosehill Road

Roseland Avenue

Roseland Drive

Roseleigh Avenue

Rosemary Walk


Roseneath Avenue

Roseneath Road

Rosethorns Close

Rosette Walk

Rosevale Avenue


Rosewood Avenue

Rosewood Walk

Rosford Avenue

Rosgill Walk

Rosina Street

Roslin Street

Roslyn Avenue

Ross Avenue

Ross Drive

Ross Grove

Ross Lave Lane

Rossall Avenue

Rossendale Avenue

Rossett Avenue

Rossett Drive

Rossetti Walk

Rosshill Walk

Rossington Street

Rosslare Road

Rosslyn Road

Rostherne Avenue

Rosthwaite Close

Rostron Avenue

Rostron Street

Rothay Drive

Rotherby Road

Rothermere Walk

Rotherwood Avenue

Rothesay Road

Rothiemay Road

Rothley Avenue

Rothwell Crescent

Rothwell Lane

Rothwell Street

Rottingdene Drive

Roughey Gardens

Roughlee Avenue

Roundham Walk

Roundthorn Road

Roundwood Road

Rousden Close

Routledge Walk

Rowan Avenue

Rowan Close

Rowan Walk


Rowany Close

Rowarth Avenue

Rowarth Road

Rowcon Close

Rowdell Walk

Rowe Green

Rowfield Drive

Rowland Avenue

Rowland Street North

Rowland Street South


Rowood Avenue

Rowrah Crescent

Rowsley Avenue

Rowsley Road

Rowson Drive

Roxburgh Street

Roxby Close

Roxby Walk

Roxholme Walk

Roxwell Walk

Royal Avenue

Royal Exchange

Royal Exchange Shopping Centre

Royal Oak Road

Royalthorn Avenue

Royalthorn Drive

Royalthorn Road

Royce Road

Roydale Street

Royden Avenue

Royds Close

Royle Green Road

Royle Higginson Court

Royle Street

Royston Avenue

Royston Road

Rozel Square

Ruabon Road

Ruby Street

Rudcroft Close

Rudd Street

Ruddpark Road

Rudheath Avenue

Rudston Avenue

Rudyard Avenue

Rufford Close

Rufford Drive

Rufford Place

Rufford Road

Rufus Street

Rugby Street

Ruislip Avenue

Rumbold Street

Runhall Close


Rupert Street

Ruscombe Fold

Rush Acre Close

Rushall Walk

Rushbrooke Avenue

Rushcroft Court

Rushden Road

Rushen Street

Rushey Avenue

Rushey Road

Rushfield Drive

Rushford Avenue

Rushford Street

Rushmere Avenue

Rushmere Walk

Rushmoor Close

Rusholme Grove

Rusholme Place

Rushton Grove

Rushton Street

Rushwick Avenue

Ruskin Avenue

Ruskin Crescent

Ruskin Road

Ruskin Street

Rusland Walk

Russell Avenue

Russell Court

Russell Drive

Russell Road

Russell Street

Russet Road

Rustons Walk

Ruth Avenue

Ruthen Lane

Rutherglade Close

Rutherglen Walk

Ruthin Avenue

Rutland Avenue

Rutland Road

Rutland Street

Ryan Street

Rydal Avenue

Rydal Close

Rydal Crescent

Rydal Grove

Rydal Road

Ryder Brow Road

Ryder Street

Rye Bank Road

Rye Walk

Ryebank Mews

Ryebank Road

Ryeburn Avenue

Ryeburn Walk


Ryecroft Grove

Ryecroft Lane

Ryecroft Road

Ryecroft View

Ryedale Avenue

Rygate Walk

Ryhope Walk

Rylance Street

Rylane Walk

Rylstone Avenue

Ryther Grove

Ryton Avenue

The Office Providers are Regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

The Office Providers is Regulated by the RICS