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Swindon Street Address Guide

We work with the majority of serviced office space providers and coworking space operators in Swindon and Wiltshire ensuring that we can help find you the perfect workspace for your business.

Commercial Property to Rent in Swindon

Office Spaces for Rent in Swindon

So, whether you are searching for serviced offices in Swindon town centre central business district or flexible workspace on Windmill Hill Business Park or any other location, we can help you find the perfect space whatever you geographical, technical or rental budget requirements.

We are proud to be regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) ensuring the utmost in commercial property advice and service.

Our office space search, advisory and tenant representation services are FREE, always.

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Below is a list of the streets in Swindon that we cover in our business space searches:

Swindon Street Address Guide A – Z


Abbey Road

Abbey View Road

Abbotsbury Way

Abingdon Court Lane

Abington Way

Abney Moor

Acacia Grove

Acorn Close

Addison Crescent

Aden Court

Adwalton Close

Affleck Close

Ainsworth Road

Aisne Road

Akenfield Close

Akers Court

Akers Way

Alanbrooke Crescent

Alba Close

Albert Street

Albion Street

Aldborough Close

Aldbourne Close

Alder Close

Alderney Close

Alexandra Road

Alfred Street

Allington Road

Alms Houses


Alpine Close

Alton Close

Alvescot Road

Alveston Close

Amberley Close

Ambrose Cottages

Ambrose Road

Amersham Road

Amesbury Close

Ancona Close

Anderson Close

Andover Street

Angelica Close

Angler Road

Anglesey Close

Angus Close

Anise Close

Ansty Walk

Anthony Road

Applewood Court

Archer Close

Argyle Street

Arley Close

Arlington Close

Arliss Close

Armstrong Street

Arnfield Moor

Arran Close

Arran Way

Arthur Bennett Court

Arthur Miles Court

Artis Avenue

Arun Road

Arundel Close

Ascham Road

Ash Close

Ash Gardens

Ash Grove

Ash Houses

Ashburnham Close

Ashbury Avenue

Ashdown Way

Ashencopse Road


Ashford Road

Ashie Close

Ashley Close

Ashmore Close

Ashton Fields Cottages

Ashton Road

Ashwell Close

Ashworth Road

Askerton Close

Askew Close

Aspen Close

Atbara Close

Athena Avenue

Attlee Crescent

Atworth Close

Auden Close

Audley Close

Austen Crescent

Avebury Road

Avenell Road

Avening Street

Avens Close

Avenue Road

Avocet Close


Axbridge Close

Axis Road

Aylesbury Street

Aymer Place

Ayrshire Close

Azelin Court


Babington Park

Back Street

Badger Close

Badgers Close

Baileys Farm Gardens

Baileys Mead

Baileys Way

Bailiffs Piece

Bainbridge Close

Baird Close

Bakers Court

Bakers Road

Bakery Close

Baldwin Close

Bale Close

Balmoral Close

Bampton Grove

Banbury Close

Bancroft Close

Bankfoot Close


Banwell Avenue

Barbury Close

Barcelona Crescent

Bardsey Close

Barkstead Close

Barlow Close

Barnard Close

Barnfield Close

Barnmoor Close

Barnstaple Close

Barnum Court

Baron Close

Barra Close

Barrington Avenue

Barrington Close

Barrington Road

Barrowby Gate

Barton Road

Basil Close

Basingstoke Close

Baskerville Road

Bath Road

Bathampton Street


Baxter Close

Bay Tree Court

Baydon Close

Bayleaf Avenue

Beacon Close

Beamans Lane

Beamans Park

Beatrice Street

Beatty Court

Beauchamp Close

Beaufort Green

Beaufort Road

Beaulieu Close

Beaumaris Road

Beaumont Road

Beck Close

Beckett Avenue

Beckhampton Street

Beddington Court

Bedford Road

Bedwyn Close

Beech Avenue

Beech Drive

Beech Grove

Beech Lea

Beechcroft Road

Beehive Close

Belgrave Street

Bell Gardens

Bell Lane

Belle Vue Road

Bellingham Lane


Belmont Close

Belmont Crescent


Belvedere Road

Bembridge Close

Bennett Hill Close

Bentley Close

Benwell Close

Beranburh Field

Berenger Close

Berens Road

Beresford Close

Bergman Close

Berkeley Lawns

Berkeley Road

Berkshire Drive

Berricot Lane

Berrington Road

Berry Copse


Berton Close

Bessemer Close

Bessemer Road East

Bessemer Road West

Betjeman Avenue

Betony Close

Bevan Close


Beverstone Grove



Bibury Road

Bicton Road

Biddel Springs

Bideford Close

Bindon Close


Binknoll Lane


Birch Glade

Birch Street

Birchwood Road

Birdbrook Road

Birdcombe Road

Bishopdale Close


Bisley Close

Bittern Road

Black Dog Cottages

Blackman Gardens

Blackmore Close

Blacksmiths Yard

Blackstone Avenue

Blackthorn Close

Blackthorn Lane

Blackworth Industrial Estate

Bladen Close

Blair Parade

Blake Crescent

Blakeney Avenue

Blakesley Close

Blandford Alley

Blandford Court

Blenheim Court

Blenheim Road

Bletchley Close

Bloomsbury Close

Bluebell Path

Blunsdon Hill

Blunsdon Road

Bodiam Drive

Bodmin Close


Boleyn Close

Bolingbroke Close

Bolingbroke Road

Boness Road

Bonner Close

Borage Close

Borough Fields Shopping Centre

Boscombe Road

Bosham Close

Bosworth Road


Bothwell Road

Botley Copse

Boundary Close

Bourne Road

Bourton Avenue

Bouverie Avenue

Bow Court

Bowles Road


Bowling Green Lane

Bowman Close

Bowood Road

Box Hedge

Boydell Close

Bradene Close

Bradenham Road

Bradley Road

Bradwell Moor

Braemar Close

Bramble Road

Bramdean Close

Bramwell Close


Brandon Close

Branksome Road

Branscombe Drive

Bratton Close

Braybrooke Close

Braydon Court

Brecon Close

Bremhill Close

Brendon Walk

Brettingham Gate

Brewery Street

Briar Fields

Briars Close

Briarswood Court

Bridge End Road

Bridge Street

Bridgeman Close

Bridport Road

Briery Close

Bright Street

Brimble Hill

Brind Close

Brindley Close

Brington Road

Brinkworth Road

Bristol Street

Brixham Avenue

Broad Bush

Broad Street

Broad Town Road


Broadmead Walk


Brockley Rise

Bronte Close

Brook Meadow


Brookdene Lodge

Brooke Place


Brooklands Avenue

Brooklands Cottages

Brooklime Close

Brooks Close

Brooksby Way

Broome Manor Lane

Broughton Grange

Browning Close

Bruce Street

Bruddel Grove

Brunswick Street

Bruton Walk

Bryanston Way

Brynards Hill

Bryony Way

Buckhurst Crescent

Buckingham Road

Buckland Close

Bucklebury Close

Buckthorn Drive

Buff Cottages

Buie Close

Buller Street

Bullfinch Close

Bunce Road

Bungalow Estate

Burbage Road

Burden Close

Burderop Close

Burford Avenue

Burgess Close

Burghley Close

Burnet Close

Burnham Road

Burns Way



Burytown Lane

Bute Close


Butterworth Street

Butts Road

Bydemill Gardens

Byfield Way

Byrd Close

Byron Avenue

Byron Court

Byron Street


Cabot Drive

Cadley Close

Caernarvon Walk

Cagney Drive

Cairndow Way

Calcutt Street

Calder Close

Calderdale Close

Callaghan Close

Callas Rise

Calvert Road

Cambrai Road

Cambria Bridge Road

Cambria Place

Cambridge Close

Camden Close

Cameron Close

Campden Road

Campion Gate

Camton Road

Canal Walk

Canford Close

Canney Close

Cannon Street

Canon’s Hill Gardens

Cantelo Close

Canterbury Close

Capesthorne Drive

Capitol Close

Caprice Close

Caraway Drive

Cardigan Close

Cardwell Close

Carey Close

Carisbrooke Terrace

Carlisle Avenue

Carlton Gate

Carman Close

Carriers Cottages

Carroll Close

Carshalton Road

Carstairs Avenue

Cartwright Drive

Casson Road

Castilian Mews

Castle Dore

Castle View Road

Castlefield Close

Castleton Road

Castleview Road

Catherine Close

Catherine Wayte Close

Catmint Close

Caulfield Road

Cavendish Square

Caversham Close

Cavie Close

Caxton Close

Cayenne Park

Cecil Road

Cedar Glen

Cedars Close

Centurion Way

Chalford Avenue

Chalgrove Field

Chamberlain Road

Chancellor Close

Chandler Close

Chandos Close

Chantry Road

Chapel Hill

Chapel Lane

Chapel Orchard

Chapel Street

Chapelwick Close

Charfield Close

Charlbury Close

Charlbury Road

Charles Mcpherson Gardens

Charlock Path

Charlotte Mews

Charlton Close

Charminster Close

Charolais Drive

Charterhouse Road

Chartley Green

Chase Wood

Chatsworth Road

Chaucer Close

Cheddar Road

Chedworth Gate

Chelworth Place

Chelworth Road

Cheney Manor Industrial Estate

Cheney Manor Road

Chepstow Close

Cheraton Close

Cherbury Walk

Cherhill Court

Cherry Briar Close

Cherry Orchard

Cherry Orchard North

Cherry Orchard West

Cherry Tree Grove

Cherry Tree Road

Chervil Close

Chesford Close

Chester Street

Chesterfield Close

Chestnut Avenue

Chestnut Springs

Chevalier Close

Cheviot Close

Chickerell Road

Chicory Close

Chilton Gardens

Chilworth Close

Chippenham Walk

Chives Way

Chobham Close

Christie Close


Church End

Church Farm Cottages

Church Farm Lane

Church Ground

Church Hill

Church Hill Close

Church Lane

Church Path

Church Place

Church Road

Church Row

Church Street

Church View

Church Walk

Church Walk North

Church Walk South

Church Way


Churchill Avenue

Churchward Avenue


Cirencester Court

Cirencester Road

Clanfield Road


Clare Walk

Clarendon Cottages

Clarendon Drive

Clarke Drive

Clary Road

Clayhill Copse

Claypits Lane

Clays Close

Cleasby Close

Cleeve Lawn

Clevedon Close

Cleverton Court

Cleves Close

Cleycourt Road



Clifton Street

Clinton Close

Clive Parade

Cloche Way

Cloudberry Road

Clouts Wood

Clover Park


Clyde Cottages

Clydesdale Close

Cobbett Close

Cobden Road

Colbert Park

Colbourne Street

Colchester Close

Cole Close

Colebrook Road

Coleridge Close

Coleridge Road


College Court

College Green

College Road

College Street

Collett Avenue

Collins Lane

Colman Park

Coln Crescent

Colston Close

Colton Road

Comfrey Close

Commercial Road

Common Close

Common Hill

Common Platt

Compton Close

Compton Marsh Cotts

Compton Road

Conan Doyle Walk


Conrad Close

Constable Road

Constantine Close

Conway Road

Conyers Close

Coombe Close

Coombe Road

Cooper Fields

Copper Beeches

Coppice Close

Copse Avenue

Corby Avenue

Corfe Close

Corfe Road

Coriander Way

Corinium Way

Cornflower Road

Cornmarsh Way

Cornwall Avenue

Coronation Road

Corporation Street

Corral Close

Corsham Road


Cotswold Community

Cotswold Way

Cottars Close

Cottington Close

Council Houses

County Park

County Road

Courtenay Road

Courtsknap Court

Cove House Gardens

Coventry Close

Covingham Drive

Covingham Square

Cowdrey Close

Cowleaze Close

Cowleaze Crescent

Cowleaze Walk

Cowley Walk

Cox’s Road

Coxs Hill


Crabtree Copse

Cranborne Chase

Crane Furlong

Cranmore Avenue

Crawford Close

Crawley Avenue

Cricklade Court

Cricklade Road

Cricklade Street

Crieff Close

Crispin Close

Croft Road

Crombey Street

Cromer Court


Crosby Walk

Cross Street

Cross Trees


Crossways Avenue

Crosswood Road

Crudwell Way

Cuckoo’s Mead

Cullerne Road

Cumberland Road

Cunetio Road

Cunningham Road

Curtis Road

Curtis Street

Cypress Grove


Dacre Road

Dairy Road

Daisy Close

Dalefoot Close

Dales Close

Dallas Avenue

Dalton Close

Dammas Lane

Damson Trees

Danestone Close

Daniel Close

Daniels Court

Darcey Close

Darius Way

Darnley Close

Dart Avenue

Dartmoor Close

Darwin Close

Davenham Close


David Murray John Building

David Murray John Tower

David Stoddart Gardens

Dawlish Road

Day’s Close

Day’s Ground

Dayhouse Lane

Deacon Street

Dean Street


Deben Crescent

Deburgh Street

Deerhurst Way

Delamere Drive

Delta Office Park

Denbeck Wood

Denbigh Close

Denholme Road

Derby Court


Derwent Drive


Deva Close

Devereux Close

Devizes Road

Devon Road

Dewberry Close

Dewell Mews

Dexter Close

Dianmer Close

Dickens Close

Dinmore Road

Divinity Close

Dixon Street

Dobbin Close

Dobson Close

Dockle Way


Don Close

Donnington Grove

Dorchester Road

Dores Court

Dores Road

Dorset Green


Dover Street


Dowling Street

Downland Road

Downs Road

Downs View

Downs View Road

Downton Road

Dr Behr Court

Drakes Way

Draycott Close

Draycott Road

Drayton Walk

Drew Street

Drove Road

Drury Close

Dryden Place

Dryden Street

Duchess Way

Dudley Road

Dudmore Road

Dukes Close

Dulverton Avenue

Dumbarton Terrace

Dunbar Road

Dunbeath Court

Dunbeath Road

Dunnington Road

Dunraven Close

Dunsford Close

Dunster Close

Dunwich Drive

Durham Street

Durnford Road

Durrington Walk


Eagle Close

Eagle Lane

Earl Close

East Drive

East Street

East View

Eastcott Hill

Eastcott Road

Eastern Avenue


Eastleaze Road



Eastview Terrace

Eastville Road

Eastwood Avenue

Eaton Close

Eaton Wood

Ebor Close

Eccleston Close


Edale Moor


Edgar Row Close


Edgeworth Close

Edinburgh Street


Edington Close

Edmund Street

Egerton Close

Elborough Road

Elcombe Avenue

Eldene Centre

Elder Close

Elgin Drive

Eliot Close


Ellingdon Road

Elm Close

Elm Grove

Elm Park

Elm Road

Elmina Road


Elmswood Close

Elsham Way

Elstree Way

Ely Close

Emlyn Square

Emmanual Close

Enford Avenue


Ensor Close

Erin Court

Erlestoke Way

Ermin Street

Eshton Walk

Espringham Place

Essex Walk

Euclid Street

Euro Way

Eveleigh Road

Evelyn Street

Evergreens Close

Everleigh Road

Eworth Close

Exbury Close

Exe Close

Exeter Street

Exmoor Close

Exmouth Street



Factory Cottages

Fair View

Fairfax Close


Fairford Crescent

Fairholme Way


Fairthorne Way



Falkirk Road

Falmouth Grove

Fanstones Road

Faraday Road

Fareham Close

Faringdon Road

Farleigh Crescent

Farleigh Road

Farman Close

Farnborough Road

Farne Way


Farriers Close


Fenland Close

Fennel Close

Ferndale Road

Fernham Road

Ferrers Drive

Field Rise



Fir Tree Close

Firecrest View

Firth Close

Fitzmaurice Close

Fitzroy Road


Fleet Street

Fleetwood Court

Fleming Way

Florence Street

Folkstone Road

Folly Close

Folly Crescent

Folly Drive

Folly Way

Fonthill Walk

Ford Street

Fore Street

Forester Close

Forge Fields

Forrest Close

Forsey Close

Fortunes Field

Forum Close

Fosse Close

Foundry Rise

Fouracre Close

Fovant Close


Fox Brook

Fox Row

Fox Wood



Foxglove Road

Foxhill Close


Foxley Close

Frampton Close


Frank Warman Court

Frankton Gardens

Fraser Close


Friars Close

Friesian Close

Friesland Close

Frilford Drive

Frith Copse

Fritillary Mews

Frobisher Drive

Frome Road

Fry Close

Fuller Close

Fullers Avenue

Fullerton Walk

Furlong Close

Furze Close

Fyfield Avenue

Fyne Close


Gable Close

Gainsborough Avenue

Gainsborough Way

Gairlock Close

Galley Orchard

Galloway Close

Galloway Road

Galsworthy Close

Galton Way

Gambia Street

Gamekeepers Close


Ganton Way

Garfield Close


Garson Road

Gartons Road

Gas Lane

Gaynor Close

Gays Place

Gayton Way

George Gay Gardens

George Selman Gardens

George Street

Gerard Walk

Gibbs Close

Gifford Road

Giles Avenue

Gilling Way

Gilman Close

Gipsy Lane

Gladstone Street

Gladys Plumley Gardens

Glanville Cottages

Glebe Place

Glebe Road

Glenmore Road

Glenville Close

Glenwood Close

Glevum Close

Glevum Road

Glynn Cottages

Goddard Avenue

Godolphin Close

Godwin Road

Gold View


Goldcrest Walk

Goldsborough Close

Gooch Street

Gore Close


Goughs Way

Goulding Close

Gower Close

Grafton Road

Graham Street

Grailey Close

Granary Close

Grandison Close

Grange Close

Grange Drive

Grantham Close

Grantley Close


Graythwaite Close

Green Meadow Avenue

Green Road

Green Valley Avenue



Greenham Walk


Greenhill Road

Greenlands Road


Greens Lane

Greensand Close


Greenway Close

Greenwich Close

Gresham Close

Greywethers Avenue

Griffiths Close

Grindal Drive

Grosmont Drive

Grosvenor Road

Groundwell Road

Grove Hill

Grove Orchard

Grovelands Avenue

Grovely Close

Groves Street

Guildford Avenue

Guppy Street


Hackett Close

Hackleton Rise


Hackpen Close

Haddon Close

Hadleigh Close

Hadleigh Rise

Hadrians Close

Haig Close

Halifax Close

Hall Close

Hallam Moor


Ham Road

Hamble Road

Hamilton Close


Hampshire Close


Hampton Drive

Hamstead Way

Hamworthy Road

Hanbury Road

Handel Street

Hannington Close

Hanover Court

Hanover Houses

Hanson Close

Happy Land

Harber Court

Harbour Close

Harcourt Road

Hardie Close

Hardwick Close

Hare Close

Harebell Close

Hargreaves Road

Harlech Close

Harlestone Road

Harold Thorpe Gardens

Harptree Close

Harrington Walk

Harris Road

Harrow Close

Hartland Close

Hartsthorn Close

Harvester Close

Harvey Grove

Hastings Court

Hatchers Crescent

Hatfield Close

Hathaway Road

Hatherall Close

Hatherleigh Court

Hatherley Road

Hathersage Moor

Hatton Grove

Havelock Square

Havelock Street

Haven Close

Hawfinch Close

Hawker Road

Hawkins Street


Hawthorn Avenue

Hay Lane

Haydon Court

Haydon Street

Haydon View Road

Haydonleigh Drive

Hayes Knoll

Haynes Close

Hayward Close

Hazel End

Hazel Grove

Hazelbury Crescent

Hazells Lane

Hazelmere Close

Headlands Grove

Headlands Trading Estate

Heath Way

Heathcote Close

Heaton Close

Heberden Houses

Heddington Close

Hedgerow Close

Hedges Close


Helmsdale Walk

Helston Road

Henley Drive

Henley Road

Henman Close

Henry Street

Hepworth Road

Herbert Harvey Court

Hereford Lawns

Hermitage Lane

Heronbridge Close


Hertford Close

Hesketh Crescent

Hewitt Close

Hexham Close

Heytsbury Gardens

Heywood Close

Hicks Close

High Mead

High Road

High Street

Highclere Avenue

Highdown Way


Highland Close

Highmoor Copse

Highnam Close

Highridge Close

Highwood Close

Highworth Road

Hill Road

Hill View

Hill View Road

Hillary Close

Hillcrest Close

Hillingdon Road


Hillside Avenue

Hillside Way

Hillyard Close

Hilmarton Avenue

Hilton Close

Hinkson Close

Hinton Street

Hodds Hill

Hodson Road

Hoggs Lane

Holbein Close

Holbein Court

Holbein Field

Holbein Mews

Holbein Place

Holbein Square

Holbein Walk


Holdcroft Close

Holden Crescent

Holinshead Place

Holland Walk

Holliday Close


Holly Close


Home Close

Home Farm

Home Ground


Honeybone Walk


Honeylight View

Honeysuckle Close

Honiton Road

Hook Street

Hooks Hill

Hopkins Orchard

Hopton Close

Horace Street

Horcott Road

Hornbeam Court

Horns Lane

Hornsey Gardens


Horse Fair Lane

Horsell Close

Horseshoe Crescent

Horton Road

Horton Way

Howard Close

Huddleston Close

Hudson Way

Hughes Street

Hugo Drive

Hungerford Close

Hunsdon Close

Hunt Street

Hunters Grove

Hunters Piece

Huntley Close

Hunts Copse Cottages

Hunts Hill

Hunts Mill Road


Hurst Crescent

Hyde Lane

Hyde Road

Hylder Close

Hysopp Close

Hythe Road


Icomb Close

Idstone Road

Iffley Road

Imber Walk

Inglesham Road

Inverary Road

Ipswich Street

Ironside Drive

Irston Way

Isis Close

Isis Trading Estate


Islay Crescent

Ivy Lane

Ixworth Close


Jack Thorne Close

Jacobs Walk

Jasmine Close

Jefferies Avenue

Jennings Street

Jersey Park

Jewel Close

Jewels Ash

John Herring Crescent

Jole Close

Jolliffe Street

Joseph Street

Joyce Close

Jubilee Estate

Jubilee Road

Juliana Close

Juniper Close

Juno Way


Karslake Close

Keats Close

Keats Crescent

Keble Close


Kelham Close

Kellsboro Avenue

Kelly Gardens

Kelmscot Road

Kemble Drive

Kembrey Park

Kembrey Street

Kemerton Walk


Kenilworth Lawns

Kennedy Drive

Kennet Avenue

Kennet Road

Kent End

Kent End Close

Kent Road

Kenton Close

Kenwin Close

Kerrs Way

Kerry Close

Kershaw Road

Kestrel Drive

Keswick Road

Keycroft Copse

Keyneston Road

Keynsham Walk

Kibblewhite Close

Kilben Close

Kilda Road

Kiln Lane

Kilsby Drive

Kilsyth Close

Kimberley Road

Kimbers Field

Kimbolton Close

Kimmeridge Close

King Charles Road

King Edwards Place

King Henry Drive

King John Street

King William Street

Kingfisher Drive

Kings Avenue

Kings Close East

Kings Close West

Kingscote Close

Kingsdown Caravan Park

Kingsdown Lane

Kingsdown Park

Kingsdown Road

Kingshill Road

Kingsley Avenue

Kingsley Way

Kingsthorpe Grove

Kingsway Close

Kingswood Avenue

Kipling Gardens

Kirby Close

Kirkstall Close

Kirktonhill Road

Kishorn Close

Kitchener Street

Kite Hill


Knapp Close

Knolton Walk


Knowsley Road


Laburnum Drive

Laburnum Road

Lacock Road

Lady Lane

Lady Mead

Lagos Street

Lake Louise Mobile Home Park

Lake Road


Lambert Close

Lambourn Avenue

Lamora Close

Lanac Road

Lancaster Mews

Lancaster Place

Lancaster Road

Landor Road

Langdale Drive

Langford Grove

Langport Close

Langstone Way

Langton Park

Lanhydrock Close

Lansbury Drive

Lansdown Road

Lapwing Close

Larchmore Close


Latton Close

Latton Wharf

Laughton Way

Lawrence Close

Lawton Close

Lea Close

Leamington Grove

Lechlade Road

Leicester Street

Leigh Road

Leighton Avenue

Lennox Drive

Leslie Close

Lethbridge Road

Letterage Road


Leverton Gate

Lewis Close

Lewisham Close

Lichen Close

Liddington Street

Liden Drive


Lilac Court

Lilian Lock Gardens

Lime Kiln

Limes Avenue

Limes Place

Lincoln Street

Linden Avenue

Linden Close

Linden Way


Lineacre Close

Linley Close

Linley Road


Linslade Street

Liskeard Way

Lisle Close

Lismore Road

Lister Road

Little Avenue

Little Hinton Farm Cotts

Little Hyde

Little London

Little London Court

Littlecote Close

Lock Cottages

Locks Lane

Locksgreen Crescent

Logan Close

Lomond Close

London Street

Long Acre

Long Row

Longcot Road

Longfellow Close

Longfellow Crescent

Longleat Gardens


Longstock Court

Longthorpe Close

Lonsdale Close

Lorne Street

Loughborough Close

Louviers Way

Loveage Close

Lovell Close

Loveridge Close

Loves Cottages

Lower Cross Roads

Lower Greenhill

Lower Pavenhill

Lower Salthrop

Lower Village

Lowes Close

Loxley Walk

Lucerne Close

Luddesdown Road

Ludgershall Road

Ludlow Close

Lukas Close

Lulworth Road

Lumley Close

Lupin Court


Lushill Cottages

Lutyens Gate

Lyall Close

Lyddon Way

Lydford Close

Lydiard Green

Lyme Way

Lyndhurst Crescent

Lyneham Close

Lynt Road

Lynwood Grove

Lytchett Way


Mackenzie Close

Magdalen Road

Magnolia Court

Magpie Lane

Maiden’s Close

Maidstone Road

Main Drive

Maitland Road

Majestic Close

Majors Road

Maldwyn Close

Mallard Close

Mallow Close

Malmesbury Road

Malthouse Close

Malvern Road

Manchester Road

Mannington Lane

Mannington Park

Manor Close

Manor Cottages

Manor Crescent

Manor Farm Lane

Manor Gardens

Manor Lane

Manor Orchard

Manor Park

Manor View

Manton Street

Maple Grove

March Close

Mardale Close

Marigold Close

Marine Close

Marjoram Close


Market Street

Markham Close

Markham Place

Markham Road

Marlborough Court

Marlborough Lane

Marlborough Road

Marlborough Street

Marlowe Avenue

Marlowe Way

Marney Road

Marsh Farm

Marshall Road

Marshfield Way

Marsland Road

Marston Avenue

Martens Close

Martens Road



Masefield Avenue

Maskeleyne Way

Massinger Walk

Matley Moor

Maunsell Way

Maxey Close

Maxwell Street

May Close

May Field

Mayfield Close

Mays Lane

Meadow Close

Meadow Road

Meadow Springs

Meadow Way


Meadowsweet Close

Meares Drive

Medbourne Lane

Medgbury Place

Medgbury Road

Medina Way

Medlar Court

Medlar Road


Melbourne Close

Melford Walk

Melfort Close

Melksham Close

Mellow Ground

Melrose Close

Melville Close

Mendip Close

Menham Close

Meriden Walk

Merlin Way

Merrivale Grove

Merton Avenue

Mervyn Webb Place

Meynell Close

Middle Ground

Middleleaze Drive

Midhurst Avenue

Midwinter Gardens

Mildenhall Way

Mildmay Close

Milford Street

Mill Close

Mill Lane

Milland Close

Miller Close

Milling Close

Milston Avenue

Milton Road

Miltons Way

Milverton Court

Minety Road

Minster Close

Mint Close

Moat Walk

Monet Close

Monkton Close

Monmouth Close

Montagu Street

Monteagle Close

Montgomery Avenue

Montrose Close

Moore Close

Moorhen Close

Moormead Road

Moredon Park

Moredon Road

Moresby Close

Morie Close

Morley Street

Morris Street

Morrison Street

Morse Street

Morstone Road

Mortimer Close

Mount Pleasant

Mulberry Grove

Mulcaster Avenue

Mundy Avenue

Munro Close

Murdock Road

Myrtle Gardens



Nash Close

Naunton Road

Nell Hill

Nelson Street

Ness Close

Netherton Close

Nevis Close

New Buildings

New Cottages

New Houses

New Road

Newark Close

Newburgh Houses

Newburgh Place

Newburn Crescent

Newbury Drive

Newcastle Street

Newhall Street

Newland Road

Newmeadow Copse

Newport Street

Newstead Close

Newths Lane

Newton Way


Nicholas Court

Nightwood Copse

Nindum Road

Nolan Close

Norcliffe Road

Nore Marsh Road

Noredown Way

Norfolk Close

Norman Road

Norris Close

North Bank Rise

North Drive

North End

North Leaze Close

North Meadow Road

North Star Avenue

North Street

North View

North Wall

Northampton Street

Northbourne Road

Northbrook Road


Northern Road

Northfield Way


Northford Close

Norton Grove

Norwood Close

Nuffield Close

Nunwell Close

Nuthatch Close

Nutmeg Close

Nyland Road

Nythe Road


Oak Drive

Oak Garden

Oak Road

Oak Tree Avenue

Oakapple Close

Oakford Walk

Oakham Close

Oakie Close

Oaksey Road

Oakwood Road

Oasthouse Close

Oberon Way


Odstock Road

Okebourne Park

Okeford Close

Okus Grove

Okus Road

Old Court

Old Malmesbury Road

Old Mill Lane

Old Shaw Lane

Oldlands Walk

Olive Grove

Oliver Close

Olivier Road

Omdurman Street

Orange Close

Orchard Gardens

Orchard Grove

Orchard Houses

Orchard Mead

Orchard Park

Orchid Close

Orkney Close

Orlando Close

Orrin Close

Orwell Close

Osborne Street

Osprey Close

Osterley Road

Otter Way


Overton Gardens


Overtown Hill

Owl Close

Oxford Road

Oxford Square

Oxford Street

Oxon Place



Packington Close

Paddington Drive

Paddock Close

Pakenham Road

Palmers Way

Parham Walk

Parhams Court

Park Avenue

Park End

Park Gardens

Park Lane

Park Place

Park Springs

Park Street

Park View Drive

Parklands Road


Parkstone Walk

Parr Close

Parsley Close

Parsonage Cottages

Parsonage Court

Parsonage Farm Close

Parsonage Road

Parsons Way

Partridge Close

Passmore Close

Pasture Close

Patney Walk

Paulet Close

Pauls Croft

Paven Close


Peaks Down

Pear Tree Close

Pearce Close

Pearl Road

Pembroke Gardens

Pembroke Street

Pen Close

Pencarrow Close

Pendennis Road

Penfold Gardens

Penhill Drive

Pennine Way

Pennycress Close


Penrose Walk

Pentridge Close

Pentylands Close

Percheron Close

Percy Street

Peregrine Close

Periwinkle Close

Perry’s Lane

Peter Furkins Court

Petersfield Road

Petter Close

Pewsham Road

Pheasant Close

Pickford Way

Pickwick Close

Picton Road

Pigeon House Cottages

Pigeon House Lane

Pike House Close

Pilgrim Close

Pilgrims Close

Pilton Close

Pine Tree Rise


Pinehurst Road

Pinewood Cottage Gardens

Pinnegar Way

Pinnocks Place

Pioneer Close

Pipers Close

Pipers Way


Pitchens End


Plattes Close

Play Close

Pleydell Road


Plummer Close

Plymouth Street

Poachers Way

Polton Dale

Pond Street

Ponting Street

Pontings Close

Poole Road

Pope Close

Poplar Avenue

Popplechurch Drive

Portal Road

Portland Avenue

Portmore Close

Portsmouth Street


Post Office Lane

Potterdown Road

Poulton Street

Pound Lane

Pound Piece

Pound Road

Poynings Way

Primrose Close

Primrose Hill

Princes Cottages

Princess Gardens

Priors Hill

Priory Green

Priory Road

Pritchard Close

Prospect Hill

Prospect Place

Proud Close

Purbeck Close

Purley Avenue

Purley Close

Purley Road

Purslane Close

Purton Road

Pye Lane


Quarry Crescent

Quarry Mews

Quarry Road

Quarrybrook Close

Queen Elizabeth Drive


Queens Avenue

Queens Drive

Queens Road


Queintin Road


Radcot Close

Radley Close

Radnor Street

Radstock Avenue

Raglan Close

Rainer Close

Raleigh Avenue

Ramleaze Drive

Ramsbury Avenue

Ramsthorn Close

Randall Crescent

Randolph Close

Rannoch Close

Ransome Close

Ratcoombe Road

Ravenglass Road

Ravens Walk


Rawlings Close

Rawston Close

Ray Close

Raybrook Crescent

Rayfield Grove

Read Street

Reading Street

Recreation Ground

Rectory Lane

Red Barn

Red Lion Lane

Red Row Cottages

Redbridge Close

Redcap Gardens

Redcliffe Street


Redlands Close

Redlynch Close

Redruth Close


Reema Houses

Reeves Close

Regent Circus

Regent Street

Reids Piece

Renoir Close

Restrop Road

Restrop View

Retingham Way

Revell Close

Reynolds Way

Rhine Close


Richard Jefferies Gardens

Richards Close

Richmond Court

Richmond Road

Rickyard Cottages

Ridge Green

Ridge Nether Moor


Ridgeway Close

Ridgeway Cottages

Ridgeway Road

Ringsbury Close

Ringwood Close

Rinsdale Close

Ripley Road

Ripon Way

Ripple Field

Risingham Mead

River Ray Estate

Riverdale Close

Riverdale Walk


Rivers Way

Rixon Gate

Roberts Close

Robins Close


Robinson Close

Roche Close

Rochester Close

Rochford Close

Rockdown Court

Rodbourne Road


Rodwell Close

Roebuck Close

Rogers Close

Rolleston Street

Roman Crescent

Roman Walk

Roman Way

Romney Way

Rope Yard

Rose Street

Rosebery Street

Rosedale Road

Rosemary Close

Rosewood Court

Ross Gardens

Rother Close

Rotton Row

Roundhills Mead

Roundway Down

Rowan Drive

Rowan Road

Rowborough Lane

Rowton Heath Way

Rubens Close

Ruckley Gardens

Rushall Close

Rushmere Path

Rushton Road

Ruskin Avenue

Ruskin Drive

Russell Walk

Russley Close

Ruxley Close

Ryan Close

Rycote Close

Rydal Close

Rye Close

Rylands Way


Sackville Close

Saddleback Road

Sadler Walk

Sadlers Field

Saffron Close

Sage Close

Salcombe Grove

Salisbury Street

Salop Close

Saltram Close

Saltspring Drive

Sambre Road

Sams Lane

Sandacre Road


Sandgate Mews


Sandown Avenue

Sandpiper Bridge

Sandringham Road

Sandstone Road

Sandwood Close

Sandy Lane

Sarsen Close

Savernake Street

Savill Crescent

Saxon Close

Saxon Court

Saxon Orchard

Saxton Walk

Scarborough Road

Scarlet Close

Scholar Close

School Close

School Lane

School Row

Scotby Avenue

Scotney Crescent

Seagry Court

Seaton Close


Selby Crescent

Semley Walk


Severn Avenue

Shaftesbury Avenue

Shakespeare Path

Shakespeare Road

Shalbourne Close

Shanklin Road


Shapwick Close

Sharp Close

Shearwood Road

Sheen Close

Sheep Street

Sheerwold Close


Shelley Avenue

Shelley Street

Shenton Close

Shepherds Breech

Sheppard Street

Sherborne Place


Sherford Road

Sheridan Drive

Sheringham Court

Sherston Avenue

Sherwood Road

Shetland Close

Shipley Drive

Shipton Grove

Shire Close

Shirley Close

Short Street


Shrewsbury Road

Shrewton Walk

Shrivenham Road

Shropshire Close

Shute Avenue

Sidney Close

Signal Way

Silchester Way

Silver Street

Silverton Road

Simnel Close

Skewbridge Close

Skinners Close

Skye Close

Slade Drive

Sleaford Close

Slipper Lane

Smitan Brook

Snapps Close

Snowdon Place

Snowdrop Close

Snowshill Close

Somerdale Close

Somerford Close

Somerset Road

Somerville Road

Sorrel Close

Sound Copse

South Drive

South Street

South View Avenue

Southampton Street

Southbank Glen

Southbrook Street


Southernwood Drive

Southey Close

Southwick Avenue

Spa Close

Sparcells Drive

Speedwell Close

Spencer Close

Spencers Orchard

Spenser Close


Spindle Tree Court

Spinney Close

Spital Lane

Springfield Close

Springfield Crescent

Springfield Road

Springhill Close


Spruce Court

Spur Way

Squires Copse

Squires Hill Close

Squires Road

Squirrel Crescent

St Albans Close

St Ambrose Close

St Andrews Close

St Andrews Court

St Andrews Green

St Clements Court

St Helens View

St Ives Court

St James Close

St John Road

St Katherine Green

St Katherines

St Margaret’s Road

St Margarets Green

St Mary’s Grove

St Michaels Avenue

St Pauls Drive

St Pauls Street

St Phillip’s Road

St Phillips Road

Stable Cottages

Stafford Street

Stainswick Lane

Stallpits Lane

Stallpits Road

Stamford Close

Stanbridge Park

Stancombe Park

Standen Way

Standings Close

Stanier Street

Stanley Close

Stanley Street

Stanmore Street

Stansfield Close

Stanway Close

Stapleford Way

Stapleton Close

Star Lane

Staring Close

Station Cottages

Station Industrial Estate

Station Road

Staverton Way

Stedham Walk

Stenbury Close

Stenness Close

Stephens Road

Stewart Close

Stirling Close

Stockbridge Copse

Stockton Road

Stone Lane

Stonecrop Way

Stonefield Close

Stonefield Drive

Stonehill Green

Stonehurst Close

Stoneover Lane

Stones Lane

Stonybeck Close

Stour Walk

Stratford Close

Stratton Orchard

Stratton Road

Stroma Way

Strouds Hill

Stuart Close


Studland Close

Sudeley Way

Suffolk Street

Summerhouse Road

Summers Street

Sunningdale Road

Sunnyside Avenue

Surrey Road

Sussex Square

Sutton Park

Sutton Road


Swallowfield Avenue

Swallows Mead

Swan Lane

Swanage Walk



Swift Avenue

Swinburne Place

Swindon Road

Swindon Street

Swinley Drive

Sword Gardens

Sycamore Grove


Syon Close

Sywell Road


Talavera Road

Tallis Walk

Tallow Lane

Tamar Close

Tamworth Drive

Tanners Close

Tansley Moor

Taplow Walk

Tarka Close

Tarragon Close

Tatley Walk


Taunton Street

Tavistock Road

Tawny Owl Close

Taylor Crescent


Tedder Close

Tees Close

Teeswater Close

Templars Firs

Temple Street

Tenby Close

Tennyson Road

Tennyson Street

Tenzing Gardens


Thackeray Close

Thames Avenue

Thames Close

Thames Lane

Thames View

The Acorns

The Archers

The Avenue

The Barton

The Beanlands

The Beeches

The Birches

The Bramptons

The Brow

The Bungalows

The Buntings

The Butts

The Canney

The Chesters

The Circle

The Close

The Copse

The Crescent

The Croft

The Cullerns

The Curnicks

The Derry

The Dingle

The Dormers

The Elms

The Ferns

The Fiddle

The Forty

The Forum

The Fox

The Gardens

The Green

The Grove

The Groves

The Harriers

The Hedges

The Heights

The Hill

The Hyde

The Knoll

The Lane

The Lawns

The Leaze

The Lotts

The Lynch Field

The Mall

The Malthouse

The Maltings

The Marsh

The Masons

The Mead

The Meadows

The Mews

The Moors

The Mountings

The Mulberrys

The Nurseries

The Oaks

The Orchard

The Owlets

The Paddocks

The Parade

The Peak

The Pitchens

The Planks

The Priory

The Pry

The Quarries

The Ridge

The Rosary

The Row

The Steadings

The Street

The Weavers

The Weir

The Willows

The Witheys

The Wyncies

Theatre Square

Theobald Street

Thetford Way



Thomas Street

Thornbridge Avenue

Thorne Road

Thorney Park

Thornford Drive


Thornhill Drive

Thornhill Industrial Estate

Thornhill Road

Three Sisters Road

Thrushel Close

Thurlestone Road

Thurney Drive

Thyme Close

Tidworth Close

Tilleys Lane

Tilshead Walk

Timandra Close

Tinkers Field

Tintagel Close

Tismeads Crescent

Titchfield Close

Tithe Barn Crescent

Tiverton Road

Tockenham Corner

Tockenham Way

Tollard Close

Toothill Cottages

Toppers Close

Torridge Close

Torrington Court

Totterdown Close

Tovey Road

Towcester Road

Tower Road

Townsend Road

Tracy Close

Trajan Road

Tregantle Walk

Tregoze Way

Trenchard Road

Trent Road

Trentham Close

Trinity Close

Truman Close

Truro Path

Tryon Close

Tudor Crescent

Tudor Walk

Tulip Tree Close

Turl Street


Turner Street

Turnham Green

Turnpike Road

Tweed Close

Tyburn Close

Tydeman Street

Tye Gardens

Tyndale Path

Tyneham Road


Ullswater Close

Underdown Close

Union Row

Union Street

Upavon Court


Upham Road

Upper Greenhill

Upper Pavenhill

Upper Widhill Lane

Urchfont Way

Utah Close

Uxbridge Road


Vale Court

Vale View


Vanbrugh Gate


Vastern Wharf

Vasterne Close

Vasterne Hill

Ventnor Close

Verney Close

Verulam Close

Verwood Close

Vespasian Close

Vicarage Lane

Vicarage Road

Victoria Cross Road

Victoria Road

Victory Row

Viking Close

Village Centre

Villiers Close

Viscount Way

Volpe Close

Volta Road

Vorda Road

Vowley View


Wadborough Cottages

Wagtail Close

Wainwright Close

Waite Meads Close

Wakefield Close

Walcot Road

Waldron Close

Wallingford Close

Wallis Drive

Wallsworth Road

Walnut Tree Gardens

Walsingham Road

Walter Close

Walton Close

Walwayne Field

Wanborough Road

Wanshot Close

Warbeck Gate

Wardley Close

Wardour Close

Wareham Close

Warminster Avenue

Warneage Green

Warneford Close

Warner Close

Warwick Road

Washbourne Road

Water Field

Watercrook Mews

Waterdown Close



Watling Close

Wavell Road

Waverley Road


Wayne Close

Wayside Close

Webbs Wood

Weedon Road

Weirside Avenue

Welcombe Avenue

Welford Close

Well Close

Wellington Square

Wells Street

Wembley Street

Wensleydale Close

Wentworth Park

Wesley Court

Wesley Street

Wessex Way

West Drive

West End

West End Road

West Highland Road

West Hill

West Mill Lane

West Swindon District Centre

West View

Westbourne Court

Westbrook Road

Westbury Park

Westbury Road

Westcott Place

Westcott Street

Western Street

Westhill Close

Westlea Campus

Westlea Drive

Westlecot Road

Westmead Drive

Westmead Industrial Estate

Westmead Trading Estate

Westminster Road

Westmorland Road


Westwood Road

Wey Close

Weyhill Close

Whalley Crescent

Wharf Cottages

Wharf Road

Whatleys Orchard


Wheeler Avenue

Whilestone Way

Whitbourne Avenue

Whitbred Close

Whitby Grove

White Beam Court

White Castle

White Edge Moor

White Horse Road

Whitefield Crescent

Whitehall Cottages

Whitehead Street

Whitehill Lane

Whitelands Road

Whiteman Street

Whitethorn Close

Whitgift Close

Whitmore Close

Whitney Street

Whittington Road

Whitworth Road

Wichelstok Close

Wick Farm Houses

Wickdown Avenue

Wicks Close

Wigmore Avenue

Wilcot Avenue

Wilcox Close

Wild Acre

Wildern Square

Wilkins Close

William Robbins Court

William Street

Willis Way

Willow Walk


Willowherb Close

Willows Avenue

Wills Avenue

Wilmot Close

Wilson Road

Wilton Walk

Wiltshire Avenue

Wimpole Close

Winchcombe Close

Winchester Close

Windbrook Meadow


Windflower Road

Windmill Court

Windmill Piece


Windrush Road

Windsor Close

Windsor Road

Wingate Parade


Winifred Street

Winlaw Close

Winsley Close

Winstanley Close

Winterslow Road

Winwick Road

Wirral Way

Wiseman Close

Witfield Close

Witham Way

Withy Bed

Withy Close

Witts Lane

Woburn Close

Wolsely Avenue

Wood Hall Drive

Wood Lane

Wood Street

Woodbury Close


Woodford Close

Woodland View

Woodshaw Mead

Woodside Avenue

Woodside Road

Woodspring Court

Woodstock Road

Woolford Grange

Woollaton Close

Wootton Bassett Road

Wordsworth Close

Wordsworth Drive

Worlidge Drive

Worsley Road

Wrde Hill


Wright Close

Wylye Close

Wyndham Road

Wynndale Close

Wynwards Road

Wyvern Close


Yardley Close

Yarmouth Close

Yarnton Close

Yarrow Close

Yeats Close

Yellowhammer Close

Yeoman Close

Yeomans Way

Yeovil Close

Yew Tree Drive

Yew Tree Gardens

Yew Tree Lane

Yiewsley Crescent

Yonder Way

York Road

Youghal Close

Ypres Road


Zoar Close

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