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Flexible Office Space and Workspace Provider Profile – Work.Life

Work.Life Flexible Offices and Workspace

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Work.Life Flexible Workspace

What types of flexible workspace products do Work.Life provide?

Work.Life provides Private Offices for teams of 2 – 30 which provide privacy plus the amenities and services of their coworking spaces.

The company provides Managed Offices for teams of 30+ which have their own amenities, branding and front door. These are customisable and bespoke office space solutions.

Work.Life provide two coworking space options – a Dedicated Desk that you can call your own and return to each day, and Hot Desks with unlimited monthly and pay-as-you-go options.

Some of the typical features of a Work.Life space include:

The company also provides Virtual Office packages allowing companies to register their business at any of their centres, and come with mail handling services and a local phone number.

We have the pleasure of providing access to these products in all locations that Work.Life operate in.

Who are Work.Life?

Work.Life was founded in 2015.

The company now provides flexible workspace options in 9 locations across the UK with 9 in London, 1 in Reading and 1 in Manchester.

Work.Life provides private office spaces for teams of 2 to 30+ as well as Hot Desks, Dedicated Desks and Virtual Office packages. 

The flexible office space company achieved B.Corp certification in 2022 making it, at the time of the award, one of only three workspace providers in the UK B.Corp certified.

Contact Work.Life

Work.Life can be reached via the following social media profiles:

Work.Life Twitter

Work.Life Facebook

Facts about Work.Life 

Why choose Work.Life flexible office space?

Work.Life have worked out that we spend 90,000 hours at work during our lifetimes and so life is too short not to enjoy it – hence their tagline ‘Lifes Too Short’. They, therefore, endeavour to make workspaces that are truly enjoyable to be a part of.

The workspace options provided by Work.Life are ready to use from move-in day and include perks such as unlimited coffee and tea, wellness days, an online events program including networking and other social activities.

Work.Life pride themselves on providing functional, beautifully designed workspaces.

Typical features of Work.Life flex space include private phone booths, ‘ninja-fast, sumo-stable’ WiFi and spaces that are pet-friendly, in fact, the team encourages members to ‘BYO pup’.

Work.Life members benefit from 7-day-a-week access to all locations, rolling monthly contract flexibility, discounted meeting room and printing, access to networking events and skill sharing, as well as the community of freelancers, SMEs and bigger businesses.

Other benefits include weekly wellness days and yoga classes, access to exclusive discounts with business partners, weekly beer and pizza nights, and monthly massages, too.

Work.Life office space also helps a business to be more sustainable as they have a full range of facilities for recycling – they even have a monthly recycling competition!

They use energy-efficient appliances and bulbs across all of their spaces. They use eco-friendly products with a positive footprint, and they also encourage sustainable transport with secure bike storage, and all of their spaces are located close to tube, bus or train stations.

Each Work.Life space is partnered with local groups working to make a difference in their respective communities, too.

Work.Life became a B.Corp certified company in 2022. B Corp verified organisations are part of a growing global movement of using business to do good – putting people and the planet before profit

Work.Life decided to apply for certification in 2020 and used the associated framework to build on its corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy and to build upon its mission to provide sustainable, happier and inclusive workspaces.

Some of the actions that the flex space operator took, and intends to continuously improve upon, include:

  • Being an inclusive employer by ensuring that 50% of its leadership team identifies as female, tracking different attributes of the workforce in order to promote more diversity, and it offers team members mental health support.
  • Being a responsible purchaser of goods and services by screening significant suppliers for social and environmental impact, and following an environmentally PPP (Preferable Purchasing Policy) when choosing a supplier.
  • And by giving back to the community by giving £5 to charity for every new member that joins Work.Life, and by giving discounted office space to purpose-driven companies and organisations.