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Flexible Office and Workspace Provider Profile – Hana

Hana Flexible Offices and Workspace

Read our guide to find out what type of flexible workspace is offered by Hana

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Hana Flexible Workspace

What types of flexible workspace products do Hana provide?

Hana provides private flexible offices for corporate teams as well as classic coworking space memberships.

Hana provides a suite of flexible solutions – Hana Team, Hana Meet and Hana Share.

Hana Team – This solution provides bespoke private office suites for corporate teams or organisations of 15 – 300+ employees. The suites are fitted out and branded to the occupier’s specifications. These spaces are available on flexible lease terms and are targeted at teams seeking professional workspace with access to managed amenities.

Hana Team solutions include access to meeting and event space (Hana Meet) and on-site coworking (Hana Share).

Hana Meet – On-demand meeting rooms and event space bookable by the hour or the day, both by existing Team clients as well as external bookings. This product is aimed at those requiring short-term space for 4 – 25+ people. Catering services are provided and these are ideal for a range of offsite purposes, as well as for existing internal clients.

Hana Share – This solution provides a classic coworking environment with shared desks that are optimised for performance and focus. These are ideal for freelancers, consultants, and small 1 – 2 person teams, as well as providing overflow space for Hana Team and Hana Meet members.


Hana UK Locations

External shot of Hana by Industrious at 245 Hammersmith in West London

Hana by Industrious at 245 Hammersmith – 245 Hammersmith Road, Hammersmith London W6 8PW

Reception area and coworking space at Hana by Industrious at 70 St. Mary Axe in the City of London

Hana by Industrious at 70 St. Mary Axe – 70 St. Mary Axe, London EC3A 8BE

The reception area of Hana by Industrious at Windmill Green in Manchester

Hana by Industrious at Windmill Green – Windmill Green, 24 Mount Street, Manchester M2 3NX

The reception area and coworking desks at Hana by Industrious at St. Peter’s Square in Manchester

Hana by Industrious at St. Peter’s Square – Landmark St Peter’s Square, 1 Oxford St, Manchester M1 4PB

Hana NYC Location

A view looking up at Hana by Industrious at 3 World Trade Center in New York City

Hana by Industrious at 3 World Trade Center – 175 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10007


We have the pleasure of providing access to these products in all locations that Hana operates in.

Who are Hana?

Hana was launched in 2018 and is a subsidiary of CBRE.

Hana partners with property owners to create flexible workspaces that are designed to meet the needs of high-growth and enterprise companies and organisations.

The company provides a suite of flexible workspace solutions that are ‘More Flexible than a Traditional Office, More Sophisticated than a Coworking Space’.

Hana provides flexible workspace solutions in 3 properties in London, 1 in Manchester and 5 in North America.

Hana was acquired by Industrious in 2021 and its spaces were branded as ‘Hana by Industrious’.

Facts about Hana 

Why choose Hana flexible office space?

Hana is backed by CBRE’s decades of real estate experience so occupiers have the peace of mind of being in the care of a ‘safe pair of hands’.

Hana takes pride in focusing on the details that drive success by creating professional environments with thoughtful designs as well as high levels of customer service. They also believe in fostering a culture that drives accomplishment through adaptability, professionalism and thoughtfulness.

A typical Hana space comprises of 50,000 to 60,000 square feet so there is a large template upon which to create a variety of workspaces, as well as a thriving and collaborative community.

Hana provides space for teams of 10 – 300 from dedicated offices with their own private lobbies to high-end shared workspaces.

Hana translates to ‘craft’ or ‘work’ in Hawaiian, ‘flower blossom’ in Japanese, ‘number one’ in Korean, and ‘bliss and happiness’ in Arabic. So, whichever translation one goes with, the name implies a positively productive place to work.

Hana’s growing portfolio provides options in a variety of locations including 3 in London with 2 in the City and 1 in Hammersmith, 2 in Manchester and 5 in North America in Arlington, VA, Dallas, TX, Irvine, CA, New York, NY, and Philadelphia. PA.