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Flexible Workspace Provider Profile – Industrious

Industrious Flexible Office Space and Workspace

Read our guide to find out what type of flexible workspace is offered by Industrious

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Industrious Flexible Office Space Provider

What types of flexible workspace products do Industrious provide?

Workspace options from Industrious include dedicated private office spaces for 1 to 150, shared workspaces and virtual office packages.

There are two Dedicated Workspace options – Offices and Suites:

Offices from Industrious

Private office rooms are available for teams of 1 to 12.

Occupiers enjoy access to professional shared spaces that include communal lounges, meeting and conference rooms, cafes, wellness rooms, relaxation spots, private phone booths and others.

These fully-furnished offices are priced all-inclusively and are available on month-to-month contracts.

Suites from Industrious

Office suites are available for teams of 12+.

These are move-in ready and each suite has its own private conference room.

These, too, are all-inclusive office space solutions with amenities included such as coffee and breakfast, unlimited mail and packaging services and newspapers.

Industrious office suites are a turnkey space solution and are fully furnished, pre-wired and ready-to-go.

Shared Workspace options from Industrious

The Access membership is popular with hybrid workers as it provides on-demand offsite workspace in any Industrious location.

This membership can be paired with a private office or suite as overflow space on days that everyone gathers, as a part of a hybrid workplace solution.

This option also provides access to conference rooms.

This membership is also popular with individuals seeking a professional coworking space facility.

Industrious also offer a virtual office membership that provides a virtual business address.

These are popular with individuals as well as remote teams and come with mail and packaging services as standard.

Coworking day passes can also be added for in-office days and collaborative tasks, as needed.

With all physical space options, members have 24/7 access to their office and locations are staffed by Community Managers and Operations Associates Monday through to Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Industrious offers flexible terms on offices and suites that make it easy to upsize or downsize as business needs change.

Offices are available on month-to-month terms, as well as longer-term commitments.

Industrious has fully embraced hybrid working and its resurgence post-pandemic – it positions its solutions as sustainable options for companies looking to manage distributed teams in the long term.

The company provides a range of on-demand options such as day offices and tailored solutions for offsite workspace requirements.

All Industrious memberships come with enterprise-level wireless, and every member company is provided with a private VLAN subnet.

In addition, complimentary guest Wi-Fi is available for visitors.

We have the pleasure of providing access to Industrious flexible workspace in all locations that they operate in.

Who are Industrious?

Industrious was founded in 2013 by James Hodari and Justin Stewart. It has been reported that part of their motivation was that they felt that it shouldn’t only be Silico Valley giants that have a beautiful place to work, they also struggled to find a coworking space that was adequately professional for them and their contemporaries.

The first Industrious location was opened in 2013, in Chicago. In the following years, they opened several more across the US including in unorthodox locations including shopping malls. In 2021, they had 90 locations across the US as well as in international locations including London, Manchester and Singapore.

The founders have been quoted as saying, “Industrious is a better fit for customers that are a bit older and looking for a slightly more premium product that feels welcoming, inclusive, and comfortable whether you’re a nursing mother in your late thirties or if you’re a 65-year-old lawyer nearing retirement.”

In 2018, Industrious started to develop landlord partnerships for expansion and now offers ‘space as a service’ to corporate clients. In these arrangements, the company usually receives a management fee and shares profit with landlords.

Industrious has attracted enterprise clients including Compass, Hyatt, Lyft, Pfizer, Salesforce and Spotify.

In February 2021, the company raised $200m in funding from CBRE Investors.

Brands related to Industrious via investments, transfers and other activities include Hana and TechSpace.

Contact Industrious

Industrious can be reached via the following social media profiles:

Industrious HQ Twitter

Industrious HQ Instagram

Facts about Industrious 

Why choose Industrious flexible office space?

Industrious’ tagline is ‘Great days start here’ and they make many deliberate attempts at delivering on that for their clients.

For instance, Industrious members can travel across the country, enter another Industrious workplace (as members enjoy access to the whole network of locations) for the first time, and know exactly where to go to get a cup of coffee. This is no accident — it is by design, to assist customer comfort levels.

On this, the company’s Senior Manager of Design and Growth, Amy Riggs, says, “There are overarching parts of the member experience that we absolutely want to be consistent so that members know what to expect, from how to use the space to what amenities are there”.

On the subject of coffee, the company works with local and minority-owned roasters so that every sip not only tastes great but also supports their community and the causes they care about.

Customers don’t only appreciate the coffee, though – the Charcuterie boards are something that Industrious are particularly proud about, as can be seen on their Instagram!

Industrious also facilitate connection through their calendar of events that include happy hours and other networking events.