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Manchester Street Address Guide – D – F

So-called because we work with practically all flexible workspace providers in locations, including Manchester. We help clients to search for, view and acquire serviced offices, managed offices and coworking space in all locations in Manchester.

If you are looking for serviced offices in the central business district, flexible offices near Victoria station or coworking space on Oxford Road, we can help you, for FREE.

We only display samples of properties on our website as availability changes rapidly. This page has some great offices in the Manchester region

Contact Us to let us know your bespoke requirements and we will search the Manchester office space market for you, and send you the latest pricing and availability information in minutes.

Below is a list of the streets on which the office space and flexible workspace providers that we work with, have office space on or close to:

Manchester Street Address Guide – D – F

Daccamill Drive

Dacre Avenue

Dacre Close

Dagenham Road Industrial Estate

Dagmar Street

Dagnall Avenue

Daimler Street

Daine Avenue

Dairydale Close

Daisy Avenue

Daisy Bank

Daisy Bank Avenue

Daisy Bank Road

Daisy Nook

Daisyfield Close

Daisyfield Walk

Dakerwood Close

Dalbeattie Street

Dalbury Drive

Dalby Avenue

Dale Avenue

Dale Grove

Dale Road

Dale Street

Dale Street Industrial Estate

Dale View


Dalebank Mews

Dalebeck Close

Dalebeck Walk

Daleford Square

Dalehead Close

Dales Avenue

Dales Brow

Dales Grove

Dales Lane

Dales Park Drive

Dalesman Close

Dalesman Walk

Daleswood Avenue

Dalham Avenue

Dallimore Road

Dalmahoy Close

Dalmain Close

Dalmorton Road

Dalny Street

Dalry Walk

Dalston Avenue

Dalston Drive

Dalton Avenue

Dalton Drive

Dalton Gardens

Dalton Road

Dalton Street

Dalveen Avenue

Dam Head Drive

Dameral Close

Damien Street

Damson Walk

Danbury Walk

Danby Walk

Dane Avenue

Dane Bank

Dane Road

Danebank Mews

Danebank Walk

Danecroft Close

Daneholme Road

Danes Road


Danesmoor Road


Daneswood Avenue

Danett Close

Danforth Grove

Daniel Adamson Avenue

Danson Street

Dantall Avenue

Dante Close

Dantzic Street

Danwood Close

Dapple Grove

Darbyshire Street

Darbyshire Walk

Darcy Walk

Daresbury Avenue

Daresbury Road

Daresbury Street

Darfield Walk

Dargai Street

Darian Avenue

Dark Lane

Darlbeck Walk

Darley Avenue

Darley Road

Darley Street

Darlington Road

Darlington Street

Darlington Street East

Darliston Avenue

Darlton Walk

Darnall Avenue

Darnbrook Drive

Darncombe Close

Darnley Avenue

Darnley Street

Darras Road

Darrell Walk

Dartford Avenue

Dartford Close

Dartford Road

Dartington Close

Dartmouth Road

Darton Avenue

Darwell Avenue

Darwen Street

Dashwood Road

Dashwood Walk

Dauntesy Avenue

Davenfield Grove

Davenfield Road

Davenhill Road

Davenport Avenue

Davenport Street

Davenport Terrace

Daventry Road

David Close

David Pegg Walk

David Street

Davids Farm Close

Davids Road

Davidson Drive

Davies Road

Davies Square

Davis Street

Davy Street

Davyhulme Circle

Davyhulme Road

Davyhulme Road East


Dawlish Avenue

Dawlish Road

Dawson Street

Day Drive

Deacon Avenue

Dean Avenue

Dean Bank Avenue

Dean Brook Close

Dean Close

Dean Court

Dean Lane

Dean Road

Dean Street

Dean Walk

Deane Close

Deans Road

Deanscourt Avenue



Deanswood Drive

Deanwater Close

Deanwater Court


Dearden Avenue

Dearden Street

Dearne Drive

Debdale Avenue

Debdale Lane

Debenham Avenue

Debenham Road

Dee Road

Deepcar Street

Deepdale Avenue

Deepdale Drive

Deeping Avenue

Deerfold Close

Deerhurst Drive

Deeroak Close

Deerpark Road

Defiance Street

Deighton Avenue

Delacourt Road

Delafield Avenue

Delaford Avenue

Delaford Walk

Delahays Range

Delaine Road

Delamere Avenue

Delamere Road

Delamere Street

Delaunays Road

Delaware Walk

Delbooth Avenue

Delhi Road

Dell Avenue

Dellcot Close

Dellcot Lane

Dellside Grove

Delphi Avenue

Delside Avenue

Delta Road

Delta Walk

Delvino Walk

Delwood Gardens

Demesne Road

Denbigh Grove

Denbigh Road

Denbigh Walk

Denbury Walk

Dene Brow

Dene Drive

Dene Park

Dene Road

Deneford Road

Deneside Walk

Denewell Close

Denham Drive

Denham Street

Denholm Road

Denis Avenue

Denison Road

Denman Walk

Denmark Road

Denmore Road

Dennington Drive

Dennison Avenue

Denshaw Avenue

Denshaw Close

Densmore Street

Denstone Avenue

Denstone Road

Denstone Walk

Dentdale Walk

Denton Road

Denver Avenue

Denville Crescent

Deptford Avenue

Deramore Street

Derby Close

Derby Grove

Derby Road

Derby Street

Derby Terrace

Derbyshire Avenue

Derbyshire Crescent

Derbyshire Green

Derbyshire Grove

Derbyshire Lane

Derbyshire Lane West

Derbyshire Road

Dermot Murphy Close

Dernford Avenue

Derry Avenue

Derville Walk

Derwent Avenue

Derwent Close

Derwent Road

Derwent Street

Derwent Walk

Desford Avenue

Desmond Road

Desmond Street

Devaney Walk

Deverill Avenue

Devoke Avenue

Devoke Road

Devon Avenue

Devon Road

Devon Street

Devonshire Close

Devonshire Drive

Devonshire Place

Devonshire Road

Devonshire Street East

Devonshire Street South

Dewar Close

Dewberry Close

Dewes Avenue

Dewey Street

Dewhurst Street

Dexter Road

Deyne Avenue

Dibden Walk

Dickens Road

Dickenson Road

Dickinson Street

Didcot Road

Didley Square

Didsbury Park

Digby Walk

Dillicar Walk

Dillmoss Walk

Dillon Drive

Dilston Close

Dilworth Street

Dingle Avenue

Dingle Drive

Dingle Road

Dinmor Road

Dinnington Drive

Dinorwic Close

Dinsdale Close

Dinslow Walk

Dinting Avenue

Dipton Walk

Disley Avenue

Disley Walk

Ditton Walk

Dixon Drive

Dixon Road

Dixon Street

Dob Brook Close

Dobbinetts Lane

Dobcross Close

Dobroyd Street

Dobson Close

Doddington Walk

Dodington Close

Doefield Avenue

Dollond Street

Dolman Walk

Dolphin Street

Dolwen Walk

Domett Street

Dominic Close

Doncaster Avenue

Donhead Walk

Donleigh Street

Donnington Gardens

Donnington Road

Donovan Avenue

Doodson Avenue

Dorchester Avenue

Dorchester Drive

Dorchester Road

Dorclyn Avenue

Doric Close

Dorking Avenue

Dorlan Avenue

Dorman Street

Dorning Road

Dorning Street

Dornton Walk

Dorothy Street

Dorris Street

Dorset Avenue

Dorset Road

Dorset Street

Dorsey Street

Dorstone Close

Dorwood Avenue

Dougall Walk

Doughty Avenue

Douglas Avenue

Douglas Close

Douglas Park

Douglas Road

Douglas Street

Douglas Walk

Douglas Way

Doulton Street

Douro Street

Dove Drive

Dove Walk


Dovecote Lane

Dovecote Mews

Dovedale Avenue

Dovedale Street

Dovehouse Close

Dover Park

Dover Road

Dover Street

Dovestone Walk

Dovey Close

Dowland Close

Downgate Walk

Downham Crescent

Downham Gardens

Downham Grove

Downham Walk

Downley Drive

Drake Avenue

Drake Street


Drayford Close

Drayton Walk

Dresden Street

Driffield Street

Drill Walk

Drinkwater Road

Droitwich Road

Dronfield Road

Droughts Lane

Droxford Grove

Droylsden Road

Drury Street

Dryad Close

Drybrook Close

Dryden Avenue

Dryden Way

Drygate Walk

Drywood Avenue

Duchess Road

Duchy Avenue

Ducie Street

Duckworth Road

Duddon Close

Duddon Walk

Dudley Avenue

Dudley Close

Dudley Road

Dudley Street

Dudlow Walk

Duffield Court

Duffield Road

Dufton Walk

Dugdale Avenue

Duke Court

Duke Street

Dukes Wharf

Dulford Walk

Dulgar Street

Dulwich Street

Dumbell Street

Dumers Close

Dumers Lane

Dunbar Avenue

Duncan Road

Dundonald Road

Dundraw Close


Dunkeld Gardens

Dunkeld Road

Dunkerley Avenue

Dunkerleys Close

Dunkery Road

Dunkirk Close

Dunkirk Road

Dunkirk Street

Dunley Close

Dunlin Drive

Dunmail Close

Dunmail Drive

Dunmere Walk

Dunmow Walk

Dunnerdale Walk

Dunnisher Road

Dunoon Walk

Dunscar Close

Dunsfold Drive

Dunsley Avenue

Dunsmore Close

Dunstable Street

Dunstall Road

Dunstar Avenue

Dunster Avenue

Dunster Drive

Dunster Place

Dunster Road

Dunston Street

Dunworth Street

Durban Street

Durham Avenue

Durham Close

Durham Crescent

Durham Grove

Durham Street

Durham Walk

Durley Avenue

Durnford Avenue

Durnford Street

Durnford Walk

Durrington Walk

Dutton Street

Duxford Walk

Dyche Street

Dymchurch Avenue


Eadington Street

Eagar Street

Ealing Avenue

Ealing Place

Ealinger Way

Eames Avenue

Eamont Walk

Earby Grove

Earl Street

Earl Walk

Earlesdon Crescent

Earlston Avenue

Earlswood Walk

Easby Road

Easedale Close

Easington Walk

East Avenue

East Central Drive

East Crescent

East Drive

East Garth Walk

East Grange Avenue

East Grove

East Lancashire Road

East Lea

East Lynn Drive

East Meade

East Road

East Street

East Union Street

Eastbrook Avenue

Eastburn Avenue

Eastcote Avenue

Eastcourt Walk

Eastern By Pass

Eastern Circle


Eastfield Avenue


Eastford Square

Eastham Avenue

Eastham Way

Easthaven Avenue

Eastholme Drive

Easthope Close

Eastlands Road

Eastleigh Drive

Eastleigh Road


Easton Close

Easton Road

Eastpark Close

Eastville Gardens


Eastwood Avenue

Eastwood Road

Eaton Close

Eaton Road

Ebberstone Street

Ebnall Walk

Ebor Road

Ebsworth Street

Ebury Street

Eccles Close

Eccles Road

Eccleshall Street

Eccleston Avenue

Eckersley Close

Eckford Street

Edale Avenue

Edale Close

Edale Road

Edbrook Walk

Eddie Colman Close

Eddisbury Avenue

Eden Vale

Edenbridge Drive

Edenbridge Road

Edendale Drive

Edenfield Avenue

Edenfield Lane

Edenfield Road

Edenhall Avenue

Edenham Walk

Edgbaston Drive

Edge Fold Crescent

Edge Fold Road

Edge Green

Edge Lane

Edge Street

Edgedale Avenue

Edgefield Avenue

Edgemoor Close

Edgeview Walk

Edgeware Avenue

Edgeware Road

Edgeworth Drive

Edgware Road

Edilom Road

Edinburgh Square

Edison Road

Edison Street

Edith Avenue

Edith Cavell Close

Edith Cliff Walk

Edlin Close

Edlington Walk

Edmonds Street

Edmonton Road

Edmund Street

Edson Road

Edward Avenue

Edward Charlton Road

Edward Road

Edward Street

Edward Sutcliffe Close

Edwards Drive

Edzell Walk


Egbert Street

Egerton Court

Egerton Crescent

Egerton Grove

Egerton Mews

Egerton Park

Egerton Road

Egerton Road North

Egerton Road South

Egerton Street

Egerton Terrace

Eggar Close

Eggington Street

Egmont Street

Egremont Avenue

Egret Drive

Eight Acre

Eileen Grove

Eileen Grove West

Elaine Avenue

Elbain Walk

Elberton Walk

Elbow Street

Elcot Close

Elder Grove

Elder Mount Road

Elderberry Walk

Eldon Close

Eldon Place

Eldon Road

Eldridge Drive

Eleanor Road

Elford Grove

Elgar Street

Elgin Avenue

Elham Close

Eliot Road

Eliot Walk

Eliza Ann Street

Eliza Street

Elizabeth Avenue

Elizabeth Road

Elizabeth Slinger Road

Elizabeth Street

Elkstone Avenue

Ella Dene Park

Ellanby Close

Ellaston Drive

Ellbourne Road

Ellen Wilkinson Crescent

Ellenbrook Close

Ellenbrook Road

Ellendale Grange

Ellenhall Close

Ellenor Drive

Elleray Road

Ellerbeck Crescent

Ellerby Avenue

Ellesmere Avenue

Ellesmere Close

Ellesmere Road

Ellesmere Road South

Ellesmere Street

Ellesmere Terrace

Ellingham Close

Elliott Street

Ellis Crescent

Ellis Lane

Ellis Street

Ellisbank Walk

Ellisland Walk

Elliston Square

Ellon Walk

Elm Avenue

Elm Close

Elm Crescent

Elm Drive

Elm Grove

Elm Road

Elm Street

Elm Tree Close

Elmbank Avenue

Elmbank Road

Elmbridge Walk

Elmdale Walk

Elmfield Avenue

Elmfield Road

Elmfield Street

Elmgate Grove

Elmham Walk

Elmhurst Drive

Elms Close

Elms Road

Elms Square

Elms Street

Elmscott Walk

Elmsdale Avenue

Elmsmere Road

Elmstead Avenue

Elmswood Avenue

Elmsworth Avenue

Elmton Road

Elmwood Court

Elmwood Grove

Elrick Walk

Elsa Road

Elsdon Drive

Elsdon Road

Elsham Drive

Elsham Gardens

Elsie Street

Elsinore Avenue

Elsinore Close

Elsinore Road

Elsma Road

Elsmore Road

Elstead Walk

Elstree Avenue

Elstree Court

Elswick Avenue

Eltham Drive

Eltham Street

Elton Avenue

Elton Close

Elton Street

Elvate Crescent

Elverdon Close

Elverston Street

Elvey Street

Elvington Crescent

Elvira Close

Elwick Close

Elwyn Avenue

Ely Avenue

Ely Close

Ely Crescent

Ely Drive

Ely Gardens

Elysian Street

Ember Street

Embleton Walk

Emerald Road

Emerson Avenue

Emerson Drive

Emery Avenue

Emily Beavan Close

Emley Street

Emlyn Street

Emmett Street East

Empire Street

Endcott Close

Enderby Road

Endon Drive

Endsleigh Road

Endsley Avenue

Endsor Close

Energy Street

Enfield Avenue

Enfield Close

Enfield Drive

Enfield Road

Enford Avenue

Engell Close

Engine Fold Road

Engine Lane

Englefield Grove

Ennerdale Avenue

Ennerdale Road

Ennismore Avenue

Enstone Drive

Enstone Way

Enticott Road

Entwisle Avenue

Entwisle Street

Enver Road

Enville Road

Enville Street

Epping Road

Epping Street

Eppleworth Rise

Epsley Close

Epsom Avenue

Ercall Avenue

Eric Brook Close

Eric Bullows Close

Erica Drive

Erindale Walk

Erlesmere Avenue

Erlington Avenue

Ermen Road

Ermington Drive

Erneley Close

Ernest Street

Ernocroft Grove

Errol Avenue

Errwood Crescent

Errwood Road

Erskine Road

Erskine Street

Escott Street

Esk Close

Eskdale Avenue

Eskdale Drive

Esmond Road

Esmont Drive

Essex Avenue

Essex Close

Essex Gardens

Essex Place

Essex Road

Essington Walk

Esthwaite Drive

Eston Street

Estonfield Drive

Eswick Street

Ethel Avenue

Ethel Terrace

Etherley Close

Eton Court

Eton Hill Road

Etruria Close

Ettrick Close

Euclid Close

Euston Avenue

Eva Street

Evans Close

Evans Road

Evans Street

Evanton Walk

Evelyn Street

Evening Street

Evenley Close

Everard Close

Everest Road

Everett Road

Eversley Road

Everton Street

Every Street

Evesham Close

Evesham Gardens

Evesham Road

Evesham Walk

Evington Avenue

Ewan Street

Ewhurst Avenue

Ewing Close

Exbourne Road

Exbridge Walk

Exbury Street

Exeter Avenue

Exeter Drive

Exeter Road

Exford Close

Exhall Close

Exmoor Walk

Exmouth Walk

Eyre Street


Factory Lane

Factory Street

Factory Street West

Failsworth Road

Fair Isle Close

Fair Oak Road

Fair Street

Fairbank Avenue

Fairbank Drive

Fairbottom Walk

Fairbourne Road

Fairfax Avenue

Fairfax Road

Fairfield Avenue

Fairfield Road

Fairfield Square

Fairfield Street

Fairham Walk

Fairhaven Avenue

Fairhaven Street

Fairhills Road

Fairholme Avenue

Fairholme Road

Fairhurst Drive

Fairlawn Close


Fairlea Avenue

Fairlee Avenue

Fairless Road

Fairman Street

Fairmead Road

Fairmile Drive

Fairmount Road

Fairstead Walk

Fairview Avenue

Fairview Road


Fairway Avenue

Fairway Court

Fairwood Road

Fairy Lane

Falcon Avenue

Falcon Crescent

Falcon Drive

Falconwood Chase

Falfield Drive

Falkirk Walk

Falkland Avenue

Fallons Road

Fallowfield Way

Falmer Close

Falmer Drive

Falmouth Avenue

Falmouth Road

Falmouth Street

Falsgrave Close

Falside Walk

Falston Avenue

Falterley Road

Fancroft Road

Fane Walk

Far Hey Close

Far Lane

Faraday Avenue

Farcroft Avenue

Farcroft Close

Farden Drive

Farlands Drive

Farley Avenue

Farm Avenue

Farm Hill

Farm Lane

Farm Street

Farm Yard

Farmside Avenue

Farmstead Close


Farnborough Road

Farncombe Close

Farndale Square

Farndale Walk

Farnham Avenue

Farnham Drive

Farnhill Walk

Farrant Road

Farrar Road

Farrer Road

Farringdon Drive

Farrington Avenue

Farwood Close

Faulkner Road

Faulkner Street

Faversham Street

Fawborough Road

Fawley Grove

Fay Avenue

Federation Street

Feldom Road

Fellbrigg Close

Fellfoot Close

Felling Walk

Fellpark Road

Fells Grove

Felskirk Road

Felthorpe Drive

Felton Avenue

Fenchurch Avenue

Fencot Drive

Fenella Street

Fenham Close

Fenmore Avenue

Fenn Street

Fennel Street

Fenside Road

Fenstock Walk

Fenwick Street

Fereday Street

Fern Avenue

Fern Bank

Fern Bank Drive

Fern Close

Fern Lea Grove


Fernbray Avenue

Fernbrook Close

Fernbrook Walk

Fernclough Road

Ferndale Avenue

Ferndale Gardens

Ferndene Gardens

Ferndene Road

Ferndown Drive

Ferndown Road

Ferngate Drive

Fernhill Drive

Fernhurst Road

Fernlea Crescent

Fernleaf Street

Fernleigh Avenue

Fernleigh Drive

Fernley Avenue


Fernside Avenue

Fernside Grove

Fernwood Avenue

Ferris Street

Ferrous Way

Ferry Road

Ferry Street

Ferryhill Road

Festival Village

Fettler Close

Fiddlers Lane

Field Bank Grove

Field Place

Field Street

Field View Walk

Field Walk

Fielden Avenue

Fielders Way

Fieldfare Avenue

Fieldhead Avenue

Fielding Street

Fields End Fold

Fifth Avenue

Filby Walk

Filey Avenue

Filey Road

Filton Walk

Finchley Avenue

Finchley Grove

Finchley Road

Findon Road

Finghall Road

Finishing Walk

Finney Drive

Finningley Road

Finsbury Avenue

Finstock Close

Fintry Grove

Fir Grove

Fir Road

Fir Street

Fir Tree Avenue

Firbank Road

Firbeck Drive

Firdale Avenue

Firdon Walk

Firecrest Close

Firethorn Avenue

Firfield Grove

Firs Avenue

Firsby Street

First Avenue

Firswood Drive

Firwood Avenue

Firwood Crescent

Fishbourne Square

Fishermore Road

Fitchfield Walk

Fitton Avenue

Fitton Crescent

Fitzgerald Close

Fitzgerald Court

Five Quarters

Flagcroft Drive

Flamborough Walk

Flamingo Close

Flamingo Villas

Flamstead Avenue

Flapper Fold Lane

Flash Street

Flatley Close

Flavian Walk

Flaxcroft Road

Flaxpool Close

Flaxwood Walk

Fleeson Street

Fleet Street

Fleetwood Road

Flemish Road

Fletcher Avenue

Fletcher Street

Flexbury Walk

Flint Close

Flint Grove

Flint Street

Flixton Road

Floats Road

Floatshall Road

Florence Street

Floyd Avenue

Floyer Road

Fog Lane

Fold Avenue

Fold Road

Fold Street

Foleshill Avenue

Foley Walk

Folkestone Road

Folkestone Road East

Folkestone Road West

Folly Lane

Fontwell Close

Fontwell Walk

Footman Close

Forber Crescent

Ford Lane

Ford Street

Fordbank Road

Fordel Walk

Foreland Close

Forest Court

Forest Gardens

Forest Range

Formby Avenue

Forrest Road

Forrester Street

Forshaw Avenue

Forshaw Street

Forston Walk

Forsythia Walk

Fort Road

Forth Place

Forth Road

Fortrose Avenue

Fortuna Grove

Fosbrook Avenue

Foscarn Drive

Foster Street

Fotherby Drive

Foundry Lane

Fountain Place

Fountain Street

Fountains Close

Fountains Road

Fouracres Road

Fourth Avenue

Fourways Walk

Fowey Walk

Fowler Avenue

Foxall Close

Foxall Street

Foxbank Street

Foxbench Walk

Foxdale Street

Foxdenton Drive

Foxdenton Lane

Foxdenton Walk

Foxfield Road

Foxford Walk

Foxglove Walk

Foxhall Road

Foxhill Road

Foxlair Road

Foxley Close

Foxley Walk

Foxton Walk

Foxwell Walk

Foxwood Gardens

Foynes Close

Fram Street

Frampton Close

Frances Place

Francesca Walk

Francis Avenue

Francis Road

Francis Street

Frandley Walk

Frank Street

Frank Swift Walk

Frankby Close

Frankland Close

Franklin Street

Franklyn Avenue

Franklyn Close

Franklyn Road

Frankton Road

Franton Road

Fraser Road

Fraser Street

Fraternitas Terrace

Freckleton Avenue

Fred Tilson Close

Frederick Street

Frederick Terrace

Freeland Walk


Freeman Square

Freesia Avenue

Freetown Close

Fremantle Avenue

French Barn Lane

Frensham Walk

Freshfield Avenue

Freshfield Close

Freshfield Walk


Freshford Walk

Freshwater Drive

Freshwater Street

Friars Close

Friendship Avenue

Frimley Gardens

Frinton Avenue

Frobisher Close

Frodesley Walk

Frodsham Street

Frome Avenue

Frome Close

Frome Drive

Frostlands Road

Froxmer Street Industrial Estate

Fulbeck Walk

Fulbrook Way

Fulford Street

Fulham Avenue

Fulmead Walk

Fulmer Drive

Fulmere Court

Fulneck Square

Fulshaw Walk

Fulwell Avenue

Fulwood Avenue

Furlong Road

Furness Avenue

Furness Road

Furnival Close

Furnival Road

Furrow Drive

Furze Walk

Fyfield Walk

Please see our Manchester Street Address Guide A – B here

Please see our Manchester Street Address Guide C here

The Office Providers are Regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

The Office Providers is Regulated by the RICS