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Manchester Street Address Guide – I – L

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We only display samples of properties on our website as availability changes rapidly. This page displays examples of office space for rent in Manchester

Our network covers practically every postcode and street in Manchester. Below is a list of the streets on which the office space and flexible workspace providers that we work with, have offices for rent on or close to:

Manchester Street Address Guide – I-L

Ibberton Walk

Ice House Close

Ilford Street

Ilfracombe Street

Ilk Street

Ilkeston Walk

Ilkley Drive

Ilkley Street

Ilminster Walk

Ilthorpe Walk

Ince Close

Inchcape Drive

Inchfield Road

Ingham Street

Ingleby Avenue

Ingleby Court

Inglehead Close

Ingles Fold

Inglesham Close

Ingleton Avenue

Inglewood Close

Inglewood Walk

Ingoldsby Avenue

Innes Street

Innis Avenue

Instow Close

Inver Walk

Invergarry Walk

Inverness Avenue

Inwood Walk

Inworth Walk

Iona Way

Ipswich Walk

Iqbal Close

Ireby Close

Iredine Street

Iris Avenue

Iris Walk

Irk Way

Irlam Avenue

Irlam Moss

Irlam Road

Irlam Street

Irlam Wharf Road

Iron Street

Irvin Drive

Irvin Street

Irvine Avenue

Irwell Avenue

Irwell Close

Irwell Grove

Irwell Place

Irwell Street

Irwin Street

Isabella Close

Isca Street

Isel Walk

Isherwood Road

Isobel Close

Ivy Close

Ivy Drive

Ivy Grove

Ivy Street

Ivy Walk

Ivybridge Close

Ivygreen Road

Ivylea Road


J J Thomson Mews

Jack Brady Close

Jack Lane

Jackie Brown Walk

Jackroom Drive

Jackson Court

Jackson Crescent

Jackson Gardens

Jackson Street

Jacksons Row

James Andrew Street

James Bentley Walk

James Brindley Basin

James Leigh Street

James Street

James Street North

Japan Street

Jarvis Street

Jasmine Avenue

Jasmine Close

Jasmine Walk

Jasper Walk

Jayton Avenue

Jean Close

Jehlum Close

Jellicoe Avenue

Jenkyn Walk

Jennison Close

Jersey Close

Jersey Street

Jesmond Avenue

Jesmond Walk

Jessel Close

Jessop Street

Jetson Street

Jevington Walk

Jimmy Mcmullen Walk

Jinnah Close

Joan Street

Jobling Street

Jocelyn Street

Johannesburg Gardens

John Beeley Avenue

John Clynes Avenue

John Dalton Street

John Foran Close

John Heywood Street

John Lee Fold

John Robinson Walk

John Smeaton Court

John Street

John William Street

Johnny King Close

Johns Close

Johnson Grove

Johnson Street

Johnson Street South

Jones Street

Jonquil Drive

Jopson Street

Jordan Street

Joseph Dean Court

Joseph Johnson Mews

Joseph Street

Josephine Drive

Joshua Lane

Joule Street

Joyce Street

Jubilee Avenue

Jubilee Close

Jubilee Houses

Jubilee Road

Jubilee Terrace

Judson Avenue

Judy Street

Julia Street

Julius Street

Junction Street

Juniper Crescent

Jupiter Walk

Jura Drive

Jurby Avenue

Jury Street


Kathkin Avenue

Kathleen Grove

Kay Street

Keadby Close

Keal Drive

Kean Place

Kearsley Green

Kearsley Hall Road

Kearsley Road

Kearsley Street

Kearton Drive

Keary Close

Keats Avenue

Keats Close

Keats Crescent

Keats Mews

Kedington Close

Kedleston Avenue

Kedleston Walk

Keele Close

Keeley Close

Keighley Avenue

Keith Walk

Kelboro Avenue

Kelby Avenue

Keld Walk

Kelday Walk

Kelfield Avenue

Kelham Walk

Kellets Row

Kellett Walk

Kelling Walk

Kelmarsh Close

Kelsall Drive

Kelsey Walk

Kelstern Avenue

Kelstern Square

Kelvin Avenue

Kelvin Grove

Kelvin Street

Kelvington Drive

Kemble Avenue

Kemmel Avenue

Kemnay Walk

Kemp Street

Kempley Close

Kempnough Hall Road

Kempsey Walk

Kempsford Close

Kempton Close

Kempton Road

Kenchester Avenue

Kendal Avenue

Kendal Grove

Kendal Road

Kendal Walk

Kendall Road

Kendon Grove

Kendrew Walk

Kenford Walk

Kenilworth Avenue

Kenilworth Close

Kenilworth Grove

Kenilworth Road

Kenley Walk

Kenmere Grove

Kenmore Close

Kenmore Grove

Kenmore Road

Kenmore Way

Kennard Close

Kennedy Street

Kennedy Way

Kennett Road

Kenninghall Road

Kennington Avenue

Kenside Street

Kensington Avenue

Kensington Court

Kensington Grove

Kensington Road

Kensington Street

Kenslow Avenue

Kensworth Close

Kent Avenue

Kent Close

Kent Grove

Kent Road

Kent Road West

Kent Street

Kentford Drive

Kentmere Drive

Kenton Avenue

Kenton Close

Kentsford Drive

Kenwick Drive

Kenwood Avenue

Kenwood Close

Kenwood Court

Kenwood Lane

Kenwood Road

Kenworthy Lane

Kenwyn Street

Kenyon Grove

Kenyon Lane

Kenyon Street

Kenyon Terrace

Kenyon Way

Keppel Road

Kepplecove Meadow

Kepwick Drive

Kerfield Walk

Kerfoot Close

Kermishaw Nook

Kerne Grove

Kerr Street

Kerrier Close

Kerris Close

Kerry Walk

Kersal Avenue

Kersal Close

Kersal Road

Kerscott Road

Kersh Avenue

Kershaw Avenue

Kershaw Grove

Kershaw Lane

Kershaw Road

Kershaw Street

Kershaw Walk

Kerswell Walk

Kerwin Walk

Kesteven Road

Keston Avenue

Kestrel Avenue

Kestrel Close

Kestrel Drive

Kestrel Road

Kestrel Walk

Keswick Avenue

Keswick Close

Keswick Road

Ketley Walk

Kettering Road

Kettlewell Walk

Ketton Close

Kew Drive

Kew Gardens

Kew Road

Key Court

Key West Close

Keyhaven Walk

Keynsham Road

Keyworth Walk

Khartoum Street

Kibworth Close

Kibworth Walk

Kidacre Walk

Kidnall Walk

Kiel Close

Kielder Hill

Kilburn Avenue

Kilburn Road

Kildare Road

Kilmarsh Walk

Kilmington Drive

Kilner Walk

Kilnsey Walk

Kilnside Drive

Kilnwick Close

Kilrush Avenue

Kilsby Walk

Kilton Walk

Kimberley Walk

Kimbolton Close

Kinburn Road

Kinbury Walk

Kincardine Road

Kincraig Close

Kinder Way

Kinderton Avenue

Kineton Walk

King Edward Street

King Street

King Street West

King William Street

Kingcombe Walk

Kingfisher Avenue

Kingfisher Close

Kingham Drive

Kingmoor Avenue

Kings Avenue

Kings Close

Kings Crescent

Kings Drive

Kings Grove

Kings Lane

Kings Lynn Close

Kings Road

Kings Terrace

Kings Walk

Kingsbridge Road

Kingsbrook Road

Kingsbury Road

Kingscliffe Street

Kingsdale Road

Kingsdown Road

Kingsfield Drive

Kingsfield Way

Kingsfold Avenue

Kingsgate Road

Kingsheath Avenue

Kingshill Road

Kingsholme Road

Kingsland Close

Kingslea Road

Kingsley Avenue

Kingsley Close

Kingsley Grove

Kingsley Road

Kingsmead Mews

Kingsmere Avenue

Kingsmill Avenue

Kingsnorth Road

Kingston Avenue

Kingston Drive

Kingston Grove

Kingston Road


Kingsway Avenue

Kingsway Crescent

Kingsway Park

Kingswood Road

Kinlett Walk

Kinley Close

Kinloch Street

Kinmel Walk

Kinmount Walk

Kinnaird Road

Kinnerley Grove

Kinross Road

Kinsale Walk

Kinsey Avenue

Kinsley Drive

Kintore Walk

Kintyre Close

Kinver Road

Kipling Avenue

Kippax Street

Kirby Avenue

Kirby Walk

Kirk Road

Kirk Street

Kirkby Avenue

Kirkdale Avenue

Kirkfell Drive

Kirkham Avenue

Kirkham Close

Kirkham Street

Kirkhaven Square

Kirkhill Walk

Kirkholt Walk

Kirklees Walk

Kirkman Avenue

Kirkman Close

Kirkmanshulme Lane

Kirkstall Gardens

Kirkstall Road

Kirkstall Square

Kirkstile Place

Kirkstone Avenue

Kirkstone Drive

Kirkstone Road

Kirktown Walk


Kirkwood Drive

Kirtley Avenue

Kirton Walk

Kitchener Avenue

Kittiwake Close

Kiveton Close

Knight Crescent

Knight Street

Knightley Walk

Knights Close

Knightsbridge Mews

Kniveton Close

Knowe Avenue

Knowldale Way

Knowle Close

Knowle Drive

Knowles Place

Knowles Street

Knowsley Avenue

Knowsley Drive

Knowsley Road

Knowsley Street

Knutsford Avenue

Knutsford Road

Kynder Street


Laburnum Avenue

Laburnum Grove

Laburnum Road

Laburnum Street

Lackford Drive

Lacy Grove

Lacy Street

Lacy Walk

Ladybarn Crescent

Ladybarn Lane

Ladybarn Road

Ladybridge Avenue

Ladyhill View

Ladylands Avenue

Ladymere Drive

Ladysmith Road

Ladythorne Avenue

Ladythorne Court

Ladythorne Drive

Ladywell Avenue

Ladywell Grove

Lagan Walk

Lagos Close

Laindon Road

Lake Drive

Lake Road

Lake View

Lakeland Court

Lakeside Avenue

Lakeside Close

Lakin Street

Lamb Close

Lamb Walk

Lamberton Drive

Lambeth Avenue

Lambeth Road

Lambeth Street

Lambourn Road

Lambourne Close

Lambrook Walk

Lambton Road

Lambton Street

Lamburn Avenue

Lamport Court

Lamsholme Close

Lanark Avenue

Lanbury Drive

Lancashire Road

Lancaster Avenue

Lancaster Drive

Lancaster Road

Lancelot Road

Lanchester Street

Lancing Avenue

Landcross Road

Landells Walk

Lander Grove

Landkey Close

Landore Close

Landos Road

Landrace Drive

Lands End Road

Landsberg Road

Landsberg Terrace

Lane End

Lane End Close

Lane End Road

Lanesfield Walk

Laneside Road

Langcliffe Walk

Langcroft Drive

Langdale Avenue

Langdale Close

Langdale Drive

Langdale Road

Langfield Avenue

Langfield Crescent

Langford Drive

Langford Road

Langford Street

Langham Court

Langholme Place

Langland Close

Langland Drive

Langley Avenue

Langley Close

Langley Crescent

Langley Drive

Langley Gardens

Langley Grange

Langley Grove

Langley Hall Road

Langley Lane

Langley Road

Langness Street

Lango Street

Langport Avenue

Langroyd Walk

Langshaw Street

Langside Avenue

Langthorne Street

Langton Close

Langton Street

Langtree Close

Langworthy Avenue

Langworthy Road

Lanhill Drive

Lanreath Walk

Lansdale Gardens

Lansdale Street

Lansdowne Avenue

Lansdowne Drive

Lansdowne Road

Lansdowne Road North

Lapwing Lane

Larch Avenue

Larch Close

Larch Grove

Larch Road

Larch View Road

Larchwood Avenue

Larden Walk

Largs Walk

Larkfield Avenue

Larkfield Grove

Larkfield Mews

Larkhill Court

Larkhill Walk

Larks Rise

Larkside Avenue

Larmuth Avenue

Larne Avenue

Lashbrook Close

Lastingham Street

Latchmere Road

Lathbury Road

Lathom Road

Latrigg Crescent

Latrobe Street

Lauderdale Crescent

Launceston Road

Laurel Avenue

Laurel Bank Gardens

Laurel Drive

Laurel Green

Laurel Grove

Laurel Street

Laurel Walk

Laurence Close

Lausanne Road

Lavender Close

Lavender Walk

Lavenham Avenue

Lavington Grove

Lavister Avenue

Lawefield Crescent

Lawn Drive

Lawnbank Close

Lawngreen Avenue

Lawnside Mews

Lawnswood Drive

Lawnswood Park Road

Lawrence Road

Lawson Close

Lawson Street

Lawson Walk

Lawton Moor Road

Lawton Street

Laxey Avenue

Laxfield Drive

Laycock Crescent

Laycock Grove

Laycock Way

Laystall Street

Layton Street

Lazenby Walk

Lea Court

Lea Drive

Lea Field Close

Leabank Street

Leabrook Drive

Leaburn Drive

Leach Mews

Leach Street

Leaconfield Drive

Leacroft Road

Leader Williams Road

Leaf Street


Leafield Avenue

Leafield Drive

Leaford Avenue

Leaford Close


Leamington Avenue

Leamington Road

Leamore Walk

Leander Close

Leaside Drive

Leaside Grove

Leaton Avenue

Leavale Close

Lecester Road

Leckenby Close

Leconfield Drive

Leconfield Road

Ledburn Close

Ledbury Avenue

Ledbury Close

Ledbury Walk

Ledsham Avenue

Lee Close

Lee Court

Lee Crescent

Lee Dale Close

Lee Fold

Lee Road

Lee Street

Leech Brook Avenue

Leech Brook Close

Leedale Street

Leegate Drive

Leegrange Road

Lees Avenue

Lees Hall Crescent

Lees Park Way

Lees Street

Leesway Drive

Leeswood Avenue


Legh Drive

Legh Street

Leghorn Walk

Legwood Court

Leicester Avenue

Leicester Road

Leigh Avenue

Leigh Road

Leighbrook Road

Leighton Avenue

Leighton Road

Leighton Street

Leinster Road

Lemon Street

Len Cox Walk

Lena Street

Leng Road

Lenham Avenue

Lenham Walk

Lennox Street

Lenthall Walk

Lentmead Drive

Lenton Gardens

Leominster Drive

Leopold Avenue

Leroy Drive

Lesley Road

Leslie Street

Lester Street

Letchworth Street

Levedale Road

Leven Walk

Levenhurst Road

Levens Street

Levenshulme Road

Lever Avenue

Lever Close

Lever Street

Lever Walk

Lewes Avenue

Lewis Avenue

Lewis Road

Lewis Street

Lewisham Avenue

Lexton Avenue

Ley Crescent

Leybourne Avenue

Leybrook Road

Leyburn Avenue

Leyburn Close

Leyburn Road

Leycett Drive

Leyden Walk

Leyland Avenue

Leyton Avenue

Lichfield Avenue

Lichfield Close

Lichfield Drive

Lichfield Road

Lidbrook Walk

Lidgate Grove

Lidgett Close

Lidiard Street

Liffey Avenue

Lifton Avenue

Lightbourne Avenue

Lightbowne Road

Lightfoot Walk


Lila Street

Lilac Avenue

Lilac Grove

Lilac Walk

Lilford Close

Lilford Street

Lillian Street

Lilmore Avenue

Lilstock Walk

Lily Hill Street

Lily Lane

Lily Street

Lime Avenue

Lime Crescent

Lime Gardens

Lime Grove

Lime Lane

Lime Road

Lime Street

Lime Tree Close

Lime Tree Grove

Lime Walk

Limebrook Close

Limeditch Road

Limefield Road

Limefield Terrace

Limehurst Avenue

Limerston Drive

Limestead Avenue

Limetree Walk

Limley Grove

Linby Street

Lincoln Avenue

Lincoln Close

Lincoln Drive

Lincoln Grove

Lincoln Minshull Close

Lincoln Road

Lincoln Street

Lincombe Road

Lind Street

Lindale Avenue

Lindale Close

Lindale Drive

Lindale Road

Linden Avenue

Linden Close

Linden Grove

Linden Mews

Linden Park

Linden Road

Linden Way

Lindeth Avenue

Lindleywood Road

Lindon Avenue

Lindow Road

Lindrick Avenue

Lindrick Close

Lindsay Avenue

Lindsay Road

Lindside Walk

Lindum Avenue

Lindum Street

Lindwall Close

Lines Road

Linford Avenue

Ling Drive

Lingard Close

Lingard Road

Lingard Terrace

Lingards Drive

Lingards Lane

Lingcrest Close

Lingdale Walk

Lingfield Road

Lingholme Drive

Lingmell Close

Lingmoor Close

Lingmoor Drive

Lingmoor Walk

Lings Walk

Link Avenue

Linkfield Drive

Links Avenue

Links Crescent

Links Rise

Links View

Links View Court



Linn Street

Linnet Close

Linnet Drive

Linnets Wood Mews

Linnett Close

Linslade Walk

Linstead Drive

Linstock Way

Linton Avenue

Linton Close

Linwood Grove

Lion Brow

Lion Fold Lane

Lion Street

Lions Drive

Lisburn Avenue

Lisburn Road

Liscard Avenue

Liscard Street

Lismore Walk

Lismore Way

Lister Road

Litcham Close

Litchfield Grove

Litherland Avenue

Little Green

Little Lever Street

Little Moss Lane

Little Peter Street

Littleham Walk

Littlehaven Close

Littlehills Close

Littler Avenue

Littlewood Road

Liverpool Road

Liverton Court

Livesey Street

Livsey Street

Lizmar Terrace

Lloyd Road

Lloyd Street

Lloyd Street North

Lloyd Street South

Lobelia Walk

Lock Lane

Lockett Street

Lockhart Close

Locklands Lane

Lockton Close

Lockton Court

Lockwood Street

Loddon Walk

Lodge Avenue

Lodge Drive

Lodge Fold

Lodge Grove

Lodge Lane

Lodge Road

Lodge Street

Lodge View

Lodgepole Close

Lodgeside Close

Lomas Close

Lombard Grove

Lombard Street

Lomond Avenue

Lomond Road

London Road

London Street

Long Street

Long Walk

Long Wood Road

Longbridge Road

Longcrag Walk


Longcroft Grove

Longdell Walk

Longden Road

Longfellow Walk

Longfield Avenue

Longfield Centre

Longfield Drive

Longfield Gardens

Longfield Road

Longford Avenue

Longford Close

Longford Park

Longford Place

Longford Road

Longford Road West

Longford Street

Longham Close

Longhey Road

Longhill Walk

Longhope Road

Longhurst Road

Longlevens Road

Longley Drive

Longley Lane

Longley Road

Longmead Way

Longmeadow Grove

Longmere Avenue

Longport Avenue

Longshaw Avenue

Longshaw Drive

Longsight Road

Longthwaite Close

Longton Avenue

Longton Road

Longview Drive

Longwood Road

Longworth Close

Lonsdale Avenue

Lonsdale Road

Loom Street

Lord Avenue

Lord Grove

Lord Lane

Lord North Street

Lord Street

Lords Street

Lordship Close

Lordsmead Street

Loretto Road

Loring Street

Lorne Grove

Lorne Road

Lorne Street

Lorton Close

Lostock Avenue

Lostock Grove

Lostock Road

Lostock Street

Lostock Walk

Lothian Avenue


Loughrigg Close

Louisa Street

Louvaine Close

Lovers Lane

Lovett Walk

Low Green

Low Wood Road

Lowe Avenue

Lowe Street

Lower Bamford Close

Lower Brook Lane

Lower Brooklands Parade

Lower Chatham Street

Lower Croft

Lower Fold

Lower Green

Lower Green Lane

Lower Monton Road

Lower Mosley Street

Lower Moss Lane

Lower New Row

Lower Park Road

Lower Sutherland Street

Lower Vickers Street


Lowestead Road

Lowestoft Street

Loweswater Avenue

Lowfell Walk

Lowfield Avenue

Lowfield Walk

Lowgill Walk

Lowlands Close

Lowndes Walk

Lownorth Road

Lowood Avenue

Lowrey Walk

Lowry Court

Lowry Drive

Lowry Houses

Lowther Avenue

Lowther Close

Lowther Crescent

Lowther Gardens

Lowther Road

Lowthorpe Street

Lowton Avenue

Lowton Street

Loxford Court

Loxford Street

Loxley Walk

Lucas Walk

Lucien Close

Luciol Close

Lucy Street

Ludgate Hill

Ludgate Road

Ludlow Avenue

Ludwell Walk

Luke Kirby Court

Luke Road

Luke Walk

Lullington Close

Lulworth Avenue

Lulworth Crescent

Lulworth Gardens

Lulworth Road

Lumb Lane

Lumber Lane

Lumley Close

Lumns Lane

Lund Avenue

Lundale Walk

Lundy Avenue

Lune Close

Lune Drive

Lune Street

Lune Walk

Lunn Avenue

Lupton Street

Luton Drive

Luton Grove

Luxhall Walk

Luxor Grove

Lydden Avenue

Lydford Walk

Lydgate Close

Lydgate Road

Lydgate Walk

Lydney Road

Lyme Clough Way

Lyme Grove

Lymefield Drive

Lymington Close

Lymington Drive

Lymm Close

Lyndale Avenue

Lyndene Avenue

Lyndene Road

Lyndhurst Avenue

Lyndhurst Gardens

Lyndhurst Road

Lyndon Road

Lyneham Walk

Lynmouth Avenue

Lynmouth Close

Lynmouth Court

Lynmouth Grove

Lynn Drive

Lynnwood Road

Lynside Walk

Lynthorpe Avenue

Lynthorpe Road

Lynton Avenue

Lynton Crescent

Lynton Drive

Lynton Lea

Lynton Road

Lynton Street

Lynton Terrace

Lyntown Trading Estate

Lynway Drive

Lynway Grove

Lynwood Avenue

Lynwood Grove

Lyon Grove

Lyon Street

Lysander Close

Lyth Street

Lytham Avenue

Lytham Road

Lytherton Avenue

Lytton Avenue

Lytton Road

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The Office Providers are Regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

The Office Providers is Regulated by the RICS