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Manchester Street Address Guide – M – O

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Manchester Street Address Guide – M-O

Mabel Avenue

Mabel Road

Mabel Street

Mabfield Road

Macauley Road

Macauley Way

Macdonald Road

Macefin Avenue

Macfarren Street

Mackenzie Street

Maclaren Drive

Madams Wood Road

Maddison Road

Madeira Place

Maden Street

Madison Avenue

Madison Gardens

Madison Street

Maesbrook Drive

Magenta Avenue

Magnolia Close

Magpie Close

Magpie Walk

Maher Gardens

Maida Street

Maidford Close

Maidstone Avenue

Maidstone Mews

Maidstone Walk

Main Avenue

Main Street

Maine Road

Mainhill Walk

Mainwaring Terrace


Mainway East

Mainwood Square

Maismore Road

Maitland Avenue

Makants Close

Makepeace Walk

Makkah Close

Malbrook Walk

Malcolm Avenue

Malcolm Drive

Malden Grove

Maldon Crescent

Maldon Drive

Maldwyn Avenue

Malgam Drive

Malham Drive

Mallaig Walk

Malley Walk

Malling Road

Mallory Walk

Mallow Street

Mallow Walk


Malpas Walk

Malsham Road

Malta Close

Maltby Road

Malton Avenue

Malton Close

Malton Road

Malvern Avenue

Malvern Close

Malvern Drive

Malvern Grove

Malvern Road

Malvern Row

Manby Road

Manby Square

Manchester New Road

Manchester Old Road

Manchester Road (15)

Manchester Road East

Manchester Road West

Manchester Street

Mancroft Walk

Mancunian Road

Mancunian Way

Mandeville Street

Mandley Avenue

Mandon Close

Manesty Close

Manilla Walk

Manipur Street

Manley Avenue

Manley Road

Mannington Drive

Manor Avenue

Manor Close

Manor Court

Manor Drive

Manor Park

Manor Road

Manor Street

Manor Walk

Manordale Walk

Manorial Drive

Mansfield Avenue

Mansfield Close

Mansfield Crescent

Mansfield Drive

Mansfield Road

Mansford Drive

Manshaw Crescent

Manshaw Road

Mansion Avenue

Manson Avenue

Manstead Walk

Manswood Drive

Mantell Walk

Manton Avenue

Manwaring Street

Maple Avenue

Maple Close

Maple Grove

Maple Road

Maple Road West

Maple Walk

Mapledon Road

Maplefield Drive

Mapley Avenue

Maplin Close

Marble Street

Marbury Avenue

Marbury Close

Marcer Road

Marchers Mews

Marchmont Close

Marchwood Avenue

Marcliffe Drive

Marcus Grove

Mardale Avenue

Mardale Close

Mardale Drive

Mardale Road

Marden Road

Marfield Street

Marford Close

Margaret Ashton Close

Margaret Road

Margate Avenue

Margrove Close

Marguerita Road

Marham Close

Marie Close

Marigold Terrace

Mariman Drive

Marina Avenue

Marina Crescent

Marina Road

Marine Avenue

Marjorie Close

Mark Jones Walk

Market Hall

Market Place

Market Street

Markfield Avenue

Markham Close

Markington Street

Marklands Road

Marks Street

Marlborough Avenue

Marlborough Close

Marlborough Drive

Marlborough Grove

Marlborough Road

Marle Croft

Marley Road

Marleyer Close

Marlinford Drive

Marlor Street

Marlow Drive

Marlow Road

Marlowe Drive

Marlowe Walk

Marlton Walk

Marmion Drive

Marne Avenue

Maroon Road

Marple Grove

Marquis Street

Marriott Street

Marsden Street

Marsden Walk

Marsett Walk

Marsh Hey Close

Marsh Road

Marsh Street

Marshall Road

Marshall Street

Marsham Close

Marshbrook Road

Marshfield Walk

Marsland Close

Marsland Green Lane

Marston Close

Marston Drive

Marston Road

Marston Street

Martin Close

Martin Drive

Martin Road

Martin Street

Martindale Crescent

Martingale Close

Martingale Way

Martinscroft Road

Martlesham Walk

Martlet Close

Martlew Drive

Martock Avenue

Marton Avenue

Marton Drive

Marton Grange

Marwood Close

Marwood Drive

Mary France Street

Mary Street

Maryfield Court

Marylon Drive

Masboro Street

Masefield Avenue

Masefield Crescent

Masefield Road

Mason Street

Massey Avenue

Massey Walk

Matham Walk

Mather Avenue

Mather Road

Mather Street

Matherfold Road

Matlock Avenue

Matlock Close

Matlock Road

Matlock Street

Matson Walk

Matt Busby Close

Matthews Lane

Matthews Street

Mattison Street

Mauldeth Road

Mauldeth Road West

Maunby Gardens

Maureen Avenue

Maurice Pariser Walk

Mawdsley Drive

Max Woosnam Walk

May Drive

May Grove

May Road

May Street

May Walk

Mayberth Avenue

Maybrook Walk

Mayburn Close

Maybury Street

Maycroft Avenue

Mayes Gardens

Mayfair Avenue

Mayfair Crescent

Mayfair Drive

Mayfair Grove

Mayfair Mews

Mayfair Park

Mayfair Road

Mayfield Avenue

Mayfield Grove

Mayfield Houses

Mayfield Road

Mayfield Street

Mayford Road

Mayhill Drive

Mayhurst Avenue

Mayo Street

Mayton Street

Mayville Drive

Maywood Avenue

Mccall Walk

Mcconnell Road

Mcdowall Walk

Mclean Drive

Meachin Avenue

Mead Way

Meade Close

Meade Grove

Meade Hill Road

Meadfoot Avenue

Meadfoot Road

Meadon Avenue

Meadow Bank

Meadow Close

Meadow Croft

Meadow Lane

Meadow Road

Meadow Walk

Meadow Way

Meadowbank Avenue

Meadowbank Close

Meadowburn Nook


Meadowfield Drive


Meadowside Avenue

Meadowside Close

Meadowside Grove

Meads Grove


Mealhouse Court

Mealhouse Lane

Meanley Road

Meanley Street

Medlock Gates

Medlock Road

Medlock Street

Medlock Way

Medway Road

Medway Walk

Meech Street

Mees Square

Melba Street

Melbecks Walk

Melbourne Avenue

Melbourne Street

Melbury Avenue

Meldon Road

Meldreth Drive

Melford Avenue

Melfort Avenue

Meliden Crescent

Mellalieu Street

Melland Avenue

Melland Road

Meller Road

Melling Street

Mellington Avenue

Mellor Drive

Mellor Street

Mellowstone Drive

Melrose Avenue

Melrose Close

Melrose Gardens

Melrose Road

Melrose Street

Melsomby Road

Meltham Avenue

Melton Avenue

Melton Close

Melton Road

Melton Row

Melton Street

Melton Walk

Melton Way

Melverley Road

Melville Close

Melville Road

Melvin Avenue

Memorial Cottages

Memorial Road

Mendip Avenue

Menston Avenue

Mentone Crescent

Mentor Street

Mercer Road

Mercer Street

Mere Avenue

Mere Bank Close

Mere Close

Mere Drive

Mere Fold

Mereclough Avenue

Meredew Avenue

Meredith Street

Mereland Avenue


Mereside Grove

Mereside Walk

Merewood Avenue

Meriden Close

Meridian Place

Meriton Walk

Merlewood Avenue

Merlewood Drive

Merlin Drive

Merlin Road

Merlyn Avenue

Merrick Avenue

Merridge Walk

Merriman Street

Merrow Walk

Merrydale Avenue

Mersey Bank Avenue

Mersey Close

Mersey Crescent

Mersey Drive

Mersey Meadows

Mersey Road

Mersey Road North

Mersey Square

Mersey Street

Mersey View

Merston Drive

Merton Drive

Merton Grove

Merton Road

Merton Walk

Merville Avenue

Merwell Road

Merwood Grove

Mesne Lea Grove

Mesne Lea Road

Metcalfe Court

Metfield Walk

Methuen Street

Michael Street

Mickleby Walk

Micklehurst Avenue


Midbrook Walk


Middleham Street

Middlesex Road

Middlestone Drive

Middleton Avenue

Middleton Close

Middleton Gardens

Middleton Old Road

Middleton Road

Middleton View

Middlewich Walk

Midford Avenue

Midford Walk

Midgley Avenue

Midgley Street

Midhurst Avenue

Midland Street

Midlothian Street

Midmoor Walk

Midville Road

Milburn Avenue

Milden Close

Mildred Avenue

Milford Drive

Milk Street

Milkwood Grove

Mill Bank

Mill Brow

Mill Fold Road

Mill Hill

Mill Lane

Mill Street

Millais Street

Millbeck Road

Millbeck Street

Millbrook Avenue

Millbrook Road

Millcrest Close

Milldale Close

Miller Street

Millers Lane

Millers Street

Millfield Drive

Millfield Walk

Millford Avenue

Millford Gardens

Millgate Lane

Millhalf Close

Millhead Avenue

Millhouse Avenue

Millington Road

Millington Walk

Millom Avenue

Millpool Walk

Mills Hill Road

Milltown Close

Milltown Street

Millwall Close

Millway Walk

Millwright Street

Milne Close

Milne Street

Milner Street

Milnrow Close

Milnthorpe Way

Milstead Walk

Milton Avenue

Milton Close

Milton Court

Milton Grove

Milton Mount

Milton Road

Milton Street

Milverton Road

Milwain Road

Mimosa Drive

Minden Close

Minehead Avenue

Minford Close

Minor Street

Minorca Avenue

Minshull Street

Minsmere Walk

Minstead Walk

Minster Grove

Minster Road

Minstrel Close

Minton Street

Mintridge Close

Mirabel Street

Mirfield Avenue

Mirfield Drive

Mirfield Road

Miriam Street

Misterton Walk

Mistral Court

Mitcham Avenue

Mitchell Gardens

Mitchell Street

Mitchells Quay

Mitford Road

Mitford Street

Moat Avenue

Moat Gardens

Moat Hall Avenue

Moat Road

Mobberley Close

Mobile Home Park

Modbury Walk

Mode Hill Lane

Mode Hill Walk

Mollets Wood

Molyneux Road

Mona Avenue

Monaco Drive

Monarch Close

Monart Road

Mond Road

Monica Avenue

Monica Grove

Monks Close

Monks Hall Grove

Monksdale Avenue

Monkton Avenue

Monkwood Drive

Monmouth Street

Monsall Road

Monsall Street

Montana Square

Montcliffe Crescent

Monteagle Street

Montgomery Road

Montgomery Way

Monton Avenue

Monton Green

Monton Lane

Monton Road

Monton Street


Montonfields Road

Montonmill Gardens

Montpellier Road

Montreal Street

Montrose Avenue

Montrose Crescent

Moon Grove

Moor Close

Moor End

Moor Lane

Moor Park Road

Moor Road

Moorby Avenue

Moorclose Walk

Moorcock Avenue

Moorcroft Drive

Moorcroft Road

Moorcroft Street

Moorcroft Walk

Moordale Street

Moordown Close

Moore Walk


Moorfield Avenue

Moorfield Close

Moorfield Parade

Moorfield Road

Moorfield Walk

Moorgate Avenue

Moorgate Drive

Moorhey Road

Moorland Avenue

Moorland Drive

Moorland Road

Moorlands Avenue

Moorsholme Avenue

Moorside Avenue

Moorside Court

Moorside Crescent

Moorside Lane

Moorside Road

Moorside Street

Moorton Avenue

Moorton Park

Moortop Close

Moorway Drive

Mora Street

Moran Walk

Moravian Field

Morborne Close

Morden Avenue

Morecambe Close

Moresby Drive

Moreton Avenue

Morillon Road

Morland Road

Morley Avenue

Morley Road

Morley Street

Morleys Lane

Morna Walk

Morningside Close

Morningside Drive

Mornington Crescent

Mornington Road

Morpeth Close

Morpeth Street

Morrell Road

Morris Grove

Morris Street

Morrison Walk

Morrowfield Avenue

Morse Road

Mort Fold

Mort Lane

Mortimer Avenue

Mortlake Close

Mortlake Drive

Morton Street

Morton Terrace

Morven Drive

Morville Road

Moschatel Walk

Mosedale Close

Mosedale Road

Moseley Road

Mosley Common Road

Mosley Road

Mosley Street

Moss Bank

Moss Bank Avenue

Moss Bank Court

Moss Bank Grove

Moss Bank Road

Moss Brook Drive

Moss Close

Moss Colliery Road

Moss Croft Close

Moss Farm Close

Moss Fold

Moss Grange Avenue

Moss Green

Moss Hey Drive

Moss House Terrace

Moss Lane

Moss Lane East

Moss Lane West

Moss Park Road

Moss Road

Moss Shaw Way

Moss Side Road

Moss Street

Moss Vale Crescent

Moss Vale Road

Moss View

Moss View Road

Mossack Avenue

Mossbray Avenue

Mossdale Road

Mossfield Drive

Mossfield Green

Mossfield Road

Mosshall Close

Mosslee Avenue


Mosswood Park

Moston Bank Avenue

Moston Lane

Moston Lane East

Moston Road

Mostyn Avenue

Motherwell Avenue

Motor Street

Mottershead Road

Mottram Avenue

Mouldsworth Avenue

Moulton Street

Mount Drive

Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant Road

Mount Pleasant Street

Mount Pleasant Walk

Mount Road

Mount Sion Houses

Mount Sion Road

Mount Skip Lane

Mount Street

Mount Terrace

Mountain Grove

Mountain Street

Mountbatten Street


Mountfield Walk


Mountford Avenue

Mountside Crescent

Mowbray Avenue

Mowbray Walk

Moxley Road

Mozart Close

Muirfield Close

Muirfield Drive

Mulberry Walk

Mulgrave Road

Mulgrave Street

Mulgrove Walk

Mull Avenue

Mullacre Road

Mullion Close

Mullion Walk

Munn Road

Munro Avenue

Munslow Walk

Murray Street

Murrow Walk

Muscari Walk

Musgrave Road

Muter Avenue

Myerscroft Close

Myrtle Bank

Myrtle Grove

Myrtle Road

Myrtle Street

Mytholme Avenue

Mythorn Walk

Mytton Street



Naburn Street

Naden Walk

Nailsworth Walk

Nairn Close

Nall Street

Nameplate Close

Nan Nook Road

Nancy Street

Nansen Avenue

Nansen Close

Nansen Street

Nantwich Road

Napier Court

Napier Road

Napier Street

Naples Street

Narbonne Avenue

Narborough Walk

Narbuth Drive

Narcissus Walk

Naseby Avenue

Naseby Place

Naseby Walk

Nash Street

Nasmyth Avenue

Nasmyth Road

Nasmyth Street

Nathans Road

Naunton Road

Naunton Walk

Naval Street

Navenby Avenue

Naylor Street

Neale Road

Near Hey Close

Nearbrook Road

Nearcroft Road

Nearmaker Avenue

Nearmaker Road

Neary Way

Neath Avenue

Neath Close

Neden Close

Needham Avenue

Needham Court

Needwood Close

Neenton Square

Neilson Close

Neilston Avenue

Nell Lane

Nelson Avenue

Nelson Drive

Nelson Road

Nelson Street

Nelstrop Road

Nepaul Road

Nesfield Road

Neston Avenue

Neston Street

Neswick Walk

Netherbury Close

Nethercote Avenue

Nethercott Court

Netherton Road

Netherwood Road

Netley Gardens

Netley Road

Nettlebarn Road

Nettleford Road

Nettleton Grove

Nevendon Drive

Neville Cardus Walk

Neville Drive

Nevin Road

New Allen Street

New Bank Street

New Bridge Street

New Church Court

New Church Walk

New City Road

New Cross Street

New Ellesmere Approach

New Elm Road

New Field Close

New Forest Road

New Islington

New Lane

New Lester Way

New Mill Walk

New Moss Road

New Road

New Smithfield Market

New Street

New Union Street

New Vine Street

New Welcome Street

Newall Road

Newark Avenue

Newark Road

Newbrook Avenue

Newbrook Road

Newburn Avenue

Newbury Drive

Newbury Walk

Newby Drive

Newcastle Street

Newcastle Walk

Newcliffe Road

Newcombe Close

Newcombe Drive


Newcroft Crescent

Newcroft Drive

Newcroft Road

Newdale Road

Newearth Road

Newgate Drive

Newhall Avenue

Newhall Drive

Newham Avenue

Newhart Grove

Newhaven Avenue

Newhey Avenue

Newhey Road

Newholme Gardens

Newick Walk

Newington Avenue

Newland Street


Newlands Avenue

Newlands Drive

Newlands Road

Newlands Walk

Newlyn Street

Newport Road

Newport Street

Newry Road

Newry Walk

Newsham Walk

Newsholme Street

Newstead Avenue

Newstead Road

Newton Avenue

Newton Crescent

Newton Road

Newton Street

Newtonmore Walk

Newtown Avenue

Newtown Close

Newtown Mews

Newtown Street

Newville Drive

Nicholas Croft

Nicholas Owen Close

Nicholas Street

Nicolas Road

Nield Road

Nigel Road

Nightingale Drive

Nightingale Gardens

Nina Drive

Ninfield Road

Ninian Gardens

Nipper Lane

Nisbet Avenue

Nixon Street

Nolan Street

Nook Lane

Norbet Walk

Norbreck Avenue

Norburn Road

Norbury Close

Norbury Grove

Norcliffe Walk

Norcot Walk

Norden Avenue

Noreen Avenue

Norfolk Avenue

Norfolk Close

Norfolk Crescent

Norfolk Gardens

Norfolk Road

Norgate Street

Norlan Avenue

Norland Walk

Norleigh Road

Norley Avenue

Norley Drive

Norman Close

Norman Grove

Norman Road

Norman Road West

Norman Street

Norman Weall Court

Normanby Grove

Normanby Road

Normanby Street

Normandy Crescent

Normanton Drive

Norreys Avenue

Norris Street

North Avenue

North Circle

North Crescent

North Dean Street

North Drive

North Grove

North Lane

North Lonsdale Street

North Meade

North Parade

North Road

North Street

North View

North Western Street

Northampton Road

Northampton Way

Northavon Close

Northbank Gardens

Northbank Walk

Northbrook Avenue

Northdale Road

Northdown Avenue

Northen Grove

Northenden View

Northerly Crescent

Northfield Avenue

Northfield Road

Northfleet Road

Northland Road


Northleigh Drive

Northleigh Road

Northmoor Road

Northolme Gardens

Northolt Court

Northolt Road

Northridge Road

Northside Avenue

Northstead Avenue

Northumberland Close

Northumberland Crescent

Northumberland Road

Northurst Drive


Northwold Drive

Norton Avenue

Norton Grange

Norton Road

Norton Street

Norview Drive

Norville Avenue

Norway Street

Norwell Road

Norwich Avenue

Norwich Road


Norwood Avenue

Norwood Close

Norwood Drive

Norwood Road

Nottingham Drive

Nottingham Way

Nowell Court

Nowell Road

Nuffield Road

Nuneaton Drive

Nuneham Avenue

Nunfield Close

Nursery Road

Nuthatch Avenue

Nuthurst Road

Nutsford Vale

Nutt Lane

Nuttall Avenue

Nuttall Mews

Nuttall Street



Oadby Close

Oak Avenue

Oak Bank

Oak Bank Close

Oak Drive

Oak Grove

Oak Lane

Oak Mount

Oak Road

Oak Street

Oak Tree Close

Oak Walk

Oakbank Avenue

Oakdale Close

Oakdale Drive


Oakdene Road

Oakdene Street

Oaker Avenue


Oakfield Avenue

Oakfield Drive

Oakfield Grove

Oakfield Road

Oakfield Street

Oakford Avenue

Oakham Road

Oakhill Way

Oakhouse Drive

Oakington Avenue

Oakland Avenue

Oaklands Drive

Oaklands Road

Oakleigh Avenue

Oakley Close

Oakmere Avenue

Oakmere Close

Oakmoor Road

Oakridge Walk

Oakville Terrace


Oakwood Avenue

Oakwood Drive

Oakworth Street

Oatlands Road

Oban Avenue

Oberon Close

Ocean Walk

Ockenden Drive

Octavia Drive

Odette Street

Off Vaudrey Lane

Ogbourne Walk

Ogden Close

Ogden Lane

Ogden Road

Ogden Street

Ogden Walk

Ogmore Walk

Ogwen Drive

Okehampton Close

Old Bank Street

Old Barton Road

Old Birley Street

Old Broadway

Old Church Street

Old Clough Lane

Old Crofts Bank

Old Farm Crescent

Old Fold

Old Hall Drive

Old Hall Lane

Old Hall Mill Lane

Old Hall Road

Old Hall Street

Old Lane

Old Lansdowne Road

Old Manor Park

Old Market Street

Old Meadow Drive

Old Mill Close

Old Mill Street

Old Mills Hill

Old Moat Lane

Old Oak Drive

Old Oak Street

Old Oake Close

Old Parrin Lane

Old River Close

Old Road

Old School Court

Old School Drive

Old Station Street

Old Vicarage Gardens

Old Warke Dam

Old Wells Close

Old York Street

Oldbury Close

Oldcastle Avenue

Oldcott Close

Oldershaw Drive

Oldfield Road

Oldgate Walk

Oldham Road (11)

Oldham Street

Oldstead Walk

Oldway Walk

Oldwood Road

Oleo Terrace

Olga Terrace

Olive Shapley Avenue

Olive Street

Oliver Street

Olivia Grove

Ollerton Avenue

Ollerton Close

Ollerton Drive

Ollier Avenue

Olney Avenue

Olney Street

Olsberg Close

Omer Avenue

Omer Drive

Ongar Walk

Onslow Avenue

Opal Court

Openshaw Walk

Oracle Court

Orange Hill Road

Orchard Avenue

Orchard Grove

Orchard Road

Orchard Road East

Orchard Road West

Orchard Street

Orchid Close

Orchid Street

Ordell Walk

Ordsall Avenue

Oregon Close

Orford Road

Oriel Road

Oriole Drive

Orkney Close

Orkney Drive

Orme Avenue

Orme Close

Ormsby Avenue

Ormskirk Avenue

Ornsay Walk

Orpington Road

Orsett Close

Orton Avenue

Orton Road

Orville Drive

Orwell Avenue

Osborne Court

Osborne Drive

Osborne House

Osborne Road

Osborne Street

Osborne Walk

Oscar Street

Oscott Avenue

Oscroft Close

Oscroft Walk

Osprey Close

Osprey Drive

Osprey Walk

Ossington Walk

Ossory Street

Osterley Road

Ostlers Gate

Ostrich Lane

Oswald Lane

Oswald Road

Oswald Street

Othello Drive

Ottawa Close

Otter Drive

Otterham Walk

Ottery Walk

Oulton Walk

Oundle Close

Outram Square

Outrington Drive

Outwood Avenue

Outwood Road

Overbrook Avenue

Overbrook Drive

Overcombe Walk


Overdale Crescent

Overdale Road

Overlea Drive

Overton Avenue

Overton Road

Overwood Road

Ovington Walk

Owen Street

Owenington Grove

Owlwood Close

Owlwood Drive

Oxbow Way

Oxendale Drive

Oxendon Avenue

Oxenholme Walk

Oxford Avenue

Oxford Court

Oxford Drive

Oxford Grove

Oxford Place

Oxford Road

Oxford Street

Oxford Walk

Oxhill Walk

Oxney Road

Oxted Walk

Oxton Avenue

Oxton Street

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The Office Providers is Regulated by the RICS