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Atlanta GA Office Space Guide

[Updated Jan 2020] A guide to executive suites and office space to rent in Atlanta as well as general information that may be useful if you are thinking of renting offices in the city.

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Atlanta, Georgia

Like many American cities, Atlanta is a relatively new creation, having only been an urban center of any note since the early 19th century. Railroads linking the south-east of the US with other important locations to the north and west resulted in its rapid rise to prominence over a period of just a few decades. As late as the 1840s, there were still only a few dozen buildings in what is now the Georgian capital and it was around this time that the city became locally and then officially known as Atlanta, in honor of the Atlantic ocean to the east. A number of hugely important battles took place in and around Atlanta during the American Civil War, with the eventually victorious northern armies destroying large parts of the city in the 1860s.


The New South

It took many years for Atlanta to recover from the impact of the civil war and to rebuild its largely devastated urban areas. Heading into the 20th century, a concerted effort was made to improve the image of the city and to turn Atlanta into a fully modern economy that came to represent many people’s idea of a ‘New South’.   The focus shifted from more rural activities to the kind of corporate-centered economy that Atlanta is widely recognized for today. Skyscrapers and mid-size buildings were soon established across the city’s downtown, midtown and ‘Buckhead’ areas as Atlanta became one of the most important and fast-growing locations in America.


A world city

By now, Atlanta is well and truly established as a world city of importance to the American and global economy, with most of the top 1,000 businesses in the States have set down roots in Georgian office space. As one of the largest and most dynamic cities in America, Atlanta and its surrounding areas are home to more than five million people and account for the bulk of Georgia’s annual economic activity. The architecture and corporate activity are not quite on the scale of New York or Chicago but there’s no doubt Atlanta is the driving force behind much of the economic activity that goes on across the south-east of the United States. Undoubtedly, the most prominent symbol of Atlanta’s success in providing a hotbed for business development is Coca-Cola, a locally-based titan of the American and regional economy. Other big names head-quartered at office space in Atlanta, Georgia include United Parcel Service (UPS) and AT&T Mobility. The city also boasts a strong and growing biotechnology industry and has a significant presence in a host of other business sectors, including areas like insurance, media, communications and manufacturing.

Office space to rent in Atlanta

Atlanta offers office space to rent on a vast scale, thanks partly to a large number of high-rise buildings that populate the city’s dramatic skyline. Among them is the Bank of America Plaza, which stands over 1,000 feet tall, accommodates hundreds of thousands of square feet of office space and is among the tallest buildings in the US. Like every other city in America and most around the world, the past few years have been very testing for the Atlantan economy and for the commercial property market across the state. Occupancy rates slipped in the wake of the financial crisis of 2007/8 but trends are beginning to look more positive for businesses based in the city, which has had a knock-on effect for the local real estate sector. According to analysts at Cushman & Wakefield, there were some 1.6 million square feet of office space made available to rent in Atlanta’s Buckhead and Midtown areas in the first quarter of this year, with limited take-up on the new properties. Since then the same firm has suggested that American’s major cities are coming to the end of their downward office space take-up cycles.


Tourism and culture

Atlanta attracts tens of millions of visitors to the American south-east on an annual basis and many hundreds of thousands venture the city from outside the US. Its shopping areas and night-life can rival the great holiday hotspots not too far away in Florida and those that are perhaps more widely known in New York and California. The history of Georgia as a centre for some of America’s most pointed upheavals, not least the Civil War and the civil rights movement, has left a legacy that is celebrated in Atlanta today and gives many of the city’s most interesting museums a unique appeal to visiting tourists. There’s no doubt Atlanta cannot compete with Hollywood when it comes to the richness of its silver screen history but the city does have an interesting movie-related claim to fame – The great Golden Era blockbuster Gone With The Wind was based on a novel by the Atlanta native Margaret Mitchell and the film’s original première was staged here back in 1939.


True to the reasons for its founding 150 or so years ago, Atlanta still serves as a major rail transport hub along the American east coast, linking east to south and west, as it has done since the 1800s. Along with the railways, the city is served by a subway system that is among the most widely used in the country and gets thousands of Atlantans to work on time each day. Like most large urban centres in America, the Georgian capital relies primarily on its road networks to carry the bulk of its commuters and freight vehicles across town on a daily basis. It isn’t much good for the pollution levels across the city but it is a situation locals are used to and various environmental groups are aiming to address. Atlanta’s principal airport hub is among the busiest in the world, carrying tens of millions of passengers to and from dozens of international destinations on an annual basis. The Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is located just ten miles from the heart of the city and is the main base for both Delta Air Lines and AirTran Airways.


Sport plays an important part in Georgian life and the state’s best-loved teams take-on the cream of America’s franchises throughout the year in front of packed houses and TV audiences worldwide. Perhaps the most iconic name in local sports is the Atlanta Braves, three-time baseball World Series winners and one of the biggest brands in US sport.   Aside from baseball, the Hawks basketball and Falcons football teams are well supported and a match for anyone in the top tier of domestic competition. The massive development efforts initiated ahead of the 1994 Olympic Games left the city with some of the largest and most impressive sporting arenas in the country.



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