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Lagos Office Space Guide

[Updated Oct 2020]A guide to serviced offices and office space to rent in Lagos as well as general information that may be useful if you are thinking of renting office space in the city.

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History & Geography

The city of Lagos is the third-largest city in Africa and is located on the west coast of the continent on the Gulf of Guinea. Lagos is spread out over several islands on Lagos Lagoon and has also expanded to the mainland. Today it is a vast conurbation with a population of almost eight million and the largest economy of any city in Nigeria. Lagos started life as a military camp in the Empire of Benin and was referred to as Eko, a name still used by members of the Yoruba tribe. In 1472 the area was visited by the Portuguese explorer Rui de Sequeira who dubbed it Lagos – Portuguese for ‘lakes’. In 1861 Britain formally annexed the city, crushing the slave trade and taking over the local trade in palm oil, then Lagos’ biggest industry. The British went on to occupy the rest of the country in 1887, and in 1914 declared it a colony, naming Lagos as its capital. During the early 20th century many Creoles from Sierra Leone, Brazil and the West Indies emigrated to Lagos, and their influence can still be seen in the city in the Portuguese style architecture. In 1960 Nigeria gained independence from Britain and Lagos began a significant expansion, which continued throughout the 1960s and into the 1970s. However, Nigeria’s economic boom was hampered by the outbreak of the Nigerian Civil War from 1967 to 1970. In 1991 Lagos lost its status as Nigeria’s capital when the Federal Capital Territory in the centre of the country was created. The purpose-built city of Abuja would become the new capital, however, it was some years until the administrative functions were successfully transferred to the new city. However, Lagos remains Nigeria’s biggest city and the economic and cultural centre of the country.


Lagos has a thriving economy, with much of the city’s economic activity centred on Lagos Island itself. The city’s CBD is on the island, which boasts a host of imposing skyscrapers. Most of Nigeria’s commercial banks and financial services are located on the island, as well as its stock exchange and bustling retail sector. Lagos itself has a GDP of USD 43 billion and a population that is constantly growing. A UN report predicted that the city’s population would climb by 2.7 percent every year until 2025. An important part of the city’s economy is the Port of Lagos, which is the largest in the country and the third-largest on the whole continent. The port is divided into three different areas, Lagos Port, Apapa Port, which is where the container terminal is located, and Tin Can Port, which accesses Lagos Harbour from the west. Lagos Port also features a railhead for easy transport of offloaded goods. Recently the port has seen the amount of crude oil it exports rise rapidly and currently, oil and petroleum products make up 14 percent of the nation’s GDP. Lagos does attract a high number of immigrants from all over the country due to its dynamic economy, however, the cost of living is high for the region and among the highest in the world for expatriates.

Tourism & Culture

Traditionally Lagos has never been one of Africa’s top tourist attractions, however, the city is putting in work to change that and become a global city. Currently many of the city’s visitors come purely for business reasons, however, there are some elements of the city which do attract tourists. Lagos benefits from a range of wide sandy beaches fringed by the Atlantic Ocean. In particular, Bar Beach and Lekki Beach are popular with tourists. The city has also benefitted from a newly built zoo in the Epe district, which features some of Africa’s most fascinating wildlife. Lagos also has a range of exclusive five-star hotels including Welcome Centre Hotels, Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Federal Palace Hotel, Stop Over Motels, Ikoyi Hotel, Sofitel Lagos Moorhouse Ikoyi, Eko Hotels And Suites and the Palmview Manor.


Lagos has an inordinately high level of crime and tourists are advised to remain very aware of their location at all times. Violent crime committed by individuals and gangs is very common, as is that by people wearing police and military uniforms. Armed robbers in Lagos have also gained access to waterfront compounds by boats and many expatriates and visitors have been victims of an armed robbery at banks, grocery stores and on airport roads. Law enforcement is usually slow to respond. Travel in the city after dark is not recommended.


Lagos has recently implemented a new bus rapid transit system which reaches most areas of the city and is widely used by Lagos residents. Currently, the city is also building a light rail system which will consist of seven lines, however, it is unclear when the railway will be completed. There are also ferries run between Lagos Island and the mainland, as well as the other islands in the lagoon. Currently, Lagos is served by Murtala Muhammed International Airport which is located in the northern suburb of Ikeja and accounts for over 50 percent of air travel in the country.

Office space to rent in Lagos

Currently, the most popular areas for international companies to have their offices in Lagos are the islands of Lekki, Victoria and Ikoyi. Nigerian companies dominate most of the office space in the CBD located on Lagos Island. Lagos has a notoriously inefficient infrastructure, however, several projects are underway to ease its congestion and lack of quality space. The last half-decade has seen a significant rise in rents in Lagos, however, they appear to have stabilised recently at an average of USD 800 per square metre per year. Due to the lack of quality office space, the vacancy rate in the city usually remains very low.

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