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Mobile AL Office Space Guide

[Updated Oct 2020] A guide to executive suites and office space to rent in Mobile AL as well as general information that may be useful if you are considering renting office space in Mobile AL.

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History & Geography

The city of Mobile lies on the Gulf Coast in the southwest of Alabama. It is on the Mobile River and has a total area of 159 square miles, with almost a quarter of this being water. Mobile began life in 1702 as Fort Louis de la Louisiana the capital of the French colony of Louisiana. The fort was built in order to enforce France’s claim to the territory and provide a base for French expansion. By 1712 the settlement had a population of 400 and was established as a busy trading center and important military post. In 1723 the settlement was renamed Fort Conde after Louis Henri, Duc de Bourbon, Prince of Conde. In 1763 the settlement was given over to Great Britain following the French and Indian War and was renamed Fort Charlotte. During the American Revolutionary War, Fort Charlotte became a refuge for loyalists still faithful to the British crown. However, in 1779 the Spanish, allied with France, captured the fort. Eventually, it was captured by the Americans during the War of 1812. In 1819 Alabama was admitted to the union and Mobile’s population increased and the city prospered as a result of trade along the Mobile River. By the mid 19th century the city was at the center of a booming cotton trade and had expanded in both size and population. After the Civil War, the fortunes of Mobile declined and the city entered an economic depression. However, in the 20th century Mobile experienced extensive regeneration and benefited from Federal grants. The advent of WWII brought further prosperity to the city. After the war Mobile was at the center of the civil rights movement and the battle over desegregation. In 1969 Mobile’s fortunes again took a turn for the worse when Brookley Air Force Base was closed, taking many jobs from the city. In the 1980s then-mayor Mike Dow instituted a major effort to make Mobile a competitive city again. Today Mobile is reaping the benefits and is once again a regional economic and cultural powerhouse.


Mobile has a strong economy due to several bedrock industries and its solid infrastructure. One of the bulwarks of the city’s economy is its shipyards, based on the Mobile River. The city had a major shipbuilding industry in the mid 20th century which eventually fell into decline. However, in 1999 the industry was revived with the founding of Austal USA, a subsidiary of an Australian company. Mobile’s port is also a major part of its economy and is the ninth-largest in the US by tonnage. Aerospace is another large industry in Mobile, with many companies based in the Brookley Aeroplex site located a few miles from the city center. Among the companies with a presence, there are Airbus, ST Aerospace Mobile and Continental Motors. Currently, there are plans in place to build a large Airbus assembly plant in Mobile. German technology and shipbuilding company ThyssenKrupp is currently building a carbon steel processing facility a few miles north of Mobile which is to eventually employ over 2,000 people.

Tourism & Culture

Mobile has a thriving cultural scene which reflects its diverse history and the many different influences that have gone into its cultural makeup, including French, British, African and Creole. One of Mobile’s premier events is Mardi Gras, a celebration which dates back to the early 18th century. Every year thousands of visitors flock to Mobile to celebrate Mardi Gras, which is preceded by Carnival to make up a weeks-long celebration consisting of balls, fairs, street parties and parades. The city also has several highly popular museums, including Battleship Memorial Park, which has the USS Alabama as its main exhibit. The Mobile Museum of Art is both a gallery and a performing arts center and is one of the most respected in the area. Mobile also has an opera, ballet and a symphony. Also popular with visitors is the city’s architecture which reflects its storied past. Some of the more recognizable architectural landmarks are The Washington Firehouse No 5, Barton Academy, United States Marine Hospital, Stone Street Baptist Church and Lower Dauphin Street. Mobile also has a thriving nightlife and restaurant scene, known for its Creole cooking and live music.


The city is served by Mobile Regional Airport which has connections to Charlotte, Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and Memphis. Mobile Downtown Airport exclusively serves cargo and private aircraft. Mobile has good rail connections and is served by four railways, the Canadian National Railway, CSX Transportation, Kansas City Southern Railway and the Norfolk Southern Railway. Mobile itself has a public transportation system consisting of a bus network which spans the entire city, including the outer suburbs. The city also has a Greyhound station which runs services to all the major cities in the vicinity and beyond.

Office space for rent in Mobile AL

Currently, the vacancy rate in Mobile is approximately 17 percent. The city’s economy suffered badly in the financial crisis and the ensuing recession, however, is now starting to recover along with the rest of the country. Most of the Grade A office space in Mobile is located in or around the CBD, but there are a number of office parks outside the city and in the surrounding suburbs. Activity has increased this year however it is unlikely rental prices will rise even as demand increases. There are few projects in the pipeline and analysts predict this is unlikely to change in the next year or so.

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