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Recife Office Space Guide


[Updated Jan 2020] A guide to flexible serviced offices and office space to rent in Recife as well as general information that may be useful if you are considering renting offices or workspace in the city.

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History & Geography

Recife is the fifth-largest city in Brazil and is one of the largest ports in the country. It is situated in the state of Pernambuco on the country’s east coast. The city lies on the confluence of the Beberibe and Capibaribe rivers where they both meet the Atlantic Ocean. Recife is known as ‘the Brazilian Venice’ due to the number of small islands, bridges, and waterways that make up the city. Recife was founded by Duarte Coelho Pereira, a Portuguese settler, in 1537. The settlement quickly prospered from the sugarcane industry and Recife’s population swelled. In 1630 the Dutch captured Recife and until 1654 it became the capital of Dutch Brazil. During the rule of the Dutch, a sizable Jewish community settled in Recife, building the first synagogue ever to be constructed in South America. Eventually, the inhabitants of Recife rebelled against Dutch rule expelling the invaders and reestablishing Portuguese rule over their city. As a result of the war with France, Portugal moved its capital to Brazil in 1807 and established the country’s first stock exchanges and a national bank. In 1822 the whole of Brazil declared independence and the Brazilian War of Independence broke out. This was concluded in 1824 when Brazil became independent from Portugal and developed its own constitution and elected a congress. At this time Recife’s Jewish community fled the city for Amsterdam. The 18th century saw intermittent conflict between the inhabitants of Recife and nearby Olinda. Due to the strategic advantage of possessing a harbour, Recife won the conflict and continued to expand, while Olinda fell into decline. Recife continued to prosper from its port and constructed a modern infrastructure. Soon Recife was considered the most important trading and commerce centre in the northeastern region of Brazil. This status continues to this day.


Recife has one of the most prosperous economies of any city in Brazil. A bulwark of Recife’s economy is its port, which is one of the largest in the country. Recife can actually claim two ports, one in Recife itself, the other in Suape, approximately 20 miles down the coast. The city also has a sizable manufacturing industry, mostly located to the south of the city. Industries in this area include auto manufacturing, textiles, brewing and canning, and chocolate manufacturing. Additionally, Recife has a large and highly developed IT industry. This is based around the ‘Porto Digital’, which was founded in 2000 and has benefitted from sizable foreign investments. There are approximately 3,000 jobs in the Porto Digital and some 100 companies. Among the multinational companies with a presence in the Porto Digital are Sun Microsystems, IBM, Microsoft, Accenture, Motorola, and Samsung. Many of the IT companies in Recife recruit directly from the Federal University of Pernambuco, famed for its computer-science department. The medical industry is another bulwark of the local economy, and Recife has 417 hospitals which employ almost 80,000 people. Finally, Recife also has a large logistics industry, due to its harbour as well as its strategic location as the largest city in north-east of the country.

Tourism & Culture

While Recife does not have the massive tourism industry of Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo, it does see its fair share of visitors and is making efforts to bolster this part of its economy. Recife has a multitude of beautiful beaches and beach hotels and restaurants, as well as clubs and bars. Recife’s most famous and visited beaches are Rio Doce, Casa Caiada, and Boa Viagem. The city is also known for the holidays it celebrates every year. Among these are Carnival, which takes place in February and lasts for weeks. Carnival involves balls, parades, and concerts. Recife also has a number of landmarks and attractions. The most popular of these is the Mercado de Sao Jose (Market of St Joseph). The Patio de Sao Pedro, an area of the city in the vicinity of the Cathedral Sao Pero, features stunning colonial architecture, restaurants, bars, and bistros. Many visitors also see the Malakoff Tower, a monument constructed in the mid-19th century. The Malakoff Tower is used as a place for local gatherings and cultural events. Recife also has a distinctive cuisine and is known for its use of coconut sauce and palm oil. Especially prevalent is the dish Caldeirada – a seafood stew that features octopus and white beans.


Recife is served by Guararapes International Airport which was revamped in 2004 and measures 52,000 square feet. The city itself is served by a metro which is second largest in Brazil after Sao Paulo. The metro is integrated with an extensive bus system which reaches out to the city’s outermost suburbs. The purchase of one ticket can suffice for rides on both the metro and the bus system connected to it. The metro has 28 stations, 11 of which also feature bus services.

Office rentals Recife

Office space rental in Recife

Due to its position as one of Brazil’s leading commercial and trade hubs, Recife has one of the most expensive office markets in the country. Only Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro features more expensive Grade A office space. Recife suffers from high demand and low supply of Grade A office space, though more investors, both foreign and domestic are planning major construction projects. Average rental price in Recife for Grade A office space is BRL 5.84 per square foot. Among the most expensive neighbourhoods to have office space in are Boa Viagem, Aflitos, and Espinheiro.

There is a growing range of flexible workspace options in Recife including serviced offices, co-working spaces and managed office space, for further information these, click the links or contact us.

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