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Sydney Office Space Guide

[Updated Oct 2020] A guide to serviced offices and office space for rent in Sydney as well as general information that may be useful if you are thinking of renting office space in the city.

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Sydney is the largest and most populous city in Australia but isn’t actually the capital, that honour falls to Canberra, which is about 250 kilometres to the south-west. Sitting right on the coast of the Tasman Sea, along the far south-east of Australia, it is, however, the capital of New South Wales and the real heartland of the Australian economy.

Having initially been home to several thousand indigenous Australians, the area now referred to as Sydney incorporates a range of different bays and beaches that are now counted among the most popular in the world. Contemporary residents of Sydney are known locally as Sydneysiders. They number more than four million and can collectively trace their heritage back to almost every other part of the world.

Port Jackson

Many of the more recognisable areas of Sydney tend to surround the harbour and the near-by hillsides, which are officially deemed to be part of Port Jackson, an area of both natural beauty and considerable economic activity. The British first arrived in the region in the late 18th century with the aim of establishing settlements and a penal colony. The now-legendary sea-farer James Cook was leading the endeavour and he named the most suitable site after the then British home secretary Thomas Townshend, better known to history as Lord Sydney.

Early colonial history in and around Port Jackson was beset by devastating outbreaks of disease, particularly smallpox, which killed quite a number of settlers and hundreds of native people. Numerous battles were also fought between the Europeans and indigenous Australians but it was not enough to stop widespread development along Western lines for the next two centuries.


One of the great drivers of Australian immigration during its history has been the presence of gold in various regions close to Sydney and the harbour. Another has been the use of the colony as a place for European countries, mainly Britain, to send its convicted criminals. Following rapid urban development throughout much of the first half of the 19th century, Sydney’s population began to take-off and it became the first official city on the great island continent of Australia.

The gold rush and the rush to development of both Sydney and the Victorian capital of Melbourne around the same time gave rise to a great rivalry between the two cities which persists in many respects to this day. Much of the competition has focussed around economic prowess, with Sydney having successfully overtaken its neighbour in this respect during the latter half of the 20th century.

The Sydney Economy

Like many cities in Europe and around the world, Sydney has seen a shift away from heavy manufacturing and towards more service-focused industries over the course of recent decades. The city is now among the leading locations in the world for various service sectors, including banking, real estate and business services, as well as entertainment, fashion and retail.

The Australian economy as a whole has come to rely heavily on the work that goes on in and around Sydney and the city accommodates many of the largest businesses operating in the country, including a number of global operators that are headquartered there.

Office space for rent in Sydney

There are a huge variety of office space developments across Sydney, with many of the largest and most high profile buildings to be found in the central business district. The local real estate market took a knock in the wake of the global financial crisis of recent years but vacancy rates are now declining as the Australian economy begins its recovery in earnest. Sydney has more office space available for rent than any other part of the country and demand for this space reportedly managed to catch up with supply in the early months of 2012.

The Property Council of Australia recently described Sydney as having a “reasonably balanced” office space market in terms of supply and demand in the medium term but with plenty of high-quality premises available there remains scope for finding a bargain. If you’re considering your options on offices to rent in Sydney then check out our database for all the details you might need.

Tourism and culture

Sydney’s tourism industry is a significant contributor to the local and even the national economy, with huge numbers of visitors to Australia starting their adventures in the country’s largest and most vibrant city.  Local structures like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House have become internationally recognised landmarks and symbols of Australia. As well as all that, there are places like Bondi Beach and Botany Bay, where visitors can relax, take in the incredible surroundings and wonder why they don’t live there all year round.

As far as culture is concerned, Sydney and Australia as a whole has always been a melting pot of influences from around the world, largely as a result of the waves of immigration that have taken place throughout its history. Today though the locals tend to celebrate their shared identity as Sydneysiders and as Aussies, with any excuse taken for an all-night street party or a firework display.

Sydney is arguably the most fashionable and generally the coolest city in the Southern Hemisphere, with fashion and the arts an important part of what makes the place tick. Some of the world’s best-loved and best-known movie-makers, actors, actresses and musicians have all hailed from Sydney and owed their success in part to their Aussie roots.


There are a number of perfectly effective ways to get around Sydney whatever your reasons might be but the roads are the most commonly utilised. Motorways link the city with its deep suburbs and with the other main cities of Australia’s east coast. Trains are operated by CityRail and run from the city centre to the main outlying areas, bringing hundreds of thousands of commuters into work every day of the week.

Sydney’s airport is among the oldest to have been in continuous use and it serves as the main international transport hub for the city and for the country. It has three runways and lies close to Botany Bay, with Qantas counting it as its primary operating base.


There can be very few places in the world that are more passionate or committed to sport and the pursuit of sporting excellence than Sydney. This sense was presented to the world in 2000 when the city hosted one of the great Summer Olympic Games in purpose-built stadia and an array of impressive arenas.

Despite only a relatively small population of 20 million or so people, Australia has been able to lead the world to a large extent in a variety of popular sports. The cricket team dominated the game for more than two decades and celebrated three consecutive ICC World Cup wins from 1999 to 2007. Both Aussie rugby union and rugby league teams have been among the most successful in the world and the national swimming and cycling teams are as good if not better than those of every other nation on earth.

Much of the sporting celebration in Australia takes place in Sydney where many of the biggest and best venues are to be found, including the 83,000-seater ANZ Stadium and the picturesque Sydney Cricket Ground, which is almost as old as the country itself.

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