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Belo Horizonte Office Space Guide

Belo Horizonte

[Updated Jan 2020] A guide to serviced offices and flexible office space to rent in Belo Horizonte as well as general information that may be useful if you are considering renting office space in the city.

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History & Geography

Belo Horizonte, capital of Brazil’s state of Minas Gerais, is located to the southeast of the country in a mountainous, hilly region. The city is one of the greenest in the country and is known for the extensive parks and trees which are scattered through its neighbourhoods. As a city of five million, Belo Horizonte is one of the largest in Brazil. Belo Horizonte was founded by the Portuguese explorer Joao Leite da Silva Ortiz in 1701 while searching for gold. Soon a number of farms had been created in the region and Belo Horizonte was thriving. The settlement increased in importance because it was on the route from the Sao Francisco River to southern Brazil and many travellers stopped there to resupply and pray for a safe journey. Brazil gained independence from the Portuguese in 1815 and then became a republic in 1889. It was then that it was decided that Belo Horizonte would become the new capital of the state of Minas Gerais, replacing the old capital of Ouro Preto. In 1897 the Brazilian government decided that Belo Horizonte would become a planned town and commissioned the architect Aarao Reis to plan the new city. It was during this at in the turn of the century that the city was also undergoing major industrial expansion. In particular Belo Horizonte’s service sector grew rapidly. Then in the 1940s, the famous Oscar Niemeyer designed the city’s Pampulha neighbourhood. The architect was praised for his bold vision and innovative designs. Niemeyer and Reis between encouraged the wide, long avenues that Belo Horizonte has today, as well as the lakes and parks in the city. Today Belo Horizonte is increasing in importance, both as a commercial and a cultural centre of the region. The city is particularly recognized as a centre of the arts, such as music and literature.


As the sixth largest city in Brazil Belo Horizonte enjoys a prosperous economy which has become increasingly multifaceted in recent years. In particular, the service sector is crucial to the city’s economy, making up approximately 85 percent of Belo Horizonte’s GDP. Due to its large service infrastructure, Belo Horizonte has become a popular location for company headquarters for both foreign and domestic companies. Among those with headquarters in the city are Google, Italian car-maker Fiat, and Oi. Much of Belo Horizonte’s economy is also comprised of a large industrial sector. The region of Minas Gerais is rich in minerals and metals and Belo Horizonte functions as a distribution hub for the products of the mining operations around the city. Of late a significant number of small technology companies have been basing themselves in Belo Horizonte. Computing, biotechnology, IT, and biofuel are all sectors which now have a presence in the city. Another important part of Belo Horizonte’s economy is tourism, in particular, business tourism. In fact, the city is now considered a national hub for tourism. Other industries like fashion and jewellery making are also rising in prominence in the city.

Tourism & Culture

Belo Horizonte’s tourism industry has grown significantly over the last few years and currently, the city is starting to compete with Rio de Janeiro and others for tourists. Belo Horizonte and its surrounding state of Mina Gerais have a distinctive culture all their own. Among the popular festivals in the city is Comida di Buteco, a celebration of the city’s distinctive neighbourhood bars and the food that they serve. Among the cuisine that the city is famous for is chicken-and-okra, pork ribs, and pao de queijo, a kind of cheese bun. Every two years Belo Horizonte hosts the International Theatre Festival of Belo Horizonte. Artists from all over the country and the world come to the city to celebrate their art. The city is also famous for its music scene and there are a host of artists and bands famous in Brazil who hail from the city. Among them are Clube da Esquina, Uakti, Wagner Tiso, Andersen Viana, and Milton Nascimento. Belo Horizonte also has a number of museums which are popular with visitors. The best of these are the Mineiro Museum, the Abilio Barreto Historical Museum, the Workmanship Museum, and the Natural History Museum.


Belo Horizonte is served by the Confins International Airport, which is approximately 24 miles away from the city centre. The city has an efficient public transportation system, the main part of which is an extensive bus network. This system is widely integrated with the metro and reaches the majority of neighbourhoods in the city. There are 19 stations on the metro with over 160,000 people transported on a daily basis. There are extensive plans to extend the metro over the next few years to boost ridership and extend its reach throughout the city. Both overground and underground lines are involved in the plans.

Belo Horizonte office rental

Office space rentals in Belo Horizonte

There is currently a large amount of supply being constructed in Belo Horizonte. When this hits the market in the next two years vacancy rates are expected to rise. Much of the new supply will be of higher quality than that which exists. Class A office space in Belo Horizonte is at a premium as it has been limited in the past.

However new foreign investment in Class A space is predicted to make it much more prevalent in the future. Rates are expected to drop when the new supply hits the market.

There is now a wide range of flexible office space options in Belo Horizonte

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